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  1. Platinum #50 Storm Boy (EU) Storm Boy Current rarity: 98.69% Enjoyment: 10/10 Storm Boy is a short, simple game with a story as much about friendship as it is loneliness. If you've ever loved and considered a pet a true friend, this little game just might tug at your heart strings, as it did mine. It's well worth playing.
  2. But Ni No Kuni Remastered is out in a few days! I wanted to dedicate all of my gaming time to that. Why does life have to be full of difficult decisions? (First world problems, I know.)
  3. I'm happy nothing changed. Love this game. Can't wait to get my copy in the mail!
  4. You're correct. The store does have twenty flags, but ten are for PS4 and ten are for Vita.
  5. The DLC appears to be individual flags on the PSN store for a buck a piece. There are twenty different flags listed for purchase.
  6. If I (or anyone) begin playing this game now, can the trophy for flags be knocked out early via online boosting, or is it something only obtainable later in the game?
  7. It's Captain Toad on LSD.
  8. Lots of good stuff for RPG fans. The DLC for Muramasa Rebirth is on sale. Too bad the game itself isn't.
  9. Don't discount the people who consider The Walking Dead the best narrative driven series of games to come along; people who have been playing them for years.
  10. I'm going to play and plat this some day, definitely.
  11. Another week, another Walking Dead trophy set...


    But seriously, I have it in my head that I'll plat every one of the Telltale Walking Dead games, including the PS3 JP version. So I'll be picking up this latest one, eventually.

  12. It may be that some of the trophies are bugged, but it may also be that no one in their right mind would pay $19.99 for this game. Except Jim Sterling, of course...
  13. Platinum #49 Game of Thrones (PS3) Lord of Ironrath Current rarity: 39.75% Enjoyment: 9/10 My second time through this game, and I do like it, but that's not to say it isn't without fault. The approach to the story is clever; the game positions the player outside of events that happened in the show, like the , and instead of witnessing them firsthand, you hear the commotion and react from afar. If you're familiar with the show, it's neat to know what's going on inside despite no visual clues, and works well to introduce the playable characters. What doesn't really work so well is the hazy, oil painting like art style. Much of the outline of everything appears as though its under water. It's just weird and distracting. I had no issues running the game, though many seem to have. Everything went smoothly until chapter six, when mouths moved but no words came out, everything froze after the platinum trophy popped, leading to a manual rebooting of my PS3. Thankfully whatever was wrong was minor, and it rebooted quickly. Kind of an open ending, too. A sequel would feel late, given the show's run being complete, but who knows? The books aren't done, after all.
  14. Is this Boss Hunt thing linked to multiple trophies? Seems like it's one people are waiting for. @TheYuriG - since he's posted about this recently. Edit: So looking over TheYuriG's profile, I see these trophies he has yet to pop: Boss Battle Boss Battle Boss Boss Battle Specialist More Secrets? My question becomes can someone jump right into tackling these trophies, or is significant game play required to level up (or whatever...I know very little about this game) before doing so? Were I to begin playing soon, for example, could I take advantage of the window of opportunity Boss Hunt provides?
  15. Level 19.  The trophy that did it was We Do Not Sow, from Telltales Game of Thrones on the PS3.  :) 

    1. DamagingRob


      Nice game to level up with, congrats!

    2. ihadalifeb4this