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  1. Nioh is a November freebie.  It has three DLC, which can be purchased together via a season pass.


    The cost of the season pass is $25.00.  It will undoubtedly go on sale soon, probably for 50% off, as others recently have, which would bring it to around $13.00.  


    So, I'm wondering this - will the Complete Nioh ever dip that low, or lower, in price?  Has PS+ become a waiting game of sorts, if each month we're to have one game that has DLC in need of purchasing for those wishing to 100% a game, but also a complete edition that may one day be less expensive than the DLC, providing the same path to 100%? 


    Downloading the free base game in November is a no-brainer: takes no time and costs me nothing.  However, I have a backlog and will not play Nioh straightaway.  But I don't want to miss the DLC on sale, but would opt for the complete edition if it were cheaper.  Hmm.

    1. starcrunch061


      $12.50 is pretty cheap for a complete version to dip. A physical copy usually doesn't drop below $14.99 in my experience, unless it goes on clearance. And digital sales have been more and more lackluster recently for Japanese games. 


      If the DLC gets the 50% off treatment, I would just buy it, unless you really have a desire for a physical copy.

    2. AndyKazama


      Regardless , Nioh is a must play. My only gripe is that the best skins you need 70k of that currency you can earn fighting remnants. 

    3. BlackSquirrell1


      I got excited about Nioh, but wondered on how difficult the game is?

      And I don't mind picking up the DLC if it is on sale for the PS+ games.

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