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  1. These are my findings post-patch: - Blackscreens are fixed - Desyncs still occur but less common - Leaderboard issues fixed - Introduced new bug with friend leaderboard (can't scroll pages) The multiplayer will work optimal if you play with people from the same region, otherwise you will notice lag.
  2. This. A good rarity system is not simple. Sony let's developers assign bronze/silver/gold/plat values to the trophies so that is also a variable you have to account for I think. I mean there could be a simple system to get started with but you will definitely see a pattern with people playing pinball games on top for example. A good point system IMO is the one on SteamHunters (It's steam I know but for example) https://steamhunters.com/leaderboards/2020 Assigns points to achievements based on rarity, players playing the game & amount of total achievements. Sure there are more variables to account for to get a nice algorithm but these are a few I know are used.
  3. Legend says there is a snake-eating pony. Solid cabinet!
  4. Updated speedrun requirement from 2 hours and 10 minutes to 1 hour and 30 minutes. Confirmed by @Big_Blue_Tree.
  5. 100% journal information from a combined effort by Spelunky 2 community. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/u/0/d/1LqvgWWfybs6BTFVSKtN_bq8ddY3YhRucKZTnQIc0Zzg/htmlview
  6. I just saw a stream where a guy getting really far (secret boss) getting an error. Just want to put it out there. Edit: he got a second chance but it didn't crash.
  7. LISE! Looking up makes a funny sound ^¬^
  8. @TrulySilentLie That's how I did it too. For clarity: 1 Place your hat above the elevator 2 Walk down and jump/land on the spring 3 After getting upwards momentum, switch to your hat 4 Wait a second and place your hat 5 repeat from step 2 until you see your hat above the castle The camera is awful up there but you can keep going by doing the same trick. There is a tiny screen that let's you see your hat when it's offscreen.
  9. I mapped it using video footage of my runs. I mapped most dead ends, there is one path that I just can't beat. Will upload my map in progress soon so all of you can see what I've seen. Dark green square = Spawn point Red square = Enemy spawner Blue square = Ammo Yellow square = D-icon Green path = The optimal path through the maze (if you get past this please let me know 😀) You need a lot of bullets so when you attempt this you have to get 25 D-icon coins to bug the store out to buy ammo infinitely.
  10. Not yet. Tried several methods without results. I'm amazed that the trophy sits at 4.4% psn rarity. The cheaters inflated the rarities big time.
  11. What do you mean exactly? You are posting the same guide that we have been discussing in this thread.
  12. @er_campanario The nexus theory is something. Only there for you to acquire pickups. The weird thing to me is that this is suppose to be the main game because the main menu has 3 options and the top one is BEGIN. and the maze is called a prototype which feels like a minigame like in AZ1 flappy bird where you could earn currency for the actual game. There are a few D coins in the maze, I still think the discussed end of the maze is not the actual end but we need to keep it in mind that it's there. From what I've mapped we've only seen 1/3 of the map. The actual D is white with a red border around is that's all I know. I hope this game will reward our work and effort and is not an unfinished prototype. Edit: PS: the denysoft website is down for a month now, it worked when I was doing research. Pretty strange.
  13. I noticed that the game displays 0 in every stat when you boot up the game after a crash (or normally). I thought for a second that I lost all my progress but playing 1 round fixed the stats screen. I still recommend making backups just to be sure.
  14. AFAIK there are hidden clones you need to rescue.
  15. @PhoenixIKN Someone over here has the same problem. I do see you have the trophy unlocked. Wat did you do to get it pop? From the looks of the thread I linked you have to back out to main menu for the trophy to pop. Edit: Bought the game, unlocked the trophy. I still see profiles with all requirements met and Talent Scout locked so I hope a solution will be found.