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  1. You're welcome Thanks for the support
  2. Welcome to my platinum walkthrough for Grass Cutter, a quick and easy 1 hour platinum.
  3. What's up y'all? Welcome to my trophy guide for Bird Game + which is a quick and easy platinum you can earn in under one hour. The game is about a bird who flies around, avoiding many different objects and obstacles. I'd personally recommend checking out my guide before playing to get a rough idea of what to expect. Thanks for checking it out and if you have any questions, just ask.
  4. Like the title suggests, I think we'll have fun with this game. Looks easy enough but lasts longer than 20 minutes Thoughts?
  5. Welcome to my platinum walkthrough for Bouncy Bullets, a quick and easy 20 minute platinum.
  6. Hey everyone! Welcome to my platinum walkthrough for Where The Bees Make Honey. This is a short story based title which includes puzzles and platforming. The game will take you about 35-40 minutes to complete and you have to play the game twice to earn the platinum due to having 2 endings. You can upload your save to the PS+ cloud or use a USB during your first playthrough of the game to save yourself some time. The latest point you can do this is the puzzle after the monster truck driving part. Credit to @themindisacity for this information and her text walkthrough linked below. Note: Some cutscenes in the game, such as the opening cutscenes cannot be skipped. My video guide will be based on the assumption that you are playing the full two playthroughs, which will take you roughly 1 hour and 10 minutes. If a video guide isn't your personal preference, you can use this text guide, thanks to themindisacity:
  7. Lol. I did have issues too though so it's not exactly easy
  8. Welcome to my full platinum walkthrough for Modern Tales: Age Of Invention. The game has a completion time of about 2-3 hours and my guide will help you net all of the trophies in about 2 and a half hours. Thank you to @themindisacity for her text guide, which helped out a lot when making this guide. Link to the guide: - I would recommend creating back up saves at some point as this will save you time if the game freezes on you at any point. Thanks for checking out the guide. I hope it proves helpful.
  9. This guide can help you earn the platinum in just 1 hour, and the guide is suitable for Xbox One, PS4 and PS Vita. Link to the guide:
  10. Welcome to my platinum walkthrough for Paradox Soul, a quick and easy platinum that you can earn in about 30-45 minutes using my guide below. - The game is fairly simple but it can be easy to get lost, so use the map when needed. Hope the guide helps
  11. The game will be available from July 3rd in EU
  12. Welcome to my platinum walkthrough for Attack Of The Toy Tanks. This is a quick and easy 30 minute platinum which is available on PS4 & PS Vita. Difficulty 2/10 - Time: 30 minutes - 6 stacks (NA/EU/AS on PS4 & PS Vita) - Crossbuy and stackable
  13. If you learn the pattern path that the tanks take and strategically kill them, you should be able to progress more easily. I struggled on my first playthrough too, but it got easier once you learn the controls. You can also change the configuration if you prefer.
  14. Thanks man!
  15. Welcome to my full platinum walkthrough for One Word By POWGI - It takes just 30 minutes to platinum and you'll be able to stack the platinum multiple times.
  16. No worries, hope it helps
  17. This is a quick and easy 1 hour platinum from Ratalaika Games and this guide will help you do so Timestamps: Intro 00:06 Hard Mode: 0:34 Easy Mode 4:10
  18. My personal recommendation would be to take a break, and then start to play games you want to play as opposed to easy stuff. I will say though, I play a ton of easy peasy stuff for the sake of making guides. I get burned out sometimes. It's perfectly natural, although I do think pacing yourself when playing games helps too. Playing too much, too often doesn't help. Hope this helps and I'm sure you'll be back to busting out trophies again one day.
  19. Welcome to my 100% trophy guide for Tarot Readings Premium. The game will take about 15 minutes to get all 11 trophies and is very easy to do. You will need to do a time based exploit when it comes to one of the trophies but I will explain that in the guide anyway. Thanks for checking it out.
  20. Oh. I thought the game wouldn't have saved the date if you didn't close it? Oh well, thanks for the tip bud
  21. Welcome to my trophy guide for Tarot Readings Premium. This game takes about 15 mins to get all 11 trophies and is quick and easy. You will need to do a time exploit for one of the trophies however, but that will be explained in the guide. Thanks for checking it out.
  22. The game does yes. But they're clothed. #DamnYouSonyCensorship
  23. Welcome to my trophy guide for Nekopara Vol. 3! This is a quick and easy 100% which takes just 15 minutes. There are no trophies for petting any of the cat girls this time around, so it's mostly just changing the language and playing through the game. My trophy guide is below if you wanna check it out
  24. Seems likely. But still, the more we play Nekopara, the more we UwU