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  1. Game is simple even on survival lmao, yet again trophy hunters win the whiny crybaby award honestly its embarrassing to see threads get reactions like this when dlc comes out especially free content.
  2. The platinum image is decent cos of what its referencing.
  3. Pay attention to these Bray Wyatt videos, I feel like he's going to get very dark very quickly tbh, keep an eye on the chainsaw and gloves in that video last night
  4. You are aware of the term slipstream and how it works in racing? Get far enough ahead to not give the slipstream to the opponent its easy enough lol, stop blaming the game cos you're not good enough to do that, also to the people saying they don't want to play the game now cos of 8 seconds of footage and a guy complaining about not being good enough are just as moronic lmao
  5. I'm only four off the platinum, did you have any trouble with going on holiday for the son generated trophy? As that's the one that didn't pop for me.
  6. Also late response, but unlock is 10 years to the day, just got the unlock by going on holiday.
  7. But you forget, these people have never played the game so obviously they know more than those of us who have played the game 🙄
  8. About 75% of this site don't know how to form an opinion for themselves on something or even like a game that takes more than two hours to platinum. Trophy hunting ruined gaming if you ask me.
  9. Just a heads up, earn another trophy and it should sort itself out. (It may take a while to update once you do this, just be patient).
  10. You guys on this site really know how to make a mountain out of a molehill 😂
  11. It’s not about the amount of reversals you have at all I had two reversals at the beginning and was beating people with three/four. It’s about how you use what you have not how much you have, the reversal system is a lot better now it actually adds an aspect of skill to the game.
  12. PES 18 was absolutely horrendous, first time passing is non existent as is a first touch
  13. You are aware that this is a digital price, digital prices do not decrease like physical value, Sony are the money grabbers here, not just EA.
  14. Use chapter select to get the other two endings, you don't need to back up your save as the endings are needed for something else if I remember correctly.
  15. By any chance did the buzzer beater autopop or did you have to do that again too?