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  1. @HusKy I've been enjoying PSNP+ ever since I found this thread, I would like to share some scripts I use in combination with PSNP+. PS5 Style Trophy List - inverse of "Resize PS5 icons" Only show games without a platinum Used jQuery because I was lazy Only show games with a platinum Used jQuery because I was lazy part 2 I also have scripts for "True Completion Percentage" and "Fake 100% profile" but I think they are not interesting for PSNP+ :). True Completion Percentage just calculates the amount of trophies you have per game. Ex: 5 of 10 trophies = 50%.
  2. 2 replies to 5 year old comments: reply 1: 🎮 reply 2: 2022.... 🤔🤔🤔 Denysoft.com is also "up" again. It redirects to some shady store.
  3. Thanks to this thread I got the Ford Mark IV Race Car '67 today. Don't get fooled by the trophy description!
  4. As per usual I'm late to the party but this thread is something I always wanted to share. Over the time I have made a "Wall of Fame" list with profiles that amaze me. I'm not sure why no one has mentioned PunishedGranny (formerly known as GrannyTranny), it might be the best profile out there. Unfortunately it's a private profile now. My Wall of Fame list: Alexgaara Big_Blue_Tree Chemergy Cloud_Squall78 Danny_Johansen DaRick1993 dermatolog Diana_sunny er_campanario Floriiss ForgiveForget (private) Glenn_O greenzsaber Lord_of_Ra (private) man_with_wdjat Pixel-Zero Plataclysm PunishedGranny (private) RangyRV Smzthy- SnowNinjaRaccoon (formerly known as SnowNinjaDK) SugarIsTheDevil Synophis Texugo-928 ThanatosNinja2 TsubakiCalamity Tyrantraxus Ultima456 VertHeart VirtualNight (Too_Easy_Trophy lol) Vitaminless- VlETNAM- Vyrastas WEEDgrs Zadiris zajac9999 Zongorillacska (private) And the latest additions are: @Dzware & @ExistentialSolid Edit: Sorry if I missed you in the list . Probably going to expand the wall of fame after seeing great profiles in this thread.
  5. I was stuck on some wave with shield enemies, this combo made that easier: Jump -> Cyclone of Chaos -> Hold Thera's Bane. -> + -> hold
  6. You're right about that. This info is in the tips & strategies section of the guide.
  7. Better late than never and I hope my post is going to help someone else.
  8. An overview of the misc. trophies in Magic Orbz DLC. I dug up the videos by @KingSuperOne. The trophy descriptions are pretty self explanatory but they don't describe which level. Plundering Pirates (24 levels) Naughty Knights (24 levels) Through the Fire and Flames Level 2-16. Kill the dragons before you kill the knight. Wicked Witches (24 levels) [Wicked Witches] Evening Exorcist Level 3-8. Kill the witch after you picked up a moon to make it night. [Wicked Witches] As You Wish Level 3-9. Destroy the trees and guitars before you kill the lovers. Winter (24 levels) [Winter] Penguins in Danger! Level 4-15. Kill the polar bears before you kill any penguin. [Winter] Call For Help! Level 4-17. Destroy all the fireworks before you kill the witch. [Winter] I fly only first class Level 4-24. Get lucky with environmental pickups. Jungle (24 levels) [Jungle] Keen cannoneer Level 5-9. Use your 3 lives to aim 3 balls at the cannons, don't touch the ball after you shoot. I got the trophy by shooting the right cannon first, then the left, then the right one again. [Jungle] Enchanted water Level 5-17. Destroy the 3 fountains (~7 hits per fountain). Don't pick up the iron ball pickup because you don't want to destroy everything. [Jungle] The enemy is defeated! Level 5-24. Kill the shaman. Get lucky with environmental pickups.
  9. It happened after I got an A+. I got impatient and backed out of this screen. Checked the leaderboard and it looked like the Ubisoft servers were down, they were up 10 minutes later. So if you wait you can probably save your run, annoying that it works likes this tho.
  10. Obviously OP found out eventually, for anyone who is wondering this realization made trick objectives easier for me: The game has objectives like this: Quad Backflip One Hand Table » No Foot Can-Can. What you want to do is a One Hand Table » No Foot Can-Can while backflipping 4 times. Don't hold the tricks for points, just go for the objective. When you land the tricks shows up as Quad Backflip One Hand Table » No Foot Can-Can. Another example: 720 Kickout » X-Up. Just do a Kickout » X-Up while spinning 2 times. If you can't find the right spot in the level to perform the trick, check the video below. It shows all hard trick objectives in the Legend category.
  11. Collecting 18 energy flowers for In top shape trophy is glitched. Double-checked flowers & map completion, made 18 screenshots (can share if anyone wants). I didn't pick up the energy flower when it was day on the Mysterious Island. It's only day when you first enter the island, after that it will always be night. I'm not sure sure if this affected the trophy but that's the only thing I can think of. There are a few other profiles that have this issue I assume looking at the leaderboard (28 Trophies, 975 Points). My save stats: Completion: 99% Artefact: 50 Energy: 2/3 (missing one) Keys: -1 (at some point I put 2 keys in 1 lock using a bomb and ) All upgrades & compass Posted this in the help thread too but I think this deserves it's own thread. Solution: Start a new game 😞
  12. I used 2 boosting methods. One for semi-afk, the one described by @raphi_boss67 with a minor tweak, and this one by @RudeySH also with a minor tweak. Both use the mechanic that if a rounds ties, the game just continues forever. Semi-afk method: Manual method:
  13. I have the same issue playing on VITA. It seems like you resolved it, did you start a new game or did you find the last energy flower on your original save? EDIT: double-checked flowers & map completion. In top shape trophy is glitched. I didn't pick up the energy flower when it was day on the Mysterious Island. My save stats: Completion: 99% Artefact: 50 Energy: 2/3 (missing one) Keys: -1 (weird) All upgrades & compass EDIT2: Going to make a new thread to warn people about the glitch.
  14. I also thought the iSpaceship had something to do with it, turns out to be nothing. Also I found a skip for the fourth level. The ropes kept glitching for me making it so I couldn't jump and the fix that @Milktastrophe mentioned in his walkthrough didn't work for me. That glitch even softlocked me because I saved the state that I couldn't jump. The fix is to not use the ropes at all . Excuse me for my double-post. EDIT: My next thing to try is to beat every level with the enemy counter on 0. Abusing the iFly kill all enemies on screen should work. EDIT2: Beat the game with 0 enemies remaining every level... No luck
  15. The game doesn't save unfortunately. It resets your progress after beating the game too. One of the trophy requirements is unknown.