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  1. So I just did all of the collectible trophies and went on grabbing every star I missed. Then the game crashed and corrupted my save on PS4. Now I'm going to try to get every star on VITA and hopefully the 100% is achievable. My question is for the Smoke & Mirrors achievers on the VITA. What is the best way to pause? The answer will be added to the tips section. Tips 100% Completion checklist - [ ] Get 100% in every mission - [ ] Purchase every property - [ ] Unlock all horns (spend 1min at the memorial) - [ ] Unlock all hats & paint jobs - [ ] Unlock all sick jumps - [ ] Unlock every upgrade - [ ] ?? Is there any more? Easy way to get money - Equip the Inflatiboat for cars ability. - Zoom the camera in with so the 2x tokens spawn quicker. - Start the mission Pick up Disco Sylvain which is located near the memorial in the second map. - Drive into the water and notice four 2x tokens in a horizontal row. - Keep driving from left to right and try to pick up the token on the way. If done correctly you will end up with a 40+ combo which earns you 50+ in-game dollars in about 25 seconds . Credits to this video (I just optimized this method)
  2. There is a nice item map on steam guides too https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=765793986
  3. I attempted this many times and most of them worked like in the video but I always end up hitting the death barrier. The WR does it 3 times in a row:
  4. In the original CTR you could jump over a rocket when you timed it right. Are you 100% certain that they out run it because they hop or did you fired a non-juiced up rocket and they just got SF or USF to outrun the missile? When you go off-road on most of the tracks the road will slow you down because of increased traction.. If you hop here with some reserves you could maintain your SF or USF speeds without losing speed from the traction (coco park for example).
  5. I had a similar issue once, I actually waited for a long time and the race started when one of the other 2 racers left. Disconnects are the most common issue, let's hope this eventually get's fixed.
  6. "Unplayable", I think you heard rumors. I'm enjoying online mode every day since release with minor issues (DC's). LOL 😂. They also removed the option to steer your wheels before the start of the race.
  7. The last game YOU played from them is Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered. Losing progress in a game is never fun but I think you are too harsh, the game is beautiful and fun.
  8. @redquarter872 Saffi fire isn't present in this game. It was a technique to overflow your reserves till you get negative reserves which makes you drive infinitely with USF (even faster). @MotsonTheMotto There isn't a reserve bar. The vertical bar is the jump height meter + counter :).
  9. No, your angle has to be good too. I failed so many attempts with sacred fire and good timing on the jump. Here is an interesting video Edit: The method in the video works 5/6 times I tried online ^¬^
  10. This video below says it all, oh and collect wupma fruit if you need juice.
  11. I learned alot from these tracks actually, crash cove and tiny temple in particular. After mastering these levels the other ones should be less stressful. My strategy was to first beat all n tropy times and after that beat all oxide times.
  12. Beat all N tropy and Oxide without a problem with saves. Backup your saves! Last night I completed all Oxide trials and it is doable for sure. Hardest maps: - Crash cove - Sewer speedway - Tiny Temple (The nitro-fueled one) The most important thing I learned at these trials is that you want to keep your boost at all times. And when you boost, try to do perfects as this will extend your boosttime.
  13. Custom loadouts indeed! - Online cups - Spectate players after the match ends - Taunts (now you honk your horn only when you don't have a pickup)
  14. There are 4 stats categories: speed, acceleration, turning and balanced. You can do any track with any character you like to get the trophies
  15. I've read somewhere N Trance is 1500 coins but I only saw the combi deal for 7200 too.