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  1. My Name is Mayo 2 My Name is Mayo - The Second! My 63rd platinum trophy comes courtesy of My Name is Mayo 2. A caveat regarding what follows: If you can't formulate an opinion without judging the content of the game, you might as well move along. (I'm posting an opinion, and have no desire to elicit another pother on this site. That's right. A pother.) However, if you take a minute to think of what goes into making a good, content-agnostic sequel, realize that as a sequel, My Name is Mayo 2 ticks all the boxes, and in doing so exceeds its predecessor in every way. Building on the established foundation rather than ignoring it, Mayo 2 never loses what made the original fun while simultaneously introducing a more humorous narrative, more fun facts, the inclusion of mini games, and hilarity from the start to the very end of the credits. Based on these factors, I'm not afraid to declare Mayo 2 one of the best video game sequels I've played. Some reasons are thus: Mayo 2 isn't hindered by amnesia, an all-too-common condition too many second installments suffer from. You've probably played sequels where narrative and character histories are ditched, or a title is little more than a thoughtless label splattered across a game with nothing to do with the previous entry (think Ni Nu Kuni 2). Or, perhaps the story and characters don't change much, but everything else does (think Zelda 2). Lots can go wrong, but Mayo 2 makes no such mistakes. It's a better chef's way of cooking up your regular order; with the initial list of ingredients intact, the dish is cooked in a different way with better results. Enhancements are incorporated to elevate the overall experience; your food now has a complementary side dish, a creative dessert - a great sequel is ordering something you've enjoyed before and being served that thing, but in a creative, exciting way - a way you didn't know you wanted. Going back to the credits, Green Lava Studios is one of the funnier developers out there, so the fact that they found a way to incorporate amusement there should surprise no one. What appears after the conclusion of the game is not a who's-who regarding the development, but rather a drunken blog of one man's current life woes. No spoilers, and not a funny subject on the surface, but it is presented in a self-deprecating, funny way, with misspelled words and #amirite and things like that. Rayman Legends is no longer atop my list of favorite credits. My two cents? Go play it. Worry about nothing. Take an hour, earn some trophies, laugh, and then return to the all-too-serious year we're having. Mayo 2 delivers a bit of levity we all deserve.
  2. Friday the 13th: The game Killer Franchise My 63rd platinum trophy is Friday the 13th: The Game (EU). After spending over 8 months getting the platinum trophy on the NA version, luck shined on me as I stumbled upon a player looking to boost some trophies, and he let me trigger 43 out of the 51 trophies in a single evening. (Can't seem to get the @ to work, but I'd like to thank @layaway_virgin!) For those who don't know, once one stack is complete, if the second (or third) stack is played in the same account, only one instance of a requirement for a trophy is needed to pop all related trophies. So I only need one kill as Jason to pop all the kill trophies, one match to pop all of the match trophies, etc. Watching the near constant string of virtual pings was the most fun I've had trophy hunting. Just a day later, I managed to connect with people doing the kill all 7 + Tommy trophy, and then the next day I killed Jason, and that was that. Three days versus 8 months. Good stuff.
  3. The inclusion or exclusion of a platinum trophy doesn't matter to me, but it is odd not to see one here, as this game is sort of a sequel, correct? Maybe they're poking fun at the Walking Dead Season 2 for not having a plat!
  4. I'm in the same boat. Bought Nexomon but haven't played it yet, and Temtem will probably be what puts a PS5 in my living room. Good tip, thanks!
  5. Love it. Retro-inspired graphics, monster collecting and battling, egg hatching, RPG elements. I feel very spoiled as a gamer these days. So many intriguing titles coming out all the time.
  6. Love it. Retro-inspired graphics, monster collecting and battling, egg hatching, RPG elements. I feel very spoiled as a gamer these days. So many intriguing titles coming out all the time.
  7. Treat yourself as the greatest treasure!  No matter how good or bad, you are yours to keep.

    1. NERVergoproxy


      Some treasures are meant to be locked up.

    2. IntroPhenom


      Only selfish people, like pirates, lock up treasure.  The rest of us know its best to share treasure with the world.

  8. Wow. And out of all those we Just Hollow Knight, right? Egads
  9. When searching for Grey Skies: A War of the Words Story, I don't see anything.  Where's the trophy info?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. IntroPhenom


      Yeah, and I saw a trophy walkthrough by @IBadDriverI on YT.  Very weird indeed.

    3. IBadDriverI


      the game has 12 trophies 11 Gold and 1 Platinum the trophies are not online yet

      i already have send a message to the publisher

    4. IntroPhenom


      List has appeared after all.

  10. I love the 61 bronze trophies, but watching this trailer makes me think playing this game might give me a head-ache.
  11. Was the version you added to your library the free PS+ version, or was it the $24.99 version?
  12. [Friday the 13th]  Before I pull the trigger on the EU version, can anyone confirm (though I feel I know the answer) that my NA PS+ will suffice, and that I don't also need a EU PS+, when playing the EU version on my NA account?  Thanks in advance for settling my minor doubts.

    1. IntroPhenom
    2. IntroPhenom


      If anyone was curious about this, mine EU stack is working just fine.  

  13. December predictions are... PS4 Sid Meier's Civilization VI Overcooked 2 PS5 Fortnite