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  1. 2+2 is 4 - 1 = 3 **Quick Maths**
  2. I've done all 3 versions of the game on PS4 and never had an issue with 11.
  3. I was trying to find that one actually but couldn't find it. Maybe it was for pre orders only? But still, I like both.
  4. This theme is available to download for FREE in any EU or NA PSN region stores. It is a dynamic theme featuring smoke and fire animations, 3D style effects, customised icon style and a haunting but calming soundtrack. Check it out in action below.
  5. No I played that today actually. Very good game but I never played any of the Souls game before so I threw myself in the deep end with that one. As for the rest of your post, thank you. Although, to add to this myself, I love quick and easy games for many reasons, but the fact most of them are enjoyable, short, etc, besides trophies, but there will always be someone whining about the easy games. Despite the fact I play a lot of easy games, I'm currently working on Wolfenstein TNO and stuff in my spare time too so sometimes there's a bit of variety. Regardless of what people think, we're all just doing the same thing, trophy hunting, which we enjoy and we play whatever we wish to. Hell, I enjoyed Peasant Knight so much, I've played it 4 times so far lol.
  6. Lol just messing, but yeah you're right
  7. Well, I know what I'm playing next week
  8. Speaking from experience?
  9. No worries man and thanks.
  10. I've been playing this on one of my other accounts and I ran into the same issue and I haven't done the online but apart from that, it's pretty straightforward.
  11. In case anyone else finds it "hard"
  12. No worries man. I'm glad it worked for you and congrats on the platinum too
  13. That is correct. New Squadron Record requires 19 seconds, Best Of The Best requires 15.1 seconds.
  14. Legend mate. You're helping ME for once Jokes, you've helped me plenty of times
  15. I relate to that haha. I'm always wanting to buy more but I know I have plenty to play already