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  1. Easter eggs in November. Anything goes.





  2. The only game worth pre-ordering.
  3. It needs more than just two or three decent releases to make up for the barrage of shit this company unloaded on the gaming community. Show some fucking balls, man!
  4. The video was deleted. You guys should only post official videos and not some random shit.
  5. Psshht, let me tell you a secret: games on PSN are overpriced to rip-off the addicts who cannot wait and those who are too lazy to leave the house. Solution: buy physical games. This advice was brought to you by Captain Obvious™. You're welcome.
  6. I'm always interested in Star Wars games. But since I have been boycotting EA for many years, not a rusty buck will be spent on their releases. Principles, y'know...
  7. Can't believe people put trophies over fun. Get a fucking perspective, dude!
  8. There is none and it wouldn't be any useful for this site. You can regain access to your profile any time by repeating the verifcation process with your PSN account.
  9. This band never gets old.
  10. Bioware, a once great developer that was ruined by its parent company. No thanks. Their last good game was released in 2012 and there is no reason to have any kind of hope they'll return to form. This train has long departed.
  11. Well, I've spent a total of 335,95 € on games in 2019. Next year will definitely be way more expensive with - at least - one new console being purchased (Nintendo Switch). The image below lists all my purchases for this year.
  12. Here's another one, but only veterans will remember: The game got raving reviews back in the day, but I found it weird, confusing, unpolished and simply not working properly. It's not as overrated as the horrendous Kingdom Farts series, but certainly an overly hyped gaming turd. But the worst RPG from SE is still Unlimited Saga - the Bloodhound Gang of Japanese game design. Simply vomit-inducing. 😵
  13. Oh, excuse me for not being a flawless English native speaker.
  14. What do you expect from us now? You have tried everything reasonable. Deal with it or purchase another PS3. They won't get any more cheaper.
  15. Everything Hideo(us) Kojima ever did. Metal Gear is basically Pac-Man, Death Stranding is nothing more than Paper Boy. Kojima is probably the biggest troll in the entire industry. Other than that I'd definitely say any iteration of Resident Evil. Jump scares are not scary - they're annoying. And tank controls were unacceptable even back in the day. I've played every main game from 1996 until the abysmal sixth one when they were new. None of them was worth replaying. Untapped potential? Maybe. But it's not my thing anymore. Crapcom got their infamous nick name for reasons. And the two Zelda games they've developed were none of them.