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  1. Avant-garde
  2. Does anyone know if the US should expect a Flash Sale tomorrow?
  3. Fun fun fun!
  4. Equator
  5. Destroy All Humans for five bucks, maybe.
  6. Origami
  7. Here's one, from Boggle: Globe Trotter - play 500 games online. The thing is, each game is three minutes, with about thirty seconds in-between. Multiply that times 500, and you have to dedicate just over 29 hours to pop this bronze trophy. And no one is ever online to play. You can set up a boosting session, but for those of us fools trying to get it the old fashioned way, it's a big time commitment.
  8. ???

    Stats? Summoned creatures? Sold.
  9. I picked it up during the sale, and I'm also interested to hear what others who've played it have to say.
  10. Neuron
  11. Ticklish
  12. Paranoia! I like it.
  13. Hello!  Saw that you're a writer.  I am as well.  What sort of writing do you do?

  14. I second what Undead Wolf said. Origins is the best in the series, and one of the best RPGs ever, depending on who you ask. DA:2 wasn't really well received, but is a good game. DA:I will bring you more enjoyment if you play the series in order. (I played the first two on 360, but mean to return to them, and also mean to finish up DA:I, which is the first PS4 game I played.)
  15. You are exactly correct, regarding the idea behind the topic. I thought the circumstances behind not earning a trophy could be humorous and fun to share. Something like that, yes.