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  1. I think it's just pure luck. Keep trying until it pops out of the box.
  2. Just an update, I managed to get this trophy via remote play app which acts like a second controller. So if anyone got similar problem, remote play app is a way to go
  3. Ok. Thanks for the tip and quick reply. Will try it. Cheers!
  4. I don't have the second controller. Is this trophy obtainable in online versus or just local vs? Thank you!
  5. Wow, I don't know how I didn't see this thread. Love Resi games, some more then others. So I would like to sign if possible? These are my plats: Resident Evil 0 Resident Evil Remake Resident Evil 2 Remake Resident Evil 3 Remake Resident Evil Code Veronica Resident Evil 7 Resident Evil Resistance Got 100% on Resi 7 because it's awesome. Don't know if RE Resistance is included ( I hope so ). Cheers.
  6. I would suggest to do the hardcore S+ rank to get infinite rocket launcher or mini gun. That way you can get the S rank and hardcore trophies and possibly 14k steps+ Ada/Sherry segment in one go. After getting the infinite guns, the rest will be piece of cake. There are lots of guides out there, text or video. I did it with Leon on A scenario in about 1h59min. It was far for perfect run. Did lots of mistakes, but I managed.
  7. I'm missing Bak only I think. He was also dead in my BS2 playthrough. Well, that sucks Anyway, thx for the help.
  8. Hi all ! Need some help and tips about guided trophy. I finished the game with all characters alive and yet I didn't get the trophy. Probably cos in my imported save from previous games, some characters are missing, maybe that's the case? Do I really need to go back to BS2 to recruit every char or is there other solution? I tried starting new game with stock char, but the problem is.. Any help appreciated.