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  1. Update regarding my guide: The guide will be up sometime during 23rd February so keep your eyes peeled guys
  2. Well, I plan to make one but not 100% sure when it'll be out. I'll do my best as I have a couple of others I'm in the process of making.
  3. no worries. It's just collectibles I need to finish up. Shouldn't take too long hopefully.
  4. I'll have to streamline it a bit regarding the way i should go about it & find the rest of the collectibles, but it should be maybe 2-3 hours I'd say once I have all the collectible locations & everything. It's actually a really interesting game I must admit. The estimated time I gave is what it'll hopefully be but I won't rush through it as such, so if it's slightly longer, I'm sure it'll be fine lol.
  5. It's okay cos I found out It's completing the dark forest that's annoying me lol
  6. It's in the UK store now.
  7. I have no idea how to access the dark forest area. it's in a branched area with the camp, and I need help as to how to get there. Every time I try to, it takes me to the border crossing. Any help is appreciated.
  8. I've been playing through the full game and currently working on collectibles cleanup so hopefully should have the platinum soon.
  9. Yeah AS. It's out March 1st.
  10. I played the demo today and seems easy enough.
  11. True. I could pursue that myself, but I don't know yet lol.
  12. It seems to be a puzzle game, which is cool, and the graphics remind me of AER Memories Of Old, but how easy is the puzzles is the big question.
  13. True. I tend to just buy them straight away anyway, but yeah, you're only saving $1 otherwise haha. I believe EU version is out Feb 21st though.
  14. Hey guys! I'm back with another platinum walkthrough, and this time, we'll be looking at Daggerhood, a quick and easy platformer based around wall running. It takes just 20-30 minutes and stacks on PS4/PS Vita on EU NA & HK regions. Check out my walkthrough here:
  15. I will say, I got Access Denied early, and I played it before knowing the trophy list, but regardless, I felt that the game was a great concept, it had a real good feel to it. Besides the fact it's an easy platinum, it's also a good puzzle game to dip in and out of. EU version keeps getting pushed back which is annoying bit Sony likes to f**k around sometimes lol.