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  1. Plat #100 is TOEM. A great milestone game and my first PS5 plat. I was prepared to pay full price soon, but PS+ read my mind. Hope we get a sequel, or at least a second stack of some sort, as I'd happily explore the quirky black and white world all over again.

  2. This footage makes the game look fantastic. Can't wait to play it. If it's half as much fun as Friday was, it'll be worth every penny. The Texas Chain Saw Massacre game is a violent love letter to the classic movie - Polygon
  3. Anyone know if a PC Ubisoft Uplay key will mingle with my PS3? I only just realized a key is required to do the Far Cry 3 MP.

  4. Question (duh): I haven't seen any trophy lists identified as combined, or cross-buy, for a 'PS4/PS5', as we have for PS3/PS4, etc. Are there any, or is each game playable on the 4 and the 5 listed separately?

    1. DrBloodmoney


      I believe that the "behind the scenes" elements of the trophy database are not compatible between PS5 and the other lists - they are a slightly different thing (most likely in order to allow the PS5 more functionality (trophy tracking etc.),) so no, I don't believe there are any cross-gen shared lists.

    2. ObsiEez


      What @DrBloodmoney said is true. There cannot be a PS4/PS5 stack of a game (or any other X/PS5 combo for that matter) because with the PS5, they completely changed how the trophy functionality. The only things that will be able to have X/PS5 combo with is with systems that were updated to have that same functionality which won't happen unless they introduce a new console. The only one we'll possibly see in the future is PS5/VR because the VR tag is a PSNProfiles specific tag that doesn't actually exist outside of here

  5. My favorite weapon is definitely the Brow of Apollo. Kratos can't unleash his glower power without it. 😜
  6. I checked my backlog spreadsheet and my libraries, didn't see it. Maybe it's on my Vita library or something and I overlooked it. Oh well.
  7. The PS store won't let me buy Thomas Was Alone. My only available options are to upgrade my PS+ or nothing. Weird.
  8. Finished up the AC MP trophies on all three affected games! I bit off more than I could chew and would have failed were it not for the extension of the servers closing.

  9. Far Cry 3: Is anyone planning on hosting a boosting session? I'm considering this one before it's too late. I'm surprised how many AC boosting sessions are active, but not one for this game. I read about doing the MP stuff solo, but it sounds like a pain. 

  10. How are you playing? Solo or MP? The trophies seem to have a relatively high percentage of completion, which makes me think maybe MP isn't a big factor, at least in the plat.
  11. Augh! I can't believe I forgot about Temtem! I was boasting my excitement since the trailer, but only last week got my hands on a PS5. I can play Temtem now! I realize this response has zero to do with the content of your post, but thanks for the reminder. p.s. Have your niece chip in. (Kidding.)
  12. I'm very much into poker. We'll see if I get going or not. Thanks.
  13. Cool. What's considered a decent amount of chips?
  14. Good point about the chips. Maybe I'll load it up. Must stop pretending my profile will one day be 100%.
  15. Arranging a team of 12 like that other group did sounds awfully tempting. I love a good grind, and don't mind spending hundreds of hours if necessary, but years is a tall order. Actually, a few years I'd be willing to do, but certainly not anything over 10.