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  1. Some trophies pop late. I noticed by viewing my trophy screenshots that they pop when the game saves, they indicate it with a white popup in the right bottom part of the screen.
  2. seriously what is with the etiquette in online games and leaderboards, it's kind of sad how any methods of cheating apart from the explicitly obvious downloading a client or actually changing the game's code in some way are the only things that people would say "that's cheating" why are all the various cheap strategies that pretty much anyone with any morals can see is cheating so normalised everywhere?

    1. A1rPun


      Humans tend to pick the path of least resistance to make it easy for themselves. This makes us efficient. But in a context that one is challenging oneself (eg: a top spot on the leaderboard or a maths test) a shortcut will only slow you down because you are not learning the right way. Cheaters are losers from the very beginning but they don't actually feel lost because there is that artificial score that tells them they won.

      My english is wack ^^ I'm better with programming languages 😬

    2. KuromeIsWaifuJ


      I mean In my opinion cheating doesn't just concern changing the games code. Playing downright dirty or exploiting is also cheating in my opinion.Β 

  3. Maybe you can let us know what kind of screenshots you need, do the collectibles need to be visible?
  4. I'm on it (late reaction 😬). I noticed you can quit back to the map to start the stage again, this is not possible in nidhogg 1 (you can only return to title screen). The cheese theory: - Don't lose an arrow on the stage - If you lose it, quit to the map and try again - ???? - Beat all 10 stages and earn hogglike???? I will test this but the chances are low. Learning AI patterns are going to be difficult with the RNG weapons and added mechanics. Edit: Tested this method and got an error on the ice level so the run was lost, next time better luck hopefully. I recorded all deathless attempts for future use. Edit2: The theory doesn't work. Got decent strategies for each level recorded. So the new theory is GIT GUD! Jokes aside, next theory is trying the Nidhogg 1 strategy of losing the match instead of quitting. The way of "ending the match" is different so maybe the code runs other checks. There is no plan B yet but I'm working on it. Possible strats: - make the game slow by forcing frame lag somehow so it's easier to beat the game. - use the slidekick the entire game, while running press to roll and press while rolling)
  5. No game I've played has beaten this opening yet
  6. Just found this thread after collecting 12 time pieces and not a single trophy popped. I was not connected to a network whilst playing the game so maybe that is causing this just what @DragonQuest238described. Edit: did some testing, it should be noted that trophies can only be unlocked while connected to a network. So maybe I didn't have to fully delete my savegame, only re-earn the trophies while connected and redo the story related ones on a new save file.
  7. Confirming this trophy is glitched, got all other trophies except "I'm in the money". I think the glitch isn't preventable by withholding some gems. I do know that I picked up a gem after I 100% completed Artisans world. The extra gem I got was from the guy with a big bag on his back so I advise not to hit him after you get 100% in that level. As you can see there are 101/100 gems in Artisans world making it a total of 14001/12000. Image @ https://ibb.co/zrpcLhH
  8. I once saw a thief fill his tank from his car and then drive away. I've also seen a few grocery thieves. Will you stop a thief if you see one?
  9. Hello Air Stun Boss πŸ‘β€πŸ—¨πŸ‘β€πŸ—¨

    1. A1rPun


      Hey Tron boss, wanna play terraria with me?Β 

      Ps: your avatar is grade A+!Β 

    2. SarDarniTron




  10. Has 53 posts, that's 10.8% of @Crzy Minus 489 posts
  11. Not on PSNP but in the PSNP community by 1 person (tried to bully me). Do you like to say no?
  12. Has rhythmtastic skills!
  13. I own "Explore the dungeon because I don't know" on disc but this game crashes alot making the game not that worthwhile to play. Just want to inform you guys that you first check some reviews before purchasing games from this awesome franchise :)!
  14. That looks like a cool list. Crash Bandicoot is a nice one IMO, I haven't played FC5 yet but should be a good tripleA game :).
  15. Edit: mobile fail sry Never ever delivered any secret documents. Did you ever got caught by police? If yes, how many times?