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  1. What do you mean exactly? You are posting the same guide that we have been discussing in this thread.
  2. @er_campanario The nexus theory is something. Only there for you to acquire pickups. The weird thing to me is that this is suppose to be the main game because the main menu has 3 options and the top one is BEGIN. and the maze is called a prototype which feels like a minigame like in AZ1 flappy bird where you could earn currency for the actual game. There are a few D coins in the maze, I still think the discussed end of the maze is not the actual end but we need to keep it in mind that it's there. From what I've mapped we've only seen 1/3 of the map. The actual D is white with a red border around is that's all I know. I hope this game will reward our work and effort and is not an unfinished prototype. Edit: PS: the denysoft website is down for a month now, it worked when I was doing research. Pretty strange.
  3. I noticed that the game displays 0 in every stat when you boot up the game after a crash (or normally). I thought for a second that I lost all my progress but playing 1 round fixed the stats screen. I still recommend making backups just to be sure.
  4. AFAIK there are hidden clones you need to rescue.
  5. @PhoenixIKN Someone over here has the same problem. I do see you have the trophy unlocked. Wat did you do to get it pop? From the looks of the thread I linked you have to back out to main menu for the trophy to pop. Edit: Bought the game, unlocked the trophy. I still see profiles with all requirements met and Talent Scout locked so I hope a solution will be found.
  6. That is indeed a good strategy, pretty hard to pull off though but should be possible. You fall faster then they move so we need to abseil from the spiked wall. We can count the spikes and check which one we need to jump from. Oh yeah just found out that the only anagram for the level name "indeed" is..... DENIED
  7. 1. I hope it is clear in the video. Can't explain it better in words. I'm sure you are able to identify the place where to video starts. 2. I'm not sure if I interpreted your initial finding correctly because there are more of these rapidly spinning spiky balls around the map but I'm sure I've explored every area with jumping left and right at the UFO.
  8. @DDjBoss6 I decided to upload a video using the "bring an enemy" strategy. These are the platforms I thought you were talking about. 1. There is a hidden spawner on the left side of the spiked wall (with the small spikes). It's not too far out. 2. You can get to these by jumping all the way to the right at the UFO and land on 3 platforms.. go down from these platforms to see the fast spinning balls in a circle pattern. I've checked every piece of space beneath these platforms, they are not covering something.
  9. @DDjBoss6 Yeah we are talking about the same platforms for sure. There are like 5 of these platforms in a row with near-impossible jumps between them. I'm glad you are joining the find again, make sure you enable invincibility this time around ;). The UFO is kind of peculiar yes, hope you find something there. The D icon you saw in the trailer is definitely the D icon we need to find. The hint message in the pre-game-maze says you need to find the "D" symbol to get the exit, and "you need every help you can find" which I though would be the enemies bringing you somewhere.
  10. I've reached that platform by bringing enemies to the top of the spike wall. There is another one of those platforms after that. Maybe you're right, it is the last thing we haven't seen.
  11. Yep it is. Btw you can get yourself softlocked if enemies explode near you when you're inside an enemy building/tower. Not fun .
  12. After exploring every bit of level we knew about I suddenly tried to attach a keyboard to the game because it's made in unity. After jokingly trying a password "liveme7times" we found after de-compiling Attacking Zegeta 2go for Android I wasn't able to die anymore meaning we found an invincibility code. We tried more passwords after that but soon realized it was just the "i" key that needed to be pressed. Prerequisites: USB or Bluetooth Keyboard Steps for invincibility: - Start AZ2 - Attach a keyboard to your PS4 - Go into the game - Let your guy spawn and press "i" (doesn't work in the maze) - ?????? - PROFIT Keys that work: ESC - Pause DEL - Delete progress and remove power-ups. This will incorrectly set the required exp for level 1 and onward to 0/1000. i - Invincibility (only works in the game) o - Show hint p - Close hint Arrow keys - Move Space - Jump c - Crouch (only works in the maze) Left shift - Walk slow (only works in the maze) Left control - Shoot Right Alt - Hide UI Print screen and Pause break are reserved by PSN which are the Share and XMB buttons. Please let me know if you find out more buttons because I haven't found the sprint button yet. I've also tried changing to a Spanish keyboard in the settings and inputting the letter "ñ" but it does nothing. Thanks to Rudey(SH) for finding this exploit with me.
  13. Yeah I've seen that hidden platform behind that tree too. Couldn't get any more out of it though. I noticed a lot of fast spinning spikes around the map too. I think they are some kind of barrier but I'm not 100% sure. You can see some by going all the way up on the route to the superjump power-up. The sprint power-up is useful to make the walljumps easier. Jump to the right to land on 3 long platforms and beneath those platforms you can find lots of those fast spinning spikes. For the maze: I mapped some more parts, just need to get through that part with tons of enemies to make progress. Edit: I've reached the end of the map! But nothing is there! Will upload footage soon. Edit2: Here is the footage. If someone has some ideas what to do next let me know
  14. I can confirm that the store will glitch if you have 25 coins! Life's are useless IMO because I quit the maze once I die because of the enemy spawns. Not sure if the lifes will matter in later levels in the maze/game. The ammo is very useful if you want to spam attack while running though the maze. EDIT: You can have like 1337+ lives if you want, Ammo over 500k. Yeah I actually pressed 1332 times to get 1337 lives.
  15. @Gracewave Yeah you are right. I was wrong thinking it was the second to last obstacle. It looks like the D icon on the background island is sort of an indication for your progress in the level. Nice that you got back into the game now we can suffer together lol. I've also managed to get to that part a couple of times but those spike jumps on top are insane. I tried from wall to wall or jumping from the same wall to avoid them.. sometimes it works but you have to nail a couple in a row. Also the spike on the left side of the left pillar is smaller. But you can't get to that side unless you can double jump. I have a feeling a double jump is in this game because the trailer of AZ2 shows it in a couple of frames. Found a rather reliable strategy to not die in this level, the part where I died the most was the pillars after the enemy towers but I finally figured a good strat to pass these. Other discoveries: - You can clip though some walls and a tree with the sprint power-up. Nothing big yet in these secret areas. - The shadow of secret platforms can be seen on the ground or on background props. - Found some enemy spawners when you jump left from the spiked pillar. They just spawned in the air.. just like the first game. Here is a video of my current progress.