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  1. Yakuza: Dead Souls Need to do this one
  2. Going off of this dispute here, you were outted as a CFW user so theres no point in trying to dispute this anymore
  3. Reported for blops 2 also Big leagues popped last year
  4. inFamous Save File Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Save File
  5. So you don't want any trophies? I still dont get what the problem is, the trophies are basically tied to exploring the map and trying different things which is the whole fun of these sandbox hitman games, unless you just run through with a video guide then it would seem repetitive. Plus you dont have to care about thew trophies just enjoy the game for the fun it is.
  6. What would you of liked changed to the list exactly?
  7. What was the reason given in the flag?
  8. Translation: I restarted the game in difficult because loss of backup. In no way am I cheating to get a trophy. I don't see the point How come after years you come back pop the last chapter with the difficulties which skips chapter 7 and 8 then go back and do them?
  9. Even if you only meant to pop that trophy it still would've been flagged, You knew what you were getting into when you only started on the game a few days ago, now that you've outted yourself as a modder to autopop trophies you've raised alot of suspicion to the legitimacy of your account.
  10. In that mindset couldn't people criticize you for getting all those easy quick plats, which take little to no effort? Not saying I agree with region stackers I personally wouldn't do it, but calling for their heads and discussing whether they should be banned is a bit much dude. Espeically when 11 of your 31 plats are dedicated to POWGI lol
  11. What was it that you got flagged for?
  12. Looks like you are hiding games so more arent found, seeing as a boy and his blob is hidden, no good enough though, reported again.
  13. You can get back on the leaderboards, by starting a fresh account and working from that, there's no way this'll get lifted, this account is gone.
  14. Yeah thats my bad I got it from their twitter they worded it very poorly where it made it look like the legends pack was free but its only a track