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  1. What was it that you got flagged for?
  2. Looks like you are hiding games so more arent found, seeing as a boy and his blob is hidden, no good enough though, reported again.
  3. You can get back on the leaderboards, by starting a fresh account and working from that, there's no way this'll get lifted, this account is gone.
  4. For the people that have managed or came close to beating all rivals for the challenge, what was your method of approach? I've been at it for roughly 6 hours now, and the highest I've managed to get was wave 11 twice. My method was set up spots so I could atleast get a 2 chain minimum, sometimes I'd get lucky and pop a 3 or even 4 chain at random. Should I stick with doing this and just hope for the best or is there a much simpler way to grasp this?
  5. Yeah thats my bad I got it from their twitter they worded it very poorly where it made it look like the legends pack was free but its only a track
  6. Apparently some people are expecting issues with it being priced, they said check back at a later stage and it should be free.
  7. This dlc is free lol
  8. Save file was used for spec ops in mw2, so doubt that'll get lifted either
  9. Possibly yeah but anyway I grabbed a screenshot of it just in case it gets hidden
  10. Seeing how Gran Turismo 5 is cheated, shame I cant report it. I highly doubt this is legit also
  11. Even though the 5 relic trophy is for any relics, theres no way that could pop at the same time as the 10 relic one gold or better
  12. Well thats on you for playing the game online this late into its life cycle, you started the game way after it could be platinumed anyway so that was never going to happen, you can leave the game up and be off the leaderboard or hide it to be back up
  13. Looking at it, it does look weird how the level 25 trophy popped 5 minutes prior to the level 50/100 trophy. But their claim of is it even possible to get level 100 in 5 minutes is a bit lackluster, maybe they didnt know about character transfer?
  14. Yes but when you character transfer you dont get the complete the introduction trophy you have to make a second character to get it, but with how close that time is too other ones it doesnt seem right. Also can you post the reason for the flag.
  15. Dont you have to create a new character to pop the introduction trophy is you've transferred a character? How did the trophy before that pop only seconds then?
  16. Can trophies including dlc ones be popped by a hacker for World at war? Same with trophies for GTA IV I know theres hacked lobbies but not sure if they can pop trophies.
  17. How can someone be flagged for too many versions when they are different regions?
  18. Oh yeah easily for the spec ops, just wanted them to say it lol
  19. What was the reason? Unhiding the game will help also.
  20. You miss the part where she used a resigned save to pop a trophy chief?
  21. Coming down to the exact second still seems odd, but regardless using a backup save to pop trophies is a no go
  22. Ok so then how did Master Cashier in Crazy Market pop at the exact time as Get This Party Started in Wake-Up Club? I was unaware 2 trophies could pop at the exact same time on different games.
  23. Can you post the reasons for the ban?
  24. Its because they are hidden thats why they arent showing up, follow the link from above and for when it says hide the game you want to make them appear, do this on the ps3 also, it was already shown that these games were at some stage on your account.
  25. Its for the ps3 versions of the games that the person has hidden to look innocent. They are just making it out to be the ps4 versions but its not them.