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  1. Some trophies pop late. I noticed by viewing my trophy screenshots that they pop when the game saves, they indicate it with a white popup in the right bottom part of the screen.
  2. Maybe you can let us know what kind of screenshots you need, do the collectibles need to be visible?
  3. I'm on it (late reaction 😬). I noticed you can quit back to the map to start the stage again, this is not possible in nidhogg 1 (you can only return to title screen). The cheese theory: - Don't lose an arrow on the stage - If you lose it, quit to the map and try again - ???? - Beat all 10 stages and earn hogglike???? I will test this but the chances are low. Learning AI patterns are going to be difficult with the RNG weapons and added mechanics. Edit: Tested this method and got an error on the ice level so the run was lost, next time better luck hopefully. I recorded all deathless attempts for future use. Edit2: The theory doesn't work. Got decent strategies for each level recorded. So the new theory is GIT GUD! Jokes aside, next theory is trying the Nidhogg 1 strategy of losing the match instead of quitting. The way of "ending the match" is different so maybe the code runs other checks. There is no plan B yet but I'm working on it. Possible strats: - make the game slow by forcing frame lag somehow so it's easier to beat the game. - use the slidekick the entire game, while running press to roll and press while rolling)
  4. No game I've played has beaten this opening yet
  5. Just found this thread after collecting 12 time pieces and not a single trophy popped. I was not connected to a network whilst playing the game so maybe that is causing this just what @DragonQuest238described. Edit: did some testing, it should be noted that trophies can only be unlocked while connected to a network. So maybe I didn't have to fully delete my savegame, only re-earn the trophies while connected and redo the story related ones on a new save file.
  6. Confirming this trophy is glitched, got all other trophies except "I'm in the money". I think the glitch isn't preventable by withholding some gems. I do know that I picked up a gem after I 100% completed Artisans world. The extra gem I got was from the guy with a big bag on his back so I advise not to hit him after you get 100% in that level. As you can see there are 101/100 gems in Artisans world making it a total of 14001/12000. Image @ https://ibb.co/zrpcLhH
  7. The goal of this thread is to collaborate in getting trophy tips to help each other out. I'm not in the position to make a guide (yet) because I lack some information but I hope this thread will take care of that. Basic info: - There are no missable trophies except for a trophy glitch described in another thread. - Unlock a level in the "levels" menu by beating it once. - Unlock time trial for a level by rescuing every survivor in the level. Most miscellaneous trophies will be earned while progressing through the game. Miscellaneous trophies: Suicide Squad Die by your own mistakes. Easily earned in the first level. I will always love you Die just after saving a Splasher. Epic Fail Die just after you let a Splasher die. Find a Splasher, push him to his dead and jump after him. It's not me Mario ! Try to jump on any enemy and die. Easily done in level 1. Hodor Let yourself get squashed by a door which can be controlled by spraying a fan with ink. Can be done in the first level. Hard to master Die 20 times. Oooops ! Kill your first Splasher. Slayer Kill 20 Splashers. Friendly Fire Let an enemy kill another enemy. Try to find 2 enemies with acid shot. Two foes one cut Kill 2 enemies with a single laser shot. Easily done in level 14 in the laser cart. Die Potatoes Kill x amount of enemies. Squadalaaa ! Kill x amount of enemies. Laser Game Kill x amount of enemies with lasers. Slicer Kill x amount of enemies with saws. Splash Damage Kill x amount of enemies by dropping them into the acid. PETA Spray red ink on x amount of enemies. Equilibrium Can be obtained after completing level 1 inside the inkorp hall. Go to the blue striped markings on the wall with a fan platform above it. Stand on the platform and pray water into the fan. Try to stay there for ~5sec. Juggler You can earn this trophy by juggling an enemy with bounce ink. You have to juggle the enemy for about ~3 seconds. A good level for this trophy is level 15. I'll be back For this trophy you need to spray 699 gold into the drop shaped canister at the end of the level and finish the level. I think you can collect more than 699 gold as long as you don't spray more than 699 gold into the canister. Tinkerbell Ring the bell inside the Inkorp Hall till it gives a new dialogue. Just spray the bell next to level 1 with any ink. You will hear some kind of scream before the trophy pops. Tinder Collide 2 survivors. Find 2 survivors close to each other (level 14) and try to knock them closer with bounce ink. Once they are touching each other you will earn the trophy. Ethan Hunt Jump at the last second to dodge a blue laser. This can be done with the blue lasers inside the Inkorp Hall. Yellow men can't jump Don't hit the jump button! Jump by spraying bounce ink onto the floor or ceiling. You are able to die while going for the trophy. Level 15 is a good level to earn it on. Mark Of The Ninja Complete a level in standard mode without dying. Easily be done on level 1 while knowing the speedrun route. Story related trophies: Just Add Water Philanthropist World Of Reddish Goo Bounce Baby Bounce Striker You see us rollin' - Watch the credits again from within the Inkorp Hall. The credit warp is found below the final level. Biohazard Freedom Fighter Speedrun trophies: New Challenger Selfish Runner Old school Runner Rookie Speedrunner Bronze Runner Promising Challenger Serious Challenger Promising Speedrunner Ninja Runner Silver Runner Golden Runner The Very Best Runner True Speedrunner I am a legend I'll keep this post updated when more info is available. Special thanks to DarkSamuraii- & Big_Blue_Tree to inspire me playing this game.
