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  1. I can confirm that this is 100% not true. I completed biome 1 and biome 3 collectibles and had to run through biome 2 28 times in order to pick up my last collectible - the room it finally spawned in hadn’t appeared in any of the previous runs I’ve ever been on, RNG just might not be on your side.
  2. I have been finding the substories quite compelling and I enjoyed the setting change in getting to explore Okinawa, but the gameplay has definitely been the weakest of the series for me. It makes sense that the gameplay here hasn't aged as well as the remakes or newer games in the series, but I was still a bit surprised by it. I think if you see it to end, you still won't have any regrets, and it might make you appreciate the subsequent games in the series a bit more.
  3. This has not happened to me yet. Only major performance issue I have seen on PS5 is sometimes a bit of hitching coming out of the pause menu, but not a single crash. I am running it in performance mode.
  4. I didn’t think the thief ring would have an impact, that definitely would have made things way more manageable!
  5. Just a heads up to others, I would highly recommend nabbing this trophy in your first playthrough. It took me about 2 hours of attempts to get it on NG+, not so easy to take down Tower Knight when you can die from 2 stray arrows at any time. Not to mention the run up to him is quite annoying. Yes I know I just need to "git gud", but it a frustrating experience I wouldn't wish on anybody. You can also just take care of it in a fresh file, but knocking it out early would be the speediest. I have been surprised by the difficulty of NG+ in general, feels like a bigger jump to me than other souls games.
  6. Nothing too different from what you did - I deleted Mad Max, set up Charles, then began redownloading the game. Found the request you had highlighted and remapped it to 1.04. Then I canceled the download, started it up again and noticed the file size had shrunk to around 33 GB. Once 5 GB were downloaded it let me boot up the game, as soon as it booted up 1.05 began downloading as a separate file. I simply paused that and let the first download finish (Charles had to be restarted a couple times due to 30 min limit) and then was able to play the game on 1.04.
  7. Thank you HusKyCode for the excellent guide, I was able to redownload the digital copy of the game with the 1.04 patch using Charles. You need to start the download once, do the mapping, and then cancel and trying downloading again. My file sizes were oddly not the same as you reported, my 1.04 version was around 33 gb, but who cares it worked! Thanks again, I owe this platinum to you and your efforts.
  8. The game always crashes for me upon completing Journey of the Prarie King, no idea why, but that shuts me out of two trophies by itself, unfortunate. I'll probably just make a PS4 farm to run through those two trophies there.