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  1. I finally got time to hop back into the game and all these comments really helped. I didn't actually touch the ground, but I did get it after going through the power up again... So you have to go through it at least twice including when you start. I originally did it in one go without the meter running out... but that doesn't count. Even if you have enough juice left, you need to go through it again at least once more. I was a little miffed at that... but I did get it, so thank you everyone! I also highly agree. Since I was trying to do that and it was wrong.
  2. I'm glad the third title doesn't require 100%. Out of the trilogy I despised the third game on PS1. An unpopular opinion I know, but I truly hated it. I hated the skateboarding. I hated the forced characters, I hated a lot of the side missions. *cough* The boxing in particular. *cough* I liked Enter The Dragonfly much more, that's how much I didn't like it. I was not looking forward to playing it again. But the remake has me decently enjoying the third game this time around and I have played a lot further than I did on the PS1 title. I'm actually 100%ing a good chunk of the levels. So far everything except Enchanted Towers and Frozen Altars. But despite liking it more this time round I don't like it enough to 100%... at least not without ending up hating it again. So for me this looks like it will be an enjoyable platinum.
  3. I'd probably run out of lives doing that after 6 hours worth of trying. I'd have to farm some up off fodder first. I didn't touch anything, unless my wings clipping through the wall even the tiniest bit counts... which I doubt. That's weird though... I'm sure going through the gate twice is what stopped the trophy from popping the first time. I guess I can just try again then...
  4. Is this trophy glitched for anyone, or does it require special conditions? I went back to this level after 100% completing it to get this trophy... I spent 6 hours trying to get it because of having to wait for the Dracklets to re-spawn. I even thought I got it once but it didn't pop so I figured I might of refreshed the flight meter. I just finally did it, all Dracklets in one super flight. They had all re-spawned. I didn't have a current super flight meter... I got all 18 in one go and it didn't pop. Is this because one always re-spawns at the start? Is there some way to avoid that? (I did re-kill it in the one flight) Or do I have to do it first try upon entering the level? Meaning I have to back out of the level and go back in every time I fail? Or did I have to do it first time overall before 100% the level? Because I struggle with the inverted flight controls badly... obviously after 6 hours trying, no need to tell me I suck... And sometimes I bump off Dracklets that seem to keep their hit-boxes after being flamed... So I really don't want to have to exit the level to retry every time...
  5. I know this is an old post but I stumbled on it and damn... I'd love to be able to delete trophies... or AT LEAST be able to hide them from myself. I have an alternate account that was meant for me to start fresh and only trophy hunt games and display games I like on... however at the time I made it I had a partner that wanted me to play a specific game. I wanted to play it on this account to see if I would even like it... but they insisted I play it on my new account so I'd start building up trophies on it. Since they were buying it I felt I couldn't refuse. I ended up seriously not liking it... and I earned just three blasted trophies on it. To make matters worse they basically turned out to be abusive and disrespectful so I left them... and after that they purposely took advantage of me while I was drunk... SO I despise those 3 trophies with every fiber of my being and every time I see them or the game I feel physically sick and relive a feeling of fear. I do not want to make a new account because the gamertag carries across to my Xbox account, Nintendo account, Twitch etc for recognition as the same person for all media I create. But hey, one person's sob story won't change anything, so I just hope one day there is something implemented. Until then I avoid looking at my profile and trophy list actually on my console, and just look at it here instead. Much more satisfying.
  6. Thank you! I didn't even think to go back through there. I caught those three on the fourth floor in the new dungeon. Had to back out without finishing the dungeon to do other things in my day, but I will see if Lich is in there too later.
  7. So a quick update... I woke up and scrolled much more slowly through the colisseum list and Shiva-Ixion is there, but still no Yojimbo, Gamut or Daigoro... Still no idea where the extra dungeon or hidden cut-scene is either.
  8. Unless I scrolled past them repeatedly I only saw the ones I caught in the Murkrifts in the coliseum. I'll check again tomorrow since I just got off for the night. I haven't found the dungeon or the secret ending. And no problem!
