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  1. I saw collectibles and thought "yes, this is right up my alley!" - Max The Collectible Hunter strikes again! These collectibles seem like a breeze after finding all 132 collectibles in Farming Simulator 22 last week lol. The art style looks really cool, not too busy, but I'd assume it's a more minimalist style
  2. Absolutely! Where's our PSNP Detective badges? Lol. Completing all 132 collectibles and editing the videos etc was a lot of work in the end but still got them done, and thank you to everyone who has watched those videos, even a French YouTuber called En3rgie5 used one of my videos and he got the last collectible he needed on stream. I was so happy to see that. (You can see him use my video from 1 hour 18 minutes in, proud moment considering he has 241k subs) -
  3. I just think it's lazy how the Countryside trophy list is the same as the original Bus Driver Simulator
  4. Seeing all of you contributing to this topic warms my heart for how awesome the trophy hunting community is, and I'm proud to be a part of it. GG everyone! We should definitely consider making a PSNProfiles guide when the information is all worked out and tested.
  5. I had someone who reported a missing collectible (in the biomass plant) on the PS4 version, any problems on your end? I have only played the PS5 version so I can't say
  6. No worries at all, I hope you enjoy it if/when you play it
  7. I'd probably say 2 hours blind, but if you're going for the notes blind, then you may not be aware of the Natsugiri Notes being only in Free Mode, but they're not that difficult to find in my opinion. As for missable trophies, none. The fragment trophies are just from playing the story mode, being split into 7 chapters. Either way, the game is pretty chilled so I would just say enjoy it and admire the view sometimes.
  8. I would have considered making this a platinum walkthrough, but I decided against that as I felt the story mode is better experienced from your own perspective and playing blind. The Natsugiri Notes are in Free Mode, and can't be collected in Story Mode from what I played. The Story Mode doesn't really need a guide in my opinion as the area is fairly small and the pause menu gives you hints if you need it. Regardless, this indie game, developed by Tatamibeya and published by Amata Games is absolutely beautiful and I highly recommend checking the game out, especially if you enjoy walking simulators.
  9. Thank you for updating the original post, and including my video guides for collectibles, much appreciated friend 🙏 The Elmcreek ones took quite a while, but having an all-in-one guide will be useful no doubt. Although I did try to show them in an order that makes it convenient for the player, because there's nothing worse than having to travel halfway across the map for the next one kind of thing.
  10. The title seems a little... over the top in my opinion. Perhaps the phrase "Buyer Beware" might be a more fitting title. Just my 2 cents, but I haven't played the game personally, so I can't say anything on the game itself but I do own the game, so I can easily check it out for myself if I wanted to.
  11. I got one on day one
  12. Thank you for the support, it's much appreciated
  13. For anyone who wants to check it out:
  14. This video will help you find all 12 cheese wedges in the Erlengrat map in Farming Simulator 22, I hope you find this video helpful, because it took quite a while to make! Enjoy!
  15. This video will help you earn a lot of money from finding these, and will get you the Feeling Colourful trophy in the process! This video I created is an all-in-one guide, so you won't need to click on 10 different videos, and I've tried to make the process as simple as possible, meaning you won't need to jump halfway across the map for the next one. I hope it proves helpful, because I spent way too long finding these.