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  1. Trying to do the first Pace Maker event, Cadwell Park Club, and I can get a 12 sec run on average but the first Hairpin turn really holds me back. Hairpins have always been a bane of mine, as is turning in general, I know the theory of apexes and so on but am unsure of the actual mechanics of when you brake and accelerate in this game. Any help is appreciated.
  2. I only have the Human Locamotive and Big Tree Myustery trophies to go and I'm trying to figure out how to get them done, teh guide I'm using says that Ravi and Harmon onl;y need to be at 5 Hearts to start Chapter 10 but I can't get it to start, I've seen posts where people say that they need to be 6 or even that Harmon needs to be 7. Its noty really difficult cause I cxan buy all the Fertilizer and Fodder I want and sleep the days away but I'd still rather know for sure what I need. As for Human Locamotive I can't find ANYTHING concret on how to get it, Some says its everyone at 5 hearts, selling one of each crop, Mayor at 8 or 9 hearts and one saying that you need to complete 50% of the Farm Guidebook. Any help is greatly appreciated, i'd hate to break my Plat streak. UPDATE: Got Harmon and Ravi to 6 Hearts and CH10 started. UPDATE 2: Got ending and Human Locamotive, you need to get at least 50% in the Crop Guidebook at the Mayor's Library.
  3. I'm trying to clean up on some old trophy lists to improve my Completion Percentage and I'm currentLy working on Motorstorm RC, I was doing pretty okay and so far my times have been pretty close to what Is needed for the 40 minutes but I'm really struggling on getting those last few seconds and the last 4 races in each event and ALL the drifts. I'm currently banging my head against Plank Rattler and I just can't beat the Gold, I've looked at the one video that exists of a run(here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ln_DVlJB-ac) and I just can't understand how he corners like that. As for Drift races, which is something I always have with Racing Games, I justy can't hack it, I'll get into a good drift but I have no idea how I'm actually doing it. The only game I've ever been able to 'Master' drifting is Modnation racers as that's because there is literally a Drift Button. I can get one drift going but can't seem to transition to another direction.
  4. I just check the version of each game and every Vita version Plat has a lower percentage with Jak 2 being the lowest.
  5. So I finally got this to work and the first thing I tried(after flying) was to beat the Scatter Gun Courts but nothing happEns when I press R1, it's kid of important that this one works ebcause the Minigames are what i have the biggest problem with on the VITA. Otherwise I'm just gonna get what Trophies I can via Debug and bounce.
  6. I played Jak & Daxter back in the PS2 days and loved it so much I left my PS2 running constantly because I didn't have a Memory Card and I still beat it 100%. I never got to play 2 or 3 but always wanted too. When I got my Vita the first game I bought was the Jak & Daxter collection and Jak & Daxter became the first(and 100th game I platinumed, the moment I was done I jumped into Jak 2 and... I have bounced of this game so many times I've lost count and its always at the point where I try the first gun course and the shitty controls make it ridiculously hard. I have gone so far as try the dubug but I can never get it to work. This game is a oldest stain on my trophy collection and i want it gone. So here I am, I'm going to beat this damn game even if I have to buy some overexpensive R3/L3 grips or something.
  7. I know its unlikely buit if someone could help me with haderax that'd be great, I'm only lveel 50 and I just can't get the damage out to beat him even on normal mode, I'd rather not grind to 80 or some ridiculous combo just for this trophy so any help would be appreciated.
  8. It's still not working for me, i kept rying the creative glitch to no avail, i even completely removed minecraft from my PS4 and tried again but still nothing. I've checked the settings for the,'Trophies cannot be earned on this world' and I can't even get the Netehrite trophy with it not there.
  9. I had the same problem with Hot Tourist Destination not unlocking and I tried to use the Creative Glitch to get it(And the Netherite Armor one, I figured I might as well) but neither worked.
  10. Obviously, Minecraft is going to be playable on the PS5, either through Backwards Compatibility or a new 'version'. But when it comes to the trophies what would you prefer? If they do use BC then it'll be the same list anyway but if they make a new 'version' they'll either make a new list or add a PS5 tag to the current list. Personally I'd prefer a new list, I would relish the oppurtunity to get the trophiesall over again in one go.
  11. I am so glad this works, I can also confirm you just need the players when you turn in the 2nd mission.
  12. So desperate for these bloody gems I'm putting my name up PSNID:Ditz42
  13. I juust got blocked in Desert Temple when a mob that was oart of an Ambush got stucke under the floor
  14. There is one Undergorund that requires the Ability to break Nano Walls but they are numbered so if you can find what one you need.