  9. So I recently downloaded the Maxima upgrade DLC to get me back into the game to platinum it on my other account, but I can't for the life of me find some of the new mirages. I stumbled on Mel easily enough and found videos for the few that seem to be in new Murkrifts. (Though I didn't realize there was a book puzzle for one at first.) But does anyone know where Yojimbo, Gamut and Daigoro are? I did the Intervention with them and got three Daigoro prisms, but when I go back in they are still unimprismable. Same can be said for Shiva-Ixion whom I also can't find but have the prism for after the intervention quest. I also have no clue where Lich is either. I looked around but there don't seem to be any guides yet, just lists of the new features and such and a few obscure German videos for the ones in Murkrifts. EDIT: I also don't know how to trigger the secret ending now I think about it...
  10. I have never bought a game JUST for the trophies. I like all the games on my account/profile to be a showcase of games I have enjoyed or loved. I have however CONTINUED a game just for the trophies. On this account I can think of: flOw I thought it would entertain me more as I liked Spore (and everyone compared it to Spore) and I often enjoy games like this in general. But after finishing as a couple of the creatures I saw how little there was to it. I tried to just complete it and get it out of the way but never could get the drive to, and now I have the Vita AND PS3 versions stuck on my profile. Race the Sun I loved this on PC so I thought I'd love having it on the go on Vita too. I was wrong. I just missed the user made maps on PC and got bored. I also never completed this one even though I tried to just finish it for the trophies. Skylanders Trap Team I should of stopped after Giants, I enjoyed those two games. This entry lost it's charm fast and levels were boring to revisit. I pushed through for the trophies only to be halted one trophy from the platinum by the nightmare difficulty trophy. On my other account I can think of: Tearaway I really enjoyed this game the first time. The second time though I felt pretty drained of creativity for it and didn't decorate my Messenger as much. I knew the levels too well to be as interested so it lost a lot of it's charm, but I platinumed it anyway. Unfortunately it's left me really unsure if I want to play Unfolded from my backlog. Final Fantasy 9 I'll be honest, I didn't buy myself this. It was a gift so I could try the old Final Fantasy games while buffing my trophy list. Too be honest though it might just be a little too old for me without nostalgia glasses. I'm not really enjoying it that much so far but I'm going to go back to it sometime for the trophies. Hopefully I get farther and find it more enjoyable whenever I decide to do that because it was a game I really wanted to like.
  11. Even though I have been engrossed in my PS4 I'll never stop playing my PS3. I'd even go out of my way if it died to fix it or replace it with a new one or one with plenty of longevity left. I even still have my PS2 and am looking into getting another one because it's started acting weird. The only time I might "stop" playing a console is if the next one has backwards compatibility.
  12. Everyone is talking about the Elder dragons... while I pull my hair out trying to just find mini Barroth and mini Kulu after trying for over three days with almost 9 hours straight each day spent on the game just crown hunting then generating more investigations as I run out. I can't seem to generate remotely similar investigations to the successful ones I see on here and the event currently out only gives me giant crowns. I will be happy when I never have to see either of them again. At least if you have Horizon Zero Dawn the Aloy event mission gives a giant Anjananth crown. Or at least it did for me. Somehow I feel mini is going to elude me though and cause me just as much misery as Kulu and Barroth...
  13. I'm semi-back from a sudden, random hiatus and I have to say Monster Hunter World has eaten my life. 

    In other news, R.I.P. my Okami HD trophy milestone dream.

    I'm trying not to get too hyped at the explosion of news about a possible Spyro remake, least I get really disappointed.

    And finally, I've been having fits of excitement and tears since this trailer came out!
    Vanitas's return has me all but in hysterics even though they built up to it for a long time.



  14. 300 hours? I'm 200 in and have six gold crowns. So I have three Monsters done. I think this will be taking me a lot longer. Though the biggest wall to my platinum is still the Guild Cards. You actually have to have a Street Fighter V save for that though don't you?
  15. Thank you for clearing that up! I'm actually quite proud of myself for not being good at this game. I got all the way to the Anja... unfortunately it only gave me a silver giant crown Pukie.