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  1. Is that so you can open one and keep one unopened?
  2. Two Green Lavas?
  3. Anybody got a barf bag?
  4. Aware of any guides for this one?
  5. Same reason I did - exquisite taste in video games.
  6. Action, challenge, humor, and hurling bats? What's better than bat?
  7. I suppose my point was that trophies have no real value outside of their point denomination. Perceived value is what we're talking about. I'm not dismissing how important video games are to some, or even that leaderboards can be a personal goal and drive ambition. My concern is that someone who gets caught up in any potential 'diminished' trophy value nonsense (my two cents) may not play a game because of it, and that would be the real loss.
  8. Far too subjective to claim any real value.
  9. Whenever anyone argues about trophies being disabled or not, the actual argument is about rankings: personal rankings, smaller community rankings, leaderboards. It's comparing yourself to someone else, or a bunch of someone else's, that molds these opinions. My main gripe about leaderboards, actually. Too many people use them to attempt to restrict casual gamers from playing and popping trophies. I don't agree with any opinion that results in snobbery or less accessibility to games. Whatever nets the developer of Psychonauts 2 more moola (assuming the game is made well) is good enough for me. More moola means more good games. Also, it's hilarious to read posts like this and posts about Grounded mode, or Nightmare difficulty. People love to bitch, I guess.
  10. [Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational (Vita)]    FINALLY shot a hole-in-one.  Been playing off and on for a few years now. Sports don't interest me much, in the real world or in video games.

    1. AK-1138


      Real ateable.

    2. IntroPhenom

      IntroPhenom  If there's a joke or something in there, it's over my head.

  11. A common dilemma with me is the draw of extra goodies confounded by the knowledge that I'll never display them or do anything with them at all, really. Still want them, though.
  12. Here's a limited print, which came with an instruction manual. An. Instruction. Manual. (for the bonus game, but still) And it's glorious! Upon opening the game, I was instantly transported back to the glory days of pre-packed media. Oh how I miss tiny game manuals with tiny print sprung to life with cartoonish images - the good old days. (Pardon the size of these...)
  13. Thanks so much for sharing that! I may grab one, too.
  14. Do it. You'll laugh out loud and question the hate.
  15. Fair to say a love letter, as the saying goes, to A Link From the Past. Absolutely love the look of it, and the fun ideas driving it.