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  1. For 'Enemigos' Character Pack you can start playing as Jaguar, El Muñeco and Uay Pek from the start. For The Proving Grounds you need to get some medals in Tiempochtli’s Challenges before you can play as one of the trainers.
  2. Hahahaha so full of assumptions. I don't want to prove my point by beating you, I just want to suss this discussion of yours by taking a friendly competition so you don't have to deal with the fact that this world is not black and white. I accept that other versions of CTR can disable cheats in time trail mode by taking your word but you are bringing this information in a cumbersome and biased way. I love to get to the bottom of the facts and not with that garbage talk about liars and losers. EDIT: I just checked my version on the disc and confirmed in game, NTSC. I said PAL before because I'm in Europe and assumed it was my version. But I should have know because in the PAL version you can select multiple languages and the scrapbook is shorter. EDIT2: Penta does say "pinguin yay 1" in my game too..
  3. So you want to call me a liar? Even after taking the time to dust off my PS1 and look up the game especially for you? We have an interesting case here, you have to believe me on my word. I can make a video just so you can see I'm not talking shit. PAL. Playstation 1. No emulator. Penta has max stats. And if it matters: Played most versions of CTR for years just like you. PS: If you insist to try to prove me wrong, I would like to battle it out in an online match instead of false accusations.
  4. So, I just tested this on PS1 because I was sure the cheats won't disable in time trials... and I remembered it right after all these years I suggest you do the same. So the question remains. Where did you get that false information?
  5. The super speed pads cheat only disabled after a reset. Penta pinguin and the scrapbook cheat can't be disabled after saving so which cheats are you talking about? I played it on playstation 1.
  6. I also wanted to make a thread about this but I found yours. Consider it bumped @Sly Ripper A rarity sort option should be trivial to make right? You already display them on the page so a sorting option is UX wise a good choice.
  7. The maps are in random order, so the fourth map is not by definition the hardest. Don't get me wrong, I would like to see someone do this alone on 2 PS3's but I would discourage that.
  8. I got the trophy on my second attempt climbing the tower and without resetting checkpoint so my guess is that the timer starts at the bottom of the tower.
  9. This DLC has perfect timing for me! I think my comment from yesterday is also invalidated with this patch because the speedrun trophy now also requires you to beat the Steam level. 100% Club here I come Edit: I'm not sure if the speedrun trophy requires the Steam level because the credits will show after you beat Dark and also on Steam.
  10. The speedrun trophy also requires you to beat the level Dark since the update.
  11. Thank you for this info! That explains why I didn't get any percentage when standing there on the VITA.
  12. I'm sorry to hear this @Broni1337, the devs still think that you could 100% the VITA version but I don't want to get your hopes up.
  13. This thread is dedicated to get some information on the trophies for this game. Most of the trophies are self explanatory because they are story related. I update this once we found out more. The time to beat Faster Than A Speeding Dev is 130 minutes AKA 2 hours and 10 minutes. It uses in-game time, the bedroom and Elysian fields are also counted. You can see how many minutes you got left by checking the timer in the bedroom. After getting all memories your progress will be erased so you can't backtrack any trophies unless you start over! Trophies A Few Of Our Favourite Things After beating the game you can enable an item (in the 4th generation store) which display the Iconic items on the map so you can easily track them down. A Strange New World You can activate 'A Strange New World' by enabling the topsy turvy challenge room in the 4th generation store. The trophy is earned after completing a challenge room with this horrifying upgrade. We Are Stuff... You Don't After enabling the extended lore upgrade from the 4th generation store you can access the lamplight room at the start of the game. There will be a turtle which will transport you to a secret island with the lamplight room portal. Enter the portal and talk to all the developers to pop the trophy. Thanks to @Fleks_Mhteam because I asked him and he responded kindly, also thanks to @Orphioon for the solution. For The Love Of Retro At the end of the temple there is a rectangular mural on the wall. Input the following code and the mural will light up. Party Like Its Cycle 19999999999 I want to give an heads-up for this trophy. When you play this minigame the score will be locked to the first score you achieve. When you replay the minigame and try again you can't earn a higher score, you can however earn a lower score which will be locked once set and this is not preferable. You know when your minigame is glitched when the buttons are out of sync or when you hear multiple audio tracks play. I even had 3 audio tracks play at the same time, madness! To fix this, exit to menu (or bedroom, haven't tried) and then teleport to the nearest checkpoint. When you arrive at the dance floor.. try again! Hitting every button will grand you around ~6000 score. The requirement for the trophy is 5000+. You also know you do good when pixel makes dance moves and doesn't lay on the ground, no time for sleep at the dance floor! ! The Sprouting Dead You can find this minigame in the forest. The sprays and the button replenishes your spray stuff. Try mashing while moving in between mushrooms. Having Fun? In the forest you can find an area filled with bounce pads. Jump real high and bounce in between bounce pads. You can really rack up some speed too, I'm not sure this is needed for the trophy but it will speed up the process I think. Castle Crasher You can find a castle in each of the 6 levels. Below are the locations of each castle. The valley: You can't miss this one. The temple The bayou, this one is tricky to get. The volcano The forest The lab Good Guy Dev Team After beating the game you can use the PC in the 4th generation bedroom. The Last Flight Of Metal Gear Charles This one is found at the end of the bayou (after enabling the upgrade from the 4th generation store?). Gotta Go Fast This one is found at the bottom right corner of the lab. Sergeant Zzzzz... This one is found on top of the first house of the valley. For All The Cows This one is found at the ??? after enabling the upgrade from the 4th generation store.
  14. I wouldn't recommend using 2 PS3's because you need 4 good players (including yourself) to beat Survival Of The Fittest.
  15. I finally know why HaraKiri isn't so rare on Steam. In world 5 there are Warp enemies, if you shoot a lot of bullets at them you will get teleported to their place and then shot by your own bullets. This method will not grant the trophy unfortunately. Things I have tried: Shoot yourself just after creating a new save file Shoot yourself and then finish the level afterwards Shoot yourself with every gun color Shoot yourself in every level