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  1. Basically avoid any game by Sabec
  2. Feeling the Ratalaika love over here. As for 36 Fragments, it was easy, you just didn't have the necessary skills required to earn the platinum trophy.
  3. Yet you've never played Rocket League? Oh the irony! Worry about what you play instead of bashing others for playing what they enjoy.
  4. I'm kinda glad I got 100% of the trophies like 3 years ago, seems too easy now.
  5. Guessing this is for the US version?
  6. Hong Kong and Japan
  7. I'd say that's false. There are people who actually buy their games legitimately.
  8. Me too, it's not that hard to do, OP is clearly making it harder for himself than it's needs to be
  9. The PS Vita fanbase is bigger than you can imagine, so I very much doubt the Vita is gonna die for some time, physical games are still being made in Asia, and new games are coming to PS Vita digitally too. Regardless, the PS Vita is still getting a lot of support from people.
  10. Very easy, most are unlocked through natural play but Combination Sensation and Artist Cat might need a guide. Having said that, the collectibles are not hard to spot.
  11. Ah okay, assumed "load room" meant in terms of moving to a far away part of the map haha, sounds like debug mode isn't much good then
  12. At least teleport and load room sounds useful... right?
  13. Wowzer, are you cereal? But yeah, I think it's all in one regardless of platform, sorry mate.
  14. All game lists with trophies that are synced to Sony's servers are displayed on the site regards so I doubt the system will be changed.
  15. Cuphead is a truly amazing game that deserves to be played and enjoyed fully, so why not do the platinum legit?