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  1. I have 10.8 million saved up. Hoping that it doesn't cost more than that because they patched the tomahawk PP trick and I don't know how to earn money anymore
  2. Also, when is it next estimated to return to the store?
  3. Given that prices of some legendary cars are increasing since the latest update, is there an estimate of what the Ferrari 330 P4 '67 will cost when it returns to the store?
  4. Okay, that explains what I was doing wrong. I didn't realise penalties applied in this race. Thanks for the clarification
  5. Does the Tokyo Expressway method still work? I keep getting 5 second penalties when I'm not near any other cars and it makes no sense
  6. Thanks for the video
  7. What is the Tomahawk glitch? Can you please explain or provide a video showing how it is done? Thanks
  8. What are the most efficient ways to earn credits that are available as of the current update?
  9. Hey Optinooby, thanks for these quality guides, they are extremely helpful. Just wondering, are you planning to upload videos for the remaining levels which don't currently have videos? Thanks again for your hard work
  10. I have finished photographing all landmarks on the map but the trophy for doing so has not unlocked. Edit: it turns out that I missed a landmark. This thread can be deleted
  11. I thought I would start a thread where people can share tips on how to find balloons. So far I have only found one balloon that I stumbled across randomly. All tips and tricks are welcome.
  12. My experience exactly matched what was described by jpwbjpwb.
  13. Yes, that is still impossible. It is only possible to auto-pop some trophies by uploading from PS4 and downloading on PS5
  14. Is there any particular trick to getting the trophies to auto-pop? I tried uploading my 100% save from PS4 and downloading to PS5, but only a handful of the trophies unlocked
  15. Thanks. I followed that guide too and got the trophy