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  1. Any multi-player trophies? This game is on sale again, and I'm wondering about a Daily Participant-esque trophy (Hot Shots Golf), or anything.
  2. Had my eye on Jazzpunk and Let's Fish! Hooked On, but we'll see.
  3. This game is already on sale. Apologies to those who paid full price.
  4. Is that how you get a butt unstuck from a window? I always wondered.
  5. I would love to see the summaries of how many games in a given series act as a link to a list of the games in the series. For example, when searching for a Tales game, you see a little summary stating there are 23 games in the Tales series: I would like to have the option to click somewhere in that summary and see a list of all 23 games.
  6. Hi. You'll have to set up a boosting session, the appropriate section of this site. Someone will close this topic soon, as boosting threads aren't permitted in the regular forum.
  7. Was late checking an eBay auction last night, and missed getting three PS3 LEGO games (Hobbit, LoTR, first Harry Potter) for the low, low price of thirteen dollars!  😫

    1. Squirlruler


      Dangggg. I need to watch Ebay more... I need to get one of those...

  8. Might want to confirm that with the developer or something, to be safe. I don't know a lot about hacking, but perhaps someone hacked the game to pop the platinum.
  9. I don't think it's fair to say getting repeatedly shot in the head while trying to fish is what RDR2 is about, but I do get your points. For someone who's expecting to play it some day, and wouldn't want to be constantly dueling unless there to duel, I'd love to see a patch that has 'can't kill/can't be killed' functionality for multi-player, so folks who want to roam the countryside in peace can.
  10. Good catch. I didn't watch past the intro. What should it be? Poll? Gull?
  11. Saw a typo. 'No missable trophies if you gollow this guide'. Just so you know.
  12. A timely article from Kotaku:
  13. I didn't see this is a title of the other threads for this game, and wanted to ask about it. A friend told me he's having no luck with online trophies, because every time he logs on some jerk just shoots him in the head, despite him not looking for a gun fight, and it kills his progress. How difficult is it to trophy hunt the online trophies without interruption?
  14. Shame such short notice. With more, I'd probably start playing immediately.
  15. Because it wasn't.