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  1. I would if there wasn't one already https://psnprofiles.com/guide/8472-paraiso-island-trophy-guide
  2. Tbh, I'm not sure if this is down to how I played it myself (bearing in mind I had no issues) or it's down to the current patch the game is on.
  3. Yeah, the deluxe edition includes a theme and avatars etc but it's pretty good value
  4. No problem at all. Although that particular game was roughly 2 hours, in terms of the length of my guide, but then again, a game can be short and possibly tricky or a game can be longer and easy. There's no real way to tell usually but I do try to vary my guides in terms of length. I will admit, I try to make my guides concise, which in turn, makes them appear longer than most other guides if someone else did one. That's just down to my personal style of how I go about creating them. Regardless, I do like to do a variety of games to mix up it up sometimes, keep things interesting for myself and my audience. Obviously some games are just super easy and whatever and may not even need a guide, which is understandable. But even so, trophy guides for games that have collectibles or highly missable trophies can come in handy as well. That's kind of where I went with Massira, which had quite a few collectibles and missable trophies. Obviously people won't know until they play the game themselves but it's all relative within it.
  5. Oh wait! I'm such a dumbo sometimes Cos its salty
  6. Not at all. I mean, I have done guides for slightly longer or slightly harder games as well but it's your opinion to what you consider easy or not. For example, I did a platinum walkthrough for Massira back in February I think? Anyway, that took a bit of time due to how many collectibles there was in the game but the game will seem a lot easier because of the guide being made. Bearing in mind no one else has done one. I do have plans to do guides for not as easy games too. I totally respect your input on this by the way. Obviously some games would be considered tricky to some people, but there has to be a kind of balance I suppose. But yeah, more challenging guides can be good to go for sometimes. Thanks for sharing your thoughts Quite right man ^^ Although I will admit, stacking does take the "fun" aspect out a little, but the collecting aspect is addictive. I guess a balance in both worlds is what's needed.
  7. Sweet and toffee are kinda the same but some people call it different things lol
  8. Yeah, totally but my point was that I do try to go for harder longer platinums too
  9. I prefer sweet or toffee but you do you my good sir 😂😂😂
  10. I say I don't have time, but that doesnt mean I don't at least make a start on harder platinums. I've been trying to platinum MXGP on PS3 for over a year on and off for example. Getting 1 million fans in that game ain't a 5 minute job but I do play it when I can. I started Wolfenstein The New Order back in March and played some of that. Even so, I totally understand why you'd think I don't challenge myself. I'm not annoyed by what other people say though. It's their opinion and they're entitled to share it. I accept their opinions and that's okay. Obviously I don't wanna make a big deal out of Ratalaika's trophy lists but like I said, I just enjoy them and make guides. People can play whatever they like though so it doesnt bother me personally
  11. I second this. I personally enjoy hunting trophies, but due to the fact I'm usually making trophy guides to help other people, I hardly have time to go for harder or longer games. That's not necessarily my fault. It's just the lifestyle I chose to live. Regardless, we should just enjoy trophy hunting, whatever your opinion on all the easy peasy platinums may be. Even so, there's nothing wrong in presenting an opinion on the matter, but some comments I see is like borderline shaming of those who just enjoy games. Ratalaika have made some pretty fun games though. Fullblast, Devious Dungeon, Super Destronaut DX, Iron Snout just to name a few, so sometimes it might not be for trophies. Either way, playing video games is fun.
  12. No worries at all and nope. The game is designed to be relaxing so it doesn't have time limits. It's because the puzzles are designed to look like clocks
  13. This guy gets it ^
  14. The amount of time people spend b!tching on this site could be used to work towards the hardest platinum in your backlogs Just saying.