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  1. You need the following for the taxi service: - Access to the space anomaly - Full hyperdrive (5 warp cells) Nevermind, the cabbie expected me to have an indium drive in permadeath. - around 500 nanites to unlock the blueprints up to indium drive - 250 emeril and 5 wiring loom
  2. Yeah I feel like this too. The dev put cheats in the android version of AZ so you're theory is not far fetched.
  3. I can confirm. Every farm has it's own players. So transferring money isn't possible. You can do however join someone else's game who is close to obtaining the trophy. Also there is a cheesy way to get the trophy relatively fast. I didn't use this but can explain: - Sleep until 27th of Fall - Get the golden pumpkin from the Spirit's Eve event. - Dupe this golden pumpkin with 2 controllers using a table - Sell 54 pumpkins for 135k to get all the money for Joja
  4. @MunterMule That level up trick is nice, didn't know about hitting DEL in the pre-maze. So this is definitely advancement . Maybe the XP level is the key to getting further, because it has no purpose yet. I tested bullet damage but only up to level 7 and all damage was the same. With this trick we can go much further and test more stuff without too much grinding (hopefully). Exciting . Jumping further is a good theory, I will check that too if I go back to the game even though you already excluded it kinda. Regarding the trailer stuff, it's the only reason I stay curious about this game because it shows content I've not seen in AZ2 or the Android version. I think the dev has a cheatcode (maybe in the game still) to get those bullets he has in the trailer, no way he played his own game to get that much bullets. Maybe there is a level selection cheat as well. Interesting to think that this is intentional, I assumed it wasn't. mmmmm EDIT: PS: Damn you are playing AZ2 with a 90.68% overall completion percentage. Noice
  5. Likes UR plats in a variety of games to show he can master all type of games.
  6. Let me try the rogue with his daggers/bows, I have to finish the game with the mage eventually tho.
  7. Awesome, the mage is pretty weak so I die a lot.
  8. I'm in the South Road and I'm getting infinitely stunlocked by some enemies which results me dying over and over. Is there any penalty of dying or is it just that it warps you back to the entrance?
  9. Bounties yes, weapons not. I killed 500 enemies with the GAU yesterday using restart checkpoint and it didn't register.
  10. Killzone 2 Attacking Zegeta or Attacking Zegeta 2?
  11. I'll reply to @I-CatHasTrophy-I. An obvious answer is The Elder Scrolls Online but I rarely see someone with Dungeon Hunter Alliance .
  12. Thank you. I'll keep asking for features though . A default sort option for trophies on a game (like on PS4) would be a cool feature to me. I always sort trophies on rarity. Maybe this is already requested I haven't read all 24 pages of replies. On the topic of sorting, some of the sorting options on profiles are server-side and some are implemented client-side which are the ones you made. The custom client-side options will have to load all games from the server to be effective, I encountered a few issues while sorting profiles with 100+ games. I like the load all games button and maybe this can be incorporated into the custom sorting functionality. The page is noticeably a hybrid between a single-page and a multi-page, which is confusing for me because the state changes depending on which sorting option you choose. Making the profile page fully single-page would be nice to have, that means that you have to implement the server-side sorting options on client-side. Reproduce issue: - Go to https://psnprofiles.com/A1rPun - Press "completion time" in order options - Scroll down after 100 games and see games with a different order (weird behavior) - Scroll up and press the "load all games" button - Press "completion time" in order options (workaround) - Press "alphabetical" in order options - "Load all games" button appeared and has to be pressed again (workaround) I'm happy with the workarounds, I just wanted to share my experience.
  13. So everyone ignores how beautiful the trophy images of this game look :)? I know this is an old thread. Also the game had a cool gimmick where all people contributed to the length of the GIRL to reach other planets. The end goal of GIRL was met pretty quickly. I had fun memories playing this game with friends on the couch, I can understand the frustrations with this game though.
  14. Sorting on game rank (S,A,B,C,D,E,F) would be cool because I'm currently trying to get my ranks up. Showing what % you need for your next rank is a bonus and I don't even know if this info is accessible.
  15. Cool project! As a JS dev I immediately dived into the code. I see nothing malicious so that's good. My technical questions which have no high prio answering: - Why did you choose to use webpack? I'm just curious. - It looks like you run a minifier because `undefined` gets resolved to `void 0` which is almost never used, why doesn't it minify all the code :)? Edit: after installing it I'm happy with the functionality it provides, thanks.