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  1. No worries my friend
  2. Welcome to my platinum walkthrough for The House In Fata Morgana, which is a 45 minute platinum on PS4 & PS Vita. Check out my guide below, and credit to RoughDawg4 for his text guide, which assisted me in making this guide.
  3. Yeah. it's an unintentional thing but I just have this weird habit of saying it No worries and you're welcome ^^
  4. I don't really have the room for that at the moment but I'll consider it.
  5. Welcome to my platinum walkthrough for Refunct, this game costs just $2.99 and is a quick and easy platinum on PS4. The guide I created below will help you earn the platinum nice and quickly. Timestamps will be listed below for convenience. Timestamps for playthroughs 00:06 - All 14 Cubes & 100% Run 11:26 - 4 Minute Speedrun (Also earned 6 min and 8 min trophies) 15:39 - 33% Or Less Run & Platinum Trophy
  6. I don't have a fish tank. Let me find Nemo and get back to you
  7. Tbf he did say "what if" in the beginning
  8. Fair enough. Massira has quite a few collectibles, so I'd recommend using a guide for those if you need one. As for Oxenfree, I've had it on my library for some time, but never played.
  9. Welcome to my full platinum walkthrough for Pixark, a very easy and quick platinum, which will vary in completion time due to RNG aspects, but in most cases, will take you less than an hour. The debug menu instructions are listed below for convenience. You'll need to enter these codes for trophies or miscellaneous tasks. Press L1, R1, Square, Triangle to unlock the debug menu Use these codes to unlock trophies or perform miscellaneous tasks: God Fly Infinitestats Addexperience 10000 0 0 - Level up til Lvl 80 Giveitemnum 1047 1 0 0 Giveitemnum 357 1 0 0 Giveitemnum 592 1 0 0 Giveitemnum 794 1 0 0 Giveitemnum 598 1 0 0 Giveitemnum 1130 1 0 0 Giveitemnum 1131 1 0 0 Giveitemnum 1132 1 0 0 Giveitemnum 1134 1 0 0 Giveitemnum 1137 1 0 0 Giveitemnum 1180 1 0 0 Giveitemnum 1028 1 0 0 Giveitemnum 1026 1 0 0 Giveitemnum 1035 1 0 0 Giveitemnum 1013 1 0 0 Giveitemnum 1303 1 0 0 Setplayertobiome 9 Setplayertobiome 6 Setplayertobiome 3 Kill a Cyclops - Kill (Whilst looking at Cyclops) Summon cw_rex_character_bp_c Summon cw_behemoth_character_bp_c Summon cw_death_character_bp_c Summon cw_mummy_character_bp_relic_boss_c Summon cw_elementelf_character_bp_relic_boss_c Summon cw_seaslime_character_bp_relic_boss_c Summon cw_sauropod_character_bp_c Summon cw_quetzalcoatius_character_bp_c Dotame - Tame both dinosaurs Look for a supply crate and open it Setplayertobiome 2 - Look for a chest in a house Setplayertobiome 9 - Look for a chest in the top of the Ruins If a new world is created: God Fly Giveitemnum 357 1 0 0 Hope this helps
  10. I love a good platformer too, although I haven't got as much experience with Sonic titles, I still found it fairly easy.
  11. Late Shift is one of my personal favourites. I actually ranked it as my #1 indie game from 2017 that I played, which was a tough decision cos of the amount of indie games I play haha. But, in terms of good stories, What Remains Of Edith Finch is certainly worth checking out. The Bunker is by the same people behind Late Shift but I know you have that already. I'd also recommend a little known game called Massira, which has branching storylines at some points too, but I think that game is only available in the EU region at this time.
  12. Wheelie Mature I believe
  13. THAT was for a trophy
  14. No worries at all!
  15. Sonic Mania is on PS+ in June 2019, so what better time to make y'all aware of the debug mode? This video will walk you through how to unlock and activate the debug mode and enable level select and cheat codes! Check out my guide below to find out now!