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  1. #30: The Last Guardian The trophy I had the most trouble with was not one I initially anticipated to be difficult. It's called "The Call of Nature" and requires you to witness trico pooping, which is a purely RNG based event. I had to do 4 playthroughs after I've gotten every other trophy before Trico finally decided to poop. I have the worst luck
  2. The Last Guardian Lightning Emissary Reach the end of the game in 5 hours or less. 4.73% This would've been a lot easier if Trico was more obedient, he had a tendency to just stand there looking confused
  3. Beautiful cover of my favorite song from Silent Hill
  4. I'd say Sly 3. I got the plats for 1 & 2 but felt burnt out from Sly games after that so didn't go for the third one. Would be nice to have all three plats in my collection
  5. The Metro Redux games, just got the platinum for 2033. I had a lot of fun playing that game, even on my second playthrough. Here's hoping Last Light is just as good as the first one!