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  2. No worries! Thanks for the feedback. Surprisingly, it's not on JP. Only seems to be on NA & EU.
  3. You're welcome! Thanks for checking out the guide
  4. No worries! Thanks for checking it out!
  5. Welcome to my mini trophy guide for Fault - Milestone One! This game will take you about 30-35 mins to get the 100%. Let's get started! Once you open the game, you'll be greeted by a prologue, simply skip this with until you reach the main menu. Go to Settings in the main menu (most right option), the top option within Settings is for language, click on this and change to English. Make sure to change Message Skip to All and change the Text Speed & Auto Message Speed to full. Now we can start the game! There be a part in the beginning where you can only skip with , and there are parts you can't skip at all. Thankfully these parts are 1-2 mins long. As soon as you get into the game itself, press the OPTIONS button on your controller to auto skip. There may be a couple of times that the screen goes completely black. This is normal, simply press a couple of times. 8/9 trophies for this game are story related anyway so they are unmissable. The game is split into chapters and you'll receive a trophy at the end of chapters 1-7. Galvanize - For completing chapter 1 Rude Awakening - For completing chapter 2 Chapter 3 This chapter has the only choice in the game. When you reach the choice, press once or twice and then press , save, go back to the game. (You won't be able to press if the dialogue options are displayed on screen) Select the 1st dialogue option - "He would intervene" Auto skip until the end of the game. The credits are unskippable unfortunately. Discrepancies - For completing chapter 3 Spearing The Shadow - For completing chapter 4 Beyond The Line Of Magic And Reason - For completing chapter 5 Born Again Shell - For completing chapter 6 Measure Of A Girl - For completing chapter 7 After the credits are over, you will unlock the Oats And Curry trophy. During this playthrough, you will have unlocked the other 7 story related trophies as mentioned above. Once you're back at the main menu, select Load and choose your only save. Once you're back in the game, select the 2nd dialogue option - "He would dismiss" Auto skip forward a bit and within 10 seconds, you'll have the Planted Seed trophy and your quick and easy 100% completion in no time at all! Thank you for checking out my quick guide for Fault - Milestone One, I hope it helps.
  6. I did it in about 50 mins but I went in blind. On my second run will be faster.
  7. So 15 min platinum by the sounds of it? Excellent!
  8. That's basically it. Personally a 2/10 for difficulty. I thought it was pretty fun personally.
  9. Destroy All Humans 2020 sounds like real life at this point.
  10. I enjoyed both Reed games, also I believe Peasant Knight was worse. Reed is one of the better Rata games I'd say.
  11. 100% agree on this At least we'd actually have to finish the game
  12. If you found the original hard, then the second will be a bit easier as you only need to complete 28 levels and go to 29
  13. Basically, anything by Victory Road is gonna have in game cheats. Can't complain.
  14. I agree on the trophy images too. Although there is quite a few on spatulas, hopefully it won't be too hard to do all of them. At least the collectible trophies tell you how many of each there are. Haha, I had to think of something a bit more unique than "Trophy Thoughts?" - So that's what I came up with I'm getting it myself, mostly cos I enjoyed the Spongebob games on PS2, my childhood memories are coming back!
  15. I like this trophy list personally. Nice variety and doesn't seem like a big challenge, but getting 100% in-game completion might take a bit of time, having said that, it's kinda refreshing that we have to finish the entire game, and there's plenty of collectibles. What's your thoughts?