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  1. I got 9801 laps not including career currently at 2950, you should give a go at the Porsche car it the group before the Renault, much faster can do the 99 laps anywhere between the 60-70 minute mark, depends if you have any minor crashes or not.
  2. Im liking these, any time saved is good to me.
  3. I didnt even think about adding rounds to it, thats a good idea!
  4. Yeah they were just referring to the % tracker the xbox and steam have for achievements that are cumulativ, bit of a bummer ps doesn't have it but still it can't be that hard to add stats into a game.
  5. Yeah thats ive been doing, until we get a tracker atleast. I'm also doing like 10 lap races 10 times at Indianapolis instead of a max lap race, seems to not feel as bad because I get burnt out doing 99 lap races in 1 stretch aha
  6. Do we know if pressing restart after a race to redo it over again will continue counting the distance or is it best to just continue out and start a new race from the menu?
  7. The renault r26 did you buy that or was that part of the ultimate edition? May have to buy it.
  8. What is currently the fastest car in the game? This grind for that trophy is going to be a pain.
  9. You only need to go to the 4 known locations with different characters. It may not always pop up on your 2nd character so just run a 3rd and you should get it.
  10. Yeah not sure which ones did or didn't count properly but I got the trophy to pop going to the 3rd spot (Egg Island) on my 3rd character.
  11. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
  12. NieR very nice plat I still need to finish mine one day
  13. honestly with poker just keep betting every turn and you'll get in done relatively quick.