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  1. One of the worst shows I've ever seen. People hate it because it's disrespecful towards Tolkien's legacy. It perverts everything his works stand for.
  2. They Call Me Trinity (1970)
  3. I'm currently slightly obsessed with Spaghetti Westerns. And there's only one that's truly relevant:
  4. Jurassic 5 – Power in Number (2002) Classic shit brought to you by Tony Hawk.
  5. 1.) Rarely. I get frustrated very quickly but I never ruly rage. Self-control, you know? 2.) Masturbating helps. Just make sure to wash your hands before returning to the game.
  6. Make sure that your settings are correct:
  7. Nine Inch Nails – The Fragile (1999) A true monolith of an album. Exceptional.
  8. Text is sufficient. My original quote: How can it be more clear?
  9. That was certainly not what I had in mind. More like this: ' Being able to see that information without the need to hover over the button. Or in other words: Is it worth hitting that button?
  10. Well, my PSN name is a meme and a mobile phone. R4M = Ram 4 Money This one was brought to life by legendary YouTuber Steve Alvarez Brown aka Super GT who focuses on racing games – primarily Forza and Gran Turismo. The Forza online mode is notorious for being awful due to the lack of skill, proper behaviour of the vast majority of players, and a missing penalty system. It's less motorsport rather than motorwarfare. Steve then created a second PSN account with R4M as his clan tag. Many players followed suit and changed their name or created new accounts. Razr Hey, fellow kids! 😎 This is a mobile phone:
  11. You were able to log into your PSN account and load your friends list. Those users then were automatically added to PSNP. That was basically the main reason why the number of players got so bloated early on. The feature was removed sometime in 2012. If privacy if a concern, make your profile private. Trophy data is not your own. Nothing about your PSN account is your own.
  12. 1.) I did. What do you think what the maintenance mode is for? PSNP would remain in that mode until all 5,5 million profiles had been updated. If it takes a day or a week doesn't really matter. The only important goal is to update everyone so we can start cleaning house. We need requirements to be added to the site and remove everyone who doesn't fulfill them. Less players = less server strain. Less dummy accounts = proper stats that actually reflect trophy hunters/hunting. At least I made some suggestions instead of constantly moaning and complaining about the situation. Nobody aside from Sony knows Sony's API limits. But I just expect a billion dollar coproration with a network of tens of millions active daily users to be able to handle this bit of traffic. PSNP has been around for over a decade by know and Sony know very well about this website. Plus, sites like PSNTL, Exophase or TrueTrophies have regular automated updates. 2.) No logical problem here. Group 1: A trophy within the last seven days. Group 2: A trophy within the last 31 days but not within the last seven days. It ain't exactly rocket science. 😢
  13. PSNP has 5,5 million users in its database. Most of them are dummy accounts. Let's do the math, shall we? This is the final page of the leaderboards, clocking in at 4,6 million That means 900.000 users are private ones or removed cheaters. If PSNP had a similar policy compared to PSNTL the numbers wouldn't be that high. Plus, PSNP isn't tracking 5,5 million users. Tracking is an active process. Due to the fact that @Sly Ripper disabled automated updates for unregistered, non-premium users half a decade ago, the true number of actively tracked users is known only to Sly himself. Based on the very low numbers of recent players of current games of the frontpage, it's safe to say it's no more than 100,000. I described this entire thing a few weeks ago: To resolve/improve this situation, just a few steps would be necessary: Set the rules for being added to the site. There is no point in tracking literally everyone. Put the site into maintenance mode (= no manual updates) Fully update all 5,5 million users (not a superficial update!) Disable maintenance mode Remove all private users that are not registered and/or premium (just to avoid pointless debates) Remove all other users not fulfilling the set rules (excluding registered and/or premium) Put the remaining users into specific update groups: Twice a day (premium) – There is no point in updating profiles four times a day if you have unlimited manual updates, anyway. Weekly (registered, non-premium) Once per month (active players (earned at least one trophy withing the past four weeks)) Once every six months (earned at least one trophy within the past six months) No automated updates (the rest) If done this way, Sony would retrieve far less penetration due to the lower number of tracked players and it would significantly improve the sidewide stats. Plus, in it's current state, PSNP's automated updates do not update if a user has changed their name. Only a manual update will trigger the name changes on PSNP.
  14. To achieve what? PSN has tens of millions of active daily users. PSNP is merely a drop in the bucket in terms of traffic.