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  1. Gut
  2. Rigatoni
  3. Very enticing sale! Will I suffer through Albedo again, just for trophies? Hmm...
  4. Dodo
  5. I'm very glad this project platinum is still open. I've collected 9 of the games, and am poised to begin.
  6. Nickle
  7. As I'm going through the DLC for Witcher 3, the desire to replay the whole darn adventure with the complete edition struck me, for fun and for trophies. And lo and's on sale! Might have to snatch it up. Also interested in the latest Walking Dead, Among the Sleep, and that odd looking Party Hard game.
  8. Kicking
  9. Rabbit
  10. Piquant
  11. Amazing! Thank you, good sir! Me and countless others shall never miss a chance to fork over hard-earned cash to broaden our backlogs again! 🤗 🤗 🤗
  12. The name 'Doctor Waffles' just had me chuckling out loud.
  13. Exuberant
  14. Related follow up: Who has it and likes it or dislikes it, and why?
  15. Sass