  8. Downwell has a platinum! The game is difficult but certainly doable. The most difficult trophy is defeating the boss on hard. Hard mode unlocks when you beat the boss on normal. Done Well Downwell gameplay by Polygon
  9. I once saw a thief fill his tank from his car and then drive away. I've also seen a few grocery thieves. Will you stop a thief if you see one?
  10. Has 53 posts, that's 10.8% of @Crzy Minus 489 posts
  11. Not on PSNP but in the PSNP community by 1 person (tried to bully me). Do you like to say no?
  12. Has rhythmtastic skills!
  13. I own "Explore the dungeon because I don't know" on disc but this game crashes alot making the game not that worthwhile to play. Just want to inform you guys that you first check some reviews before purchasing games from this awesome franchise :)!
  14. That looks like a cool list. Crash Bandicoot is a nice one IMO, I haven't played FC5 yet but should be a good tripleA game :).
  15. Edit: mobile fail sry Never ever delivered any secret documents. Did you ever got caught by police? If yes, how many times?
  16. Welcome! I'm curious what your next 4 platinums will be because you're close to 100 platinums! What will be your 100th ?
  17. I'm so glad I finished the online campaign yesterday. Just checked the servers again and can confirm they are down now :/ R.I.P. some people's completion rates.
  18. I just came here to say: Yes, it is a required for a developer to know basic arithmetic.
  19. Fair enough.. That being said you can't have multiple accounts on the SAME VITA system, which is used on ps3 and ps4 to gameshare.
  20. EDIT: not possible (see next posts) Does anyone wonder if the "cfw hackers" maybe travel the world and obtained a VITA in a different region to play the game they loved again to show on their profile because they are just dedicated trophy hunters? @OP: Maybe send messages to the people you mentioned in your first post before listing them.
  21. Apparently if you earned all of the 8 multiplayer trophies you can't earn the 8 DLC trophies. This also means if you haven't earned any of the MP trophies you don't have this trophy glitch. Source To fix the glitched trophies on Playstation 3: - Backup your savegame! - Delete savegame from PS3 - Start the game and start a new file - Progress till the first checkpoint (after weapon customization tutorial) - Quit to main menu - Now you can chapter select and be able to choose chapter 8 or 9 - Earn trophies! - Restore backup
  22. Don't own the DLC but a quick count on the trophy guide gives 63 objectives. Hopefully someone can give you the in game statistic. https://psnprofiles.com/guide/4000-assassins-creed-brotherhood-da-vinci-disappearance-dlc-trophy-guide#6-il-principe
  23. @Zero I came here to give some more tips because I recently speedrunned the game solo but your general tips section cover most of the things I wanted to say I want to add: all soup adds 5% to your market share no matter what ingredients you used to make the soup (yummy soup and bad soup being the exceptions here). You do get more money on mixed ingredients instead of same ingredients but money isn't that important.. Only for automation and defense. A little bit of math here knowing every soup is 5%.. You theoretically have to ship 20 cans of soup to get 100% market share. That means you need to gather 40 ingredients. Of course the rival is going to get some market share too so you have to gather more ingredients then the theoretical 40. If you want to beat a planet quickly you need to focus on ingredients that grow fast. Here is the top 5 ingredients to use: - Chickenberry (grows infinitely on trees) - Brineweed (3 ingredients per harvest) - Sunblossom (3 ingredients per harvest) - Bluecap (2 ingredients per harvest and grows fast) - Greenstalk (2 ingredients per harvest and grows fast) When encountering one of the top 3 you are set and you can win within 3 days if you put in some work. The bluecap and greenstalk are just dependable ingredients to put in your soup. Just what @Zero said.. Make a small base, preferably next to an oxygen pocket or oxygrass because this will make plants grow so much faster. I'll upload a screenshot of one of my bases soon to show a good setup
  24. @Decroux3000 some good points there. Just wanted to let you know I'm a fan of Matts work too (Ogmo, Towerfall) and I'm disappointed in his decision to include assist for B and C sides too. @g-bake Do you really think developers of that mayo game are interested in trophies? They are interested in a certain playerbase that throws money at the screen when they see an easy platinum.
  25. Just earned 15 kills using the boarder spikes. Tried a lot of youtube videos including the one in this thread. But I have to say they are unclear or just not good methods. So here is the video that actually helped me: 1. Make sure it's dark (just wait it out) 2. Teleport to gutgash and drive to the spot in the video. 3. Wait a minute (with sniper you can see them from afar) 4. If the spawning vehicles are not boarder spikes just kill them and despawn them by driving a little distance away from it. Otherwise try to get kills with your boarder spikes and repeat step 3.