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  1. I won a total of 10 cup competitions, unlocked the in-game milestone, however the trophy never unlocked. I have now won 12 cup competitions but still no trophy. Has anyone else encountered a similar issue? Is there anything I can do to fix it? Update: The trophy ended up unlocking after winning my 5th continental cup (13th cup overall).
  2. I am not sure if anyone else has encountered this, or perhaps I am just unlucky. Following the completion of a match, the screen comes up where you can see your xp and vehicle progress. However, on two occasions this screen has shown an empty xp bar, placeholder levels of 1 to 2, and empty vehicle templates. When I then return to the menu, my xp bar has not progressed at all since the previous match. Is this a known issue? Does anyone know why this is happening?
  3. Alright, that clears things up, thank you for your help. Just one more question. How do you report a session to a mod? I tried clicking on one of the sessions, but could not see a "report" button, or anything similar.
  4. My list of gaming sessions has become completely congested due to the actions of one particular gamer. This person has created a heap of "sessions" for games I own, with the purpose of recruiting people to his/her discord server. This seems like a blatant misuse of the gaming sessions feature on this site. How can I get rid of this garbage from my list of gaming sessions?
  5. Just a heads up for anyone reading... The quick restart does not work unless you have the Afterbirth DLC.
  6. No problem. Your post is very helpful, thank you.
  7. Hi everyone, I recently went back to Madden 15, hoping to work on the trophy for having a MUT lineup rated at 80 or above. Currently my team is rated at 69 overall. Whilst the servers are still up, the in-game store is not showing a single pack of cards for sale. Furthermore, the auction house has almost no players listed in there either. Do I have any hope whatsoever of being able to build my team up to 80 overall? And if so, how?
  8. Thanks Rhevarr, this worked for me.
  9. I have experienced the exact same issues as Lord_Luxus, yet I am 100% certain that I have never timeskipped when connected to the Internet.
  10. I could be wrong, but it seems like this has been patched. I got the trophy for 10 events prior to attempting this method, so it should have been no more than 40 events until the next trophy popped. I completed 70 - 80 events using this method, but the trophy for completing 50 events remains locked.
  11. Thanks for putting in the time and effort to figure this out, I really appreciate it
  12. Yeah, I understood your initial explanation of how the method was supposed to work. I tried to do the following, just a few hours ago: 1. Set console date back to Easter of 2017 2. Collect 15 of each type of egg (used as ingredients) 3. Craft egg at drafting table -- Quest is now marked as complete, has disappeared from screen (never reappears) -- 4. Back out to Title Screen of Portal Knights ---- 5. Load my world again 6. Pick up golden egg from drafting table 7. Exit out of application 8. Start up application ---- 9. Repeat steps 5 to 8
  13. The above method (golden egg event) does not work. The event is marked "complete" as soon as you select "craft" at the drafting table.
  14. Thank you! This made it much easier and I was finally able to get it done. Thanks again for your help 👍
  15. Hi all, I am currently struggling to win the game in "hard and huge mode". I can typically clear 60 - 75% of the board before messing up. Any tips, tricks and/or general advice would be greatly appreciated.