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  1. I bet it's really grating on you right now
  2. Hahaha wheely good puns all round. We Kraft some good ones
  3. How mature
  4. Don't mind me, just here for the Elden Brie.
  5. Oh yeah, Matthew Green You forgot about last year's masterpiece, Taishogun
  6. 100% - Tourist Bus Simulator 


    A nice and easy 100%, which was certainly worthwhile and had some great gameplay to boot. Easy trophies as well, but the in-game exploits and time-saving tricks I applied certainly helped, considering my low completion time. 

    I am working on a trophy guide for this game as well, so I will mention the tips and everything in there too. Overall, a nice chill out game with easy trophies. What more can you ask for? :wub::gold:



    1. AK-1138


      If it doesn't include a permanently surly bus driver who looks like he could, and would, drive his bus off a cliff at a moment's notice, it cannot be called an accurate simulation in the slightest.

    2. StygianWolf4


      To be fair, your character can fall through the map. Doesn't get much more accurate than that! xD 

    3. ihadalifeb4this
  7. Yeah, that's a fair point, and I'm sure Stephanie will include this game somewhere in a future video for sure!
  8. It has happened many times before so it's not like the chances of that happening are zero. Fingers crossed.
  9. My Name Is Mayo 3 took a slight turn from the other two games, and talked about the stages of grief and loss of a loved one in a relatable way that wasn't triggering, but definitely got the point across. There's a fine line in that and My Name Is Mayo 3 stayed within that line. Considering Mayo's father was in My Name Is Mayo 2, that neatly nestled his character into the story of the My Name Is Mayo trilogy. For him to be in My Name Is Mayo 3, which continued from that story and considering My Name Is Mayo 2 ended on a cliffhanger, it makes perfect sense for Mayo to lose his father in the 3rd and final instalment of the My Name Is Mayo trilogy. All in all, Mayo's loss of his father is a key event in Mayo's life and a perfect ending to the My Name Is Mayo trilogy, as we, the trophy hunting community, suffer a loss too: Mayo himself. Rest in peace Mayo
  10. I can confirm this works. Might as well post the UK store link since I found it - Auto Chess (PS4 Version - UK PSN Store)
  11. You never know when things go bump in the Knight. Alas, the void left by the deleted guide is now Hollow.
  12. At least you won't get flagged for them
  13. Incorrect. Fenix Furia has 3 regional stacks
  14. Shoot, and I've just remembered I have this game 1% on my profile Oof, I'm guessing that's helpful but expensive.