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  1. Cero-Z is Japan only though right? Cos I know Korea allows 18+ games to be bought like normal, cos I bought Sherlock Holmes The Devil's Daughter there cos I needed the final stack Planning to do the same with VN's. Although you can buy the Z rated games on physical sometimes, like Chaos;Child for example.
  2. You're welcome. It's good for Korean credit and accounts too. I couldn't make a Korean PSN account myself so I paid for one to be set up via obtgame and it all works well, so I highly recommend the site based on personal experience.
  3. This game looks decent in terms of trophies and gameplay. Trophies don't seem too hard. Most of them are for defeating certain enemies, but the difficulty remains to be seen. Might pick this up later this week. The price isn't too bad either in my opinion. I think the omission of a platinum can be excused for this game.
  4. Ah yes! I got mine from them as well actually. It's a great service in that respect too. Dying Reborn as well. (PS4 and Vita) - There's not a huge amount of games with Chinese lists though.
  5. Same here. I used their service to get a Korean PSN account as well. OBT is the only place I know where you can get Chinese credit personally.
  6. Or you can buy Chinese PSN credit yourself.
  7. Hey everyone! I have created a video showing how you can get PSN credit for your Chinese PSN account easily. Check it out here:
  8. Right, well, then there's no need for me to test anything. It's obvious the game is buggy and that's gonna impact on my guide in a negative light also, as people will think they followed it wrong. 2K should fix it really but cos it's a demo, they might not, unless a new patch comes out.
  9. You specified "on a German forum" on your post you created. Perhaps the glitch is affecting German PSN accounts? As the creator of the trophy guide video, I'll test it out on my German account just in case. Plus it'll be useful to provide an update if needed to anyone who watches my guide in the future, unless it gets patched, in which case, I'll update again.
  10. This guide will help you earn every trophy in about 6 minutes give or take. The controls aren't that great but it's a quick and easy 100% that you can shamefully add to your trophy list.
  11. October 5th 2018.
  12. 5th October 2018 for Asian version release date.
  13. Honestly, I'd say Devious Dungeon is good for everyone rather than just trophy hunters but yes it does feel like the platinums are getting too easy. It's like we're paying for trophies as you say but yes, the older games last longer and seem more fulfilling. I'm still up for buying the games though cos why not, but I think the upcoming game called "Stay" might be better.
  14. I personally agree tbh but Ratalaika Games know how to appeal to the trophy hunters well. The games they publish are fairly decent. Devious Dungeon for example was an enjoyable platinum which took longer than most of the others, but that game I can happily play for ages. Some of the games are kinda like "earn the platinum and never touch again" - It's a shame in my opinion, but the games themselves are great. We need longer games or at least a bit of a challenge somewhere within them.
  15. Honestly, I don't blame you but the game is pretty easy for what it is. It's your choice what you play bud.