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  1. I got it for £20 psysical. I am perfectly okay with it.
  2. Cheers dude! Much appreciated
  3. Welcome to my platinum walkthrough for Elea, a quick and easy 2 hour platinum. There was rumours of buggy trophies, but thanks to my guide, all of that is smoothed out and there aren't any issues now. Check out my guide below!
  4. After much research into the game and retrys on the game, my walkthrough for Elea is finally done. Thanks for the help @SaltySoph and @Ivaylo_7 much appreciated.
  5. Finally reached the top 100 trophy hunters in the UK and top 1000 in the world.

  6. I got a couple of MP trophies left on this version. Anyone able to help? Thanks
  7. Welcome to my platinum walkthrough for Edna & Harvey: Harvey's New Eyes. This is a nice and easy 3 hour point and click adventure, which is definitely worth playing. Special thanks to @themindisacity for her text guide: LINK Hope the guide helps Link to my guide:
  8. No worries man, I understand what you mean. We've all said our piece, so I'm happy to just let everyone continue doing what they enjoy and let y'all be happy ^^ Yes, that is something I've been trying to work on over time, but I appreciate your understanding and tbh, no one's perfect. Thanks for the kind words dude. Apologies. We've all said what needs to be said I think and we're just gonna let everyone do what they wish now.
  9. Are you basing that opinion on this guide alone or have you looked at every single guide I have produced? Because I was the only person to make a guide, written or video based on a game called Massira. No one else has done one, I can tell you for sure, that if playing that game blindly and going for the trophies, you will likely not get the platinum that way. However, I made the effort to help people with that. I've made about 100+ different trophy guides of varying games, and sure, a lot of them seem to be short and easy games but I have branched out a lot from that too. I've done VN's, point and click adventures, puzzle games, etc. All of those games are varying in difficulty and time length, and what exactly do YOU consider a "normal" game? Please enlighten me on that.
  10. Thank you. I finished my guide for the game. Should be up sometime this week. Thank you for the help
  11. Well, that's funny cos I suffer from mental health issues too, and I do the guides to help boost my confidence and have fun doing what I do etc, depression is a b**ch, but I'm trying to help myself get into a better state in life by doing YouTube videos. But still, I have people who DO enjoy what I do and they're thankful for my work. I know not everyone is gonna like what I do and I respect people's opinions regardless but I'd rather allow myself to do what s beneficial for my mental health. Thank you. No worries bro. Thanks for the support
  12. Well, to put it simply, pretty much most of the trophies are missable and in the guide, I had to make a PS+ Cloud save to avoid doing a second partial playthough. However, if you wish to avoid potential spoilers, I'd recommend doing a playthrough without a guide and then use my guide to clean up any trophies or collectibles after, especially as there are spoilers within the guide but I do give advance warning beforehand. However, I'd still recommend a blind playthrough first.
  13. Welcome to my platinum walkthrough for Truberbrook, a nice and relaxing 3 hour point and click adventure. The platinum will take about 3 hours and is definitely a game I recommend playing. Thanks to @themindisacity for her text guide which assisted me in making this video - LINK
  14. This was rather unexpected if I do say so, but anyone know the region of this stack? I'm pretty sure the game is already available in NA & EU regions. I know it's definitely available in EU cos I've seen it physically and digitally here. Wouldn't mind playing it again. Plus I have a trophy guide for it for when this version comes out.
  15. Sure, when I do a platinum walkthrough of Hannah Montana on PS3