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  1. For the first time since Pokemon on the GBA, I will not be purchasing the new main series entries on day one.  My adoration peaked with X and Y, and dove with Sun and Moon.  I don't care for region-specific Pokemon (would much rather just have new monsters) and feel the mega evolution thing was the most exciting addition since the shiny, and abandoned far too soon.  Sirfetch'd should be a mega evolution, darn it!  

    1. Angel


      Speaking of Pokemon XY, I'm currently playing Y and heading to the Elite Four. I have been enjoying the game so much and up next up is the ORAS games!


      I still have a long list of Pokemon games to go through so it will be a while before I play Sword & Shield (I don't even own a Switch, hoping Santa brings me one), which reminds that they will probably end up doing a more "complete" version of Sword & Shield. That upsets people but they have been doing that with previous entries. Weirdly enough X and Y never got this treatment which really needs it as Kalos is a beautiful region to explore more of it!

    2. ShonenCat
    3. IntroPhenom


      @ShonenCat   That was funny.  I loved how some dude just said '54!' like it was a bad dub.