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  1. I made this when the game first came out, and they proved very useful to players, especially the collectibles. Below are my videos for the Angel Shores collectibles, Seaside Valley collectibles, and the locations for the SAM collectibles and location of the Haunted House, as well as how to charge an e-bus with a charging point.
  2. Well, even if it's not, it's only $3. Cheapskate.
  3. You can skip all rallies (realistic length, J WRC settings) in one season and you'll get the trophy
  4. Very good point, thanks dude!
  5. Can you skip the realistic career at all? Like skip races and stuff? Or do you have to play them?
  6. Yeah thankfully, seeing as WRC 8 & 9 had the Legendary trophy. A realistic career shouldn't be too bad if you don't have to win them though. I plan to grab the deluxe edition, so I'll find out any info I can. We shall see but I'll test that when I get the game.
  7. As per title Seems like your average WRC list, but not difficult at all in my opinion
  8. Nice one! Feel free to link my guide too
  9. I just want to play as a cat, I don't even care about the trophies lmao
  10. You're welcome!
  11. Or 1049
  12. Guns Up - 100% Completion, including DLC packs! I started this game in November 2016, and never got round to finishing it, but I'm so glad I did because this game was hella fun! Badge Of Honour was the last trophy I needed so I had to wait for the season to end, and I had all other trophies before then. The game is free to play but I did spend a bit of money to get gold for more munitions or perks to speed things up. Either way, another incomplete game done!
  13. 2 hours? Way too long for some trophy hunters these days, 10 minutes or no play 😂
  14. Either situation is a fair comment, but considering I had nothing to do today, I thought "why not?" - Plus it saves people trying to find the locations themselves lol I actually edited the loading screen out, and that took like 10-15 seconds, so not too bad, but for PS5, shocking.
  15. Could you be more specific? I'm assuming you're referring to the game? 😅 Lmao, Rockstar are slacking right now then