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  1. Any proof to support this claim?
  2. I'm gonna miss PSN Communities, what about you? I feel like it was underrated, but sadly, it is not supported anymore. I have made a short tribute for PSN Communities:
  3. No worries. It's understandable that the same thing happened with GTA V. I didn't say you hacked them yourself, but I assumed it was the same reason as BO2. I'm not saying you are a hacker, but many other people have had the same issue, even if it's not your fault. I appreciate your understanding, despite the circumstances, but I don't make the rules 😅
  4. Well, if you're not willing to hide the game, then the flag will stay. Oh and I will like to point out your hacked trophies on GTA V PS3 version - I know you're not on the leaderboards but still.
  5. Welcome to Potion Party, where you run an alchemy shop and make potions! Think Overcooked but less stressful and just as fun! My trophy guide for this game is full of useful tips to make your journey to 100% completion as stress-free and efficient as possible. Potion Party is fun to play in single-player, multi-player and in versus mode. All trophies are obtainable regardless of what mode you play in.
  6. You'll love the Laid-Back Camp series then. You can even pet the dog!
  7. I had this issue with one level, but I believe I went back to the main menu and then it was fine after that.
  8. Welcome back to Laid-Back Camp! This time, the game is set in Fumoto Campsite. This guide will help you earn all 9 trophies in under 30 minutes, and best of all... YOU CAN PET THE DOG YAYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!
  9. This DLC has 3 bronze trophies, relating to levels 51, 52 & 53. Simply set up the flags as shown in the video and then "sweep all" by holding the square button. That's all there is to it. Enjoy!
  10. Thanks dude, I have provided a solution of sorts in the comments too. That might have been through personal error, I'm not sure. Either way, it's been fixed now 😅
  11. It's okay. Sikutai jokes about that sometimes too
  12. Simply start the game up, follow the directions at the beginning of the video and start the game, skip until the end. Boom, 1 minute platinum trophy!
  13. That's the price of losing 2 world wars
  14. Now that you mention it, that makes sense.
  15. Those DLC's have been around for like... 4 years. Regarding clubs, I have no clue but I'll be happy to play again as I was pretty darn good back in 2018.