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  1. I'll have a look, thanks.
  2. Hurry up and update,! I'm cruising for a perusing.
  3. (Warning: Many puns ahead.) Holy cow, this one looks great! An interesting play style and funny premise to graze on. Some real challenge could be upon us gamers, with a 'legendairy' mode (their pun). Quite a few MP trophies, but hay, perhaps it's a two controller type situation. Mammory oh mammory, this might be too good to wait. Wish I could hoof it to my local store with a stampede of other gamers and get a physical copy, but alas, modernity steers me towards a digital purchase. Make no misteak, I'm not complaining. Beats waiting outside and getting grumpy and cold waiting for physical media, which I've done while grumbling both brrr and grrr (a farmiliar situation to you, I bet). Don't need to stress such things anyway cud it's warm where I am. Alright, lots to ruminate on. I'll be mooving along now.
  4. Just a note that in your list of eligible games you've mentioned LEGO: Builder's Journey twice. Also, I have these done, and hope to one day have them all. (Must find a way to plat Rock Band.) LEGO: Harry Potter years 1-4 PS4 LEGO: Harry Potter years 5-7 PS4 LEGO: Batman 2 DC Super Heroes PS3 LEGO: Marvel Super Heroes PS4 LEGO: The Hobbit PS4 Guess that makes me a minifig, on my way to a giant minifig.
  5. Pre-ordered and finally received 9th Dawn III from Limited Run Games. Love the pixel art, the play style, the supposed grind, and the anticipated challenge of platting it. Also bought the Smurfs on a whim. Can't really say why.
  6. She's grabbing for something, I'm assuming at the person who stole the top half of her dress.
  7. Too right. I'll edit my post. Opinions are opinions, of course, but we were talking about relevance, and given the world we live in, I argue that JSS is more relevant than ever.
  8. The relevance hasn't dipped at all. The topics discussed are, if anything, more relevant than ever, and JSS deserves respect for keeping on the scumbaggery in the gaming industry despite losing subscribers and dealing with backlash. Video game reviews and still something done, not like those were ditched, so the variety persists. 200K views is typical for the channel; the series regarding the lawsuit racked up the views, sure, but without doing the math I'd guess the average view per video is right around 200-300K.
  9. You mean the 830,000 people who subscribe to their channel?
  10. This guy gets a lot of grief, but any press is good press, as they say. I'll look forward to seeing this listed in the top ten worst games of 2022 on a future Jimquisistion.
  11. Some darn tempting discounts. I love to see numerous 90% off titles. Maybe Shadow Tactics, maybe Panzer Dragoon, maybe Skyhill. Great options.
  12. And give him a jar of mayo, and he'll have a nice condiment for his fish.
  13. Amen. The credits from the second game shouldn't be ignored, either. They're very funny in a pitiful sort of way.
  14. I'm devastated. Can't believe that passed by me. What's volume one sitting on my shelf without volume two alongside it?
  15. WHAT?!?!?!?? When did this happen??? I somehow missed it!