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  1. Rhetoric
  2. Not a big fan of racing games, sports games, fighting games, or shooters. I am playing a golf game now and liking it, so perhaps my tastes will slowly change over time. Edit: My list doesn't consist of franchises, rather genres, but you get the idea.
  3. Hi.  I'm confused by something, maybe you can help me understand.  Your username here is Swifty-Joker, but when I click on your PSN profile, there's a different name.  What's the deal?

    1. skateak


      @IntroPhenom Your forum profile name is separate to your PSN ID. You can have it be your PSN ID or not. If you click the little icon next to their name on their profile, you can see when, what and how many times they changed their name.

    2. Jaco


      You also have to be a Premium Member, if you'd like to change it. And can only do so once every 28 days.

    3. Swifty-Joker


      What the others said basically ^^

  4. I bring along a goat wherever I go. Trolls don't stand a chance.
  5. Just cashed in some job related points per a program called IMPACT to get Stardew Valley: Collector's Edition!  Can't wait to spend a couple hundred hours toiling around the bucolic world.

  6. My previous response stands.
  7. You're missing out on some great games with that attitude, mister.
  8. Gush
  9. Helpful responses are never too late! (I won't be watching the first 18 minutes either. Ruins the surprise.)
  10. Burly Men at Sea for 3.29 seems like a sure buy.
  11. Hi.  Excellent job posting that UK sale and linking to all of the games.  Would you reveal how you do the links?  



    1. skateak


      Copy the URL, paste it into the reply box. Highlight the URL clicking and moving your mouse until the entire URL is covered blue. Then click the button above the reply box that looks like a chain link, between the strikeout button and quote button. After you do that a box will pop up where your URL will automatically be transferred to the top box while you can put whatever you want the link name to be in the bottom box.

    2. IntroPhenom


      Good stuff, thanks

  12. Supersede
  13. Gear
  14. Ghost
  15. So two trophy lists for Might No. 9 & two for Claire? Not too shabby.