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  1. Couldn't find anything in transaction history but gave that extension a go, that a nifty little addon. But the only RE game that comes up in it for the ps3 is Operation Raccoon City, so what im thinking is maybe I did forget to claim it which I sitll dont think cause I remember having it lol. Maybe that version got removed from the store and this other one took its place. Im not too sure. But I appreciate the help man.
  2. Yeah its definitely strange cause I remember having it on my ps3 ages ago. Yeah its only the gold edition that shows up in the store but for some reason I cant download it. It's asking me to add to cart. Library as in the download list on the ps store?
  3. I wanted to go through and finish RE5 and 6 on the ps3 because I never got the plat and felt like playing them again, I own re6 on disc but never bought re5 cause I swore I claimed it when it was on ps plus. Going into the store it says I need to purchase and I thought I was going crazy about getting it, but looking at the previous ps plus games it was in 2012 when it was a plus game and I know I would've claimed it because bulletstorm was also the same month and I know I only got that through ps plus, I''ve looked through my download list and cant find it anywhere, is there a way to redownload it or should I just buy another copy?
  4. SEGA Mega Drive & Genesis Classics
  5. You are able to search in matchmaking for a group, someone from ubi mentioned that in the forums.
  6. Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2
  7. Ratchet: Deadlocked Finished the others need to play this one
  8. I think I had 3 challenges left, 1 for each level excluding the first and forth one. I didn't bother with the chain kills from 2, double kills from 3, and the heavies from the last level. I know that one gives tokens because it was the second last one I did, as for the interrogate one I wasn't keeping track at the time so not sure if that gave tokens. The stealth only kills in the 3rd level can be a bit finicky but I would always check after each kill to make sure I was still good. Throwing knives dont seem to void it either. I only killed the guy guarding the prisoner and dumped his body. As for the 2 targets I waited for them to have their chat and one comes back upstairs and stealth killed him, reloaded checkpoint so it put the other one back at his base and used throwing knives on him and the 3 guards inside that building.
  9. Hitman: Absolution
  10. Knack Dunkey would approve
  11. The 10 heavies in the last level has been fixed with the latest patch, they added one in the middle of the map where the broken bridge is, the opposite side to where the exfil point is.
  12. Well thats a bummer, only need 3 more perks to be done that's about 7 more perk points, ugh.
  13. For the chain kill what about the guy in the shipping container area of level 2? If you fast travel to the spot near there he shows up basically in-front of you with 2-3 guys around him, throw a stone behind them and it might work, also will a collectables guide be going up at all? Not having the best time finding them Edit: Just got it done then, I waited in the red crate next to the fire he goes to and eventually an officer will walk up next to him to I just threw a rock so they both looked the other way and the chain kill worked.
  14. Best way to do them is take a truck with you and load it all into that.