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  1. Hello there Chezza, nice to meet you
  2. Finally found all 200 golden hammers in Construction Simulator (and likely the first to do so), fair play to whoever decided the locations of them, my skills were well tested. Of course, I did a guide or two! 



  3. Both guide videos are up now, the collectibles are complete. I hope my 80-100 hours of finding these was worth the effort
  4. The guide is now complete! I spent roughly 100 hours finding the hammers, and recording and editing these guides, so I hope my efforts are worth the wait.
  5. Sure, feel free to include them in there! Can't wait to see the guide complete
  6. If you need a hand, I'm in a group chat on PSN, maybe that would help too?
  7. All 200 have been found! I found the last one in the end, and I'll be uploading the second guide tomorrow. I spent roughly 80-100 hours doing this so I hope it's worth it
  8. I recently did the 100% with a bunch of people, we have a group still available but idk if there's 12 people/Vitas still around
  9. At least there's no collectibles like in Dakar 18 Dakar 18 Trophies •
  10. Well, there was 1 that I couldn't find, but there is a theory behind why that is, but to test that, I'd have to search the entire map again, which is time-consuming. All we know is there's a bug to do with starting both maps on the same profile, hence why I've had to restart on a new profile. If someone else was able to collect some and compare them, then maybe we can find the missing one more easily in theory.
  11. That's not too bad at all, but tbh people are only gonna pay what they feel comfortable paying, and of course I didn't want to sound harsh or anything, but if it's price that holds you back from buying a game, then that's what it comes down to. I've had that plenty of times, so I know the feeling. Even so, some PS3 games are selling for even higher, so it depends.
  12. I've seen copies for like £25-35 so it's not that bad in comparison to some games. Regardless, either buy it or don't. Simple as
  13. Have you checked while offline?
  14. The Japanese version is cheaper if you're concerned about prices. Still, the game seems reasonably priced in my opinion
  15. I stand corrected