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  1. I want Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition on PS4 and I want a trophy for completing all of the in-game achievements, assuming they carried over from the initial release.

  2. Does the JA version play in English?
  3. Man, LEGO: Jurassic World is a stubborn game. $7.99 every damn sale!
  4. That sentiment is as filled with sadness as it is with wisdom.
  5. Would you care to straight up elaborate on why you find it so hilarious?
  6. Love that avatar.
  7. I don't believe the games we've been getting aren't mostly of a quality where many would and will enjoy them, and shouldn't be pleased to have them. I'm just against asking for more when something is supposed to be free, subscription fee aside, of course.
  8. That may well be true, though I can't really say, as the only channel I watch is Get Indie Gaming. The game sure does look fast paced. Hectic is okay with me as long as potential results don't get buried under the chaos.
  9. This is how I feel about Sony giving us game after game this year on PS+ that requires a DLC purchase to achieve 100%:


    Sony: Would you like this free orange?

    Me:  Sure!

    Sony: Do you want to eat the whole thing?

    Me:  Well...yeah.

    Sony: Give us two dollars.

    Me:  ...

    Sony: We usually ask four dollars. We're being extra nice today though, and only asking two dollars.

    Me:  ...that still sucks.

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    2. Sword


      Can we just go back to the days where we bought Gameboy... Nintendo DS... Gamecube... heck, any game and the game would be full and complete without having to worry about if I needed a 'DLC cartridge', disk or whatever to enjoy all the content of the game. Imagine DLC Gameboy cartridges. Ughhhhhhhhhh. Yeah here's Final Fantasy 7 but we're only selling you one disk even though we've developed all 3. Gotta buy the rest separately. :3333


      What kills me are these DLC's that are like $20-30 and offer maybe 8-10 hours of content. Like really, I could save for the next AAA with that much money and get 2-3x value for the same price. Come on now.

    3. charxsetsuna


      Some games have been doing dlc in the form of "ultimate editions" for generations. Sims, dynasty warriors, most pc games for the matter.

      Heck even on mega drive there was sonic and knuckles, dlc as a concept ain't new but it has gotten worse and taken a new form. Expect sims, sims dlc/expansion packs have always been ridiculous.

    4. IntroPhenom


      @charxsetsuna  I am aware DLC sales for monthly freebies coincide with the issue of said freebie, and that didn't bother me at first.  I bought the DLC for BloodBourne, Nioh, and Darksiders III, but this year it seems every month it's happened.  Too much is too much.  I want more games I can download for free and complete, and call it a day.  Like the two Xboxers got this month.

  10. I will not continually accept freebies that require a purchase if 100% completion is desired. I hate this practice, and will consider not renewing PS+ if it continues.
  11. I watched one review the other day that kept repeating 'Dark Souls like difficulty'. Do you feel that's true?
  12. This game is featured as a top ten indie game out this week, according to Get Indie Gaming (at the 8:04 mark):
  13. Picked up Riverbond, and almost picked up Skyhill. Perhaps next week.
  14. Picked up LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 Deluxe. Darn good price for all those DLC trophies.
  15. Is this list to say these games will not come out on PS4? Maybe it's a few will and a few won't kind of thing? I was looking forward to Gods and Monsters, but have no intention of picking up a PS5 for quite a while after launch.