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  1. *click* Noice!
  2. [Discussion post with linked video] DBrand, a company who makes phone skins and screen protectors etc has decided to make PS5 faceplates. There has been some controversy surrounding this and they've challenged Sony to sue them, even though other companies have tried and failed. Thoughts on this topic? Also, this very informational video has plenty of info on this topic:
  3. I find this very relaxing!
  4. I find the Astro's Playroom PS5 home screen music so relaxing!
  5. [Video] 100% DLC Trophies in 5 mins (Easy method)
  6. Ah I wouldn't have seen it. Oops. Still, thank you for the additional info. Any idea on the trophy stacks for the game? I presume it would be the same as Vol 3?
  7. 22nd December 2020
  8. Well, you could if you set it as the photo people in your "close friends" list see. But other than that, I'm not sure if there's a way of doing so. Would be a good feature to have regardless.
  9. So cute, I would love to have that in my collection
  10. I was a Premium Member once and I saw no real benefit from it, I don't recommend wasting your money on that in my opinion.
  11. Oh boy, you basically fell into receiving a strike
  12. Another trophy that means you have to travel enough distance to go around the world. Anyway, trophy thoughts?
  13. Thanks so much man, the shoutout is much appreciated 😍
  14. The trophy list looks fairly easy, I like the sound of this.
  15. I'm only gonna say this once but @ikemenzi deserves to have his proper ranking and trophy list on this site, I get that he has the most trophies and thousands of games but if it's working on other sites, then it should work here. Sort it out guys.