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  1. So are all trophies available through the single player campaign?
  2. I was speed reading, or were you speed reading? You posted a PS4 South Park game to Vita game I crazy? (I might be crazy; I realize this.)
  3. That ain't no Vita game!
  4. My official December predictions are Mega Man 11 and Metal Gear Survive.
  5. For the first time since Pokemon on the GBA, I will not be purchasing the new main series entries on day one.  My adoration peaked with X and Y, and dove with Sun and Moon.  I don't care for region-specific Pokemon (would much rather just have new monsters) and feel the mega evolution thing was the most exciting addition since the shiny, and abandoned far too soon.  Sirfetch'd should be a mega evolution, darn it!  

    1. Angel


      Speaking of Pokemon XY, I'm currently playing Y and heading to the Elite Four. I have been enjoying the game so much and up next up is the ORAS games!


      I still have a long list of Pokemon games to go through so it will be a while before I play Sword & Shield (I don't even own a Switch, hoping Santa brings me one), which reminds that they will probably end up doing a more "complete" version of Sword & Shield. That upsets people but they have been doing that with previous entries. Weirdly enough X and Y never got this treatment which really needs it as Kalos is a beautiful region to explore more of it!

    2. ShonenCat
    3. IntroPhenom


      @ShonenCat   That was funny.  I loved how some dude just said '54!' like it was a bad dub.  

  6. I have a fondness for an all bronze list. Can't even offer much of an explanation as to why. I wouldn't want to see one for a major title release, but for an indie game with a small development team, I feel the bronze reflects the project. Not in a diminished value or quality sense, but more in a 'we're just starting out' kind of sense. (Unsure if the small development team thing applies to Forager, for the record.)
  7. Soon enough all of humanity's brains will be online only, so this game is really just ahead of the curve.
  8. I haven't venture out on Black Friday for many years, but I live close to a Best Buy, and that VR deal is tempting.
  9. Good work on the walk through. I can't fully trust a game that is bold enough to advertise PS trophies right in your face, or one that doesn't bother to spell check its trophy titles (A Gaurdian Forgotten), but hey, if it's cheap one day, I'll give it a go.
  10. @DrBloodmoney Detroit: Become Human was just recently a freebie, if you didn't know. I like this content and I appreciate the effort involved. I'll save a prediction for when the contest officially starts.
  11. Nioh is a November freebie.  It has three DLC, which can be purchased together via a season pass.


    The cost of the season pass is $25.00.  It will undoubtedly go on sale soon, probably for 50% off, as others recently have, which would bring it to around $13.00.  


    So, I'm wondering this - will the Complete Nioh ever dip that low, or lower, in price?  Has PS+ become a waiting game of sorts, if each month we're to have one game that has DLC in need of purchasing for those wishing to 100% a game, but also a complete edition that may one day be less expensive than the DLC, providing the same path to 100%? 


    Downloading the free base game in November is a no-brainer: takes no time and costs me nothing.  However, I have a backlog and will not play Nioh straightaway.  But I don't want to miss the DLC on sale, but would opt for the complete edition if it were cheaper.  Hmm.

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    2. AndyKazama


      @BlackSquirrell1imo no harder than Dark Souls series, easier if you power level due to the RPG elements and scaled equipment to level.


      If I can play, anyone can. 

    3. BlackSquirrell1


      @AndyKazama Good to know!  Thanks!

    4. Folkenio


      The Season Pass is recommended if you have the base game already. Bought it on a sale for 50%, and the base game I got it used for $15. If you get to like the game, then by all means get the Season Pass when it's cheap.


      If not, I'd say go for the Complete Edition. It's a pretty good game if you enjoy soulslike games.

  12. Why did I have to start my next-gen adventure (at the time) with a 360 instead of a PS3? I could have so many free games and so many more trophies! Argh! Stupid gamerscore sucks.
  13. It is erotic, though? Horror and erotic? Is that right? What is it, one of Tina Belcher's erotic zombie friend-fiction stories?
  14. Tactical pausing certainly isn't for everyone. I would hope doing one game would mean doing the other, and as quicker as DA2 was, combat wise, it doesn't hold a candle (in my mind) to the characters or story of DA:O.
  15. With Nioh being a freebie next month, I checked into what the multi-player is all about, and found this article. Worth a read if you're also curious.