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  1. seriously what is with the etiquette in online games and leaderboards, it's kind of sad how any methods of cheating apart from the explicitly obvious downloading a client or actually changing the game's code in some way are the only things that people would say "that's cheating" why are all the various cheap strategies that pretty much anyone with any morals can see is cheating so normalised everywhere?

    1. A1rPun


      Humans tend to pick the path of least resistance to make it easy for themselves. This makes us efficient. But in a context that one is challenging oneself (eg: a top spot on the leaderboard or a maths test) a shortcut will only slow you down because you are not learning the right way. Cheaters are losers from the very beginning but they don't actually feel lost because there is that artificial score that tells them they won.

      My english is wack ^^ I'm better with programming languages 😬

    2. foreverkurome


      I mean In my opinion cheating doesn't just concern changing the games code. Playing downright dirty or exploiting is also cheating in my opinion.