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  1. Well I may have just picked up 28 Vita games for a buck a pop...

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. eigen-space


      Was Pantsu Hunter one of them? I see it on but when I search for it (using my Vita), nothing shows up.

    3. Glowbugg


      Pants Hunter didn't show up on my Vita either, had to find it in the ps3 store. still 99 cents 👍

    4. IntroPhenom


      @eigen-space  Yes, as Glowbugg said, go through the PS3 store if you can.  You'll find it there.

  2. Thanks, I did not see that. Can that post be moved to Sales & Deals?
  3. Check out and see what I see.
  4. Update (if anyone stumbles upon this some distant day): That weird dialogue prompt left and has not returned, and that boss with no health bar never got her health bar, but also did eventually die, more than once, so I'm happy, and quite addicted to this fun free-to-play clicker.
  5. Thanks! I just had another go now and managed to defeat her. Perhaps I just wasn't powered up enough before.
  6. @GastNDorf Hi. Great write up. I recently began playing, and have encountered a glitch that has no yellow health bar appearing after I deplete the purple health bar on the level 50 boss of one of the Events. Any ideas as to why? I've reset more than once to no avail.
  7. Haven't been playing this game for very long, but have encountered two irritating glitches. One has a dialogue prompt whenever I begin a new adventure that can't be closed; I have to back out of the game and go back in every time. Second, the boss at the end of one of the events, Bailiearyl Tavebent, never displays her yellow or red health bar. After her purple bar is exhausted, she just stands around, taking an infinite amount of damage. She doesn't do enough to damage my team, so we have a stalemate. Annoying. Anyone else experience this?
  8. Kind of just emphasizing what @DrBloodmoney said, but my advice is don't necessarily avoid games with laughably easy platinums; avoid games that aren't made well. I don't want to play the Breakthrough games, either, but many, many games with high platinum completion percentages are well worth your time.
  9. I like that they're expanding from holidays to mythical beasts. Maybe we'll get Unicorn Break next, or Mermaid Break. Maybe after that, they'll expand further to things like bodily functions or blood types. I could go for a little AB+ Break myself.
  10. The nostalgia is HEAVY with this one in both the playable characters and the appearance of the game. I was just remembering the other day how fond I was of wrestling titles back in the day. Good timing for this one, perhaps.
  11. Made a short list of interesting titles, and settled on Mekorama (has Captain Toad vibes, and is a cross buy) and The Tower of Beatrice.
  12. I don't expect to be thrilled with two or three each month, so I'll take Stranded Deep this month, and be contented.
  13. I'm excited at the chance to join, in part due to the subject matter, but also because the list of games includes one certain quicky (Fractured Minds) and possibly a few unknown quickies, and my gaming time is limited, but the list allows me to contribute. The other part is an upcoming discussion I'm poised to have with a new doctor regarding doing something about curious lethargy/moodiness. Probably years overdue. Count me in.
  14. Another wild guess: 602.