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    If you buy a game at launch, you are paying the most amount of money for the worst version of the game.

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  1. F4H_Super_GT is currently streaming 200 laps on the Nürburgring Nordschleife to raise money for children in the Philippines. What a legend!



    1. R4M Jolly Monk

      R4M Jolly Monk

      He finished after a 30 hour stream and 27 hour race. Absolutely mental!


  2. I cannot stop what I'm not doing. I've pre-ordered games twice in my life: Zelda - Ocarina of Time (1998) Fallout 4 (2015) Never again. By the way: Keep lying to yourself. That's what people like you do all the fucking time. "It's not so bad". Yeah, you must've really low standards if you're okay with the shit the companies pulling these days.
  3. https://open.spotify.com/playlist/4HAYBKnAL0ckbv61Hr4814
  4. Despite Cyberpunk being one of the most disastrous launches in video game history, I'm betting on both of my ass cheeks that still many of you have active pre-orders. Because no matter how awful things get, some people just never, ever learn, and repeat the same mistakes over and over again. A big YouTuber once said: If you still insist on being an early adopter, you deserve every bit of stress, anger, frustration and whatnot caused by shoddy, unfinished, and undercooked games. And I literally enjoy every post bitching about yet another terrible bug-riddled game. You brought this to yourself.
  5. You haven't even finshed New Vegas. Well, whatever. Go and ruin your time if you insist on it. You have been warned.
  6. The bugs and glitches have nothing to do with the size of the save games. That issue occured in Skyrim. If anyone wants to play Fallout 3 and NV they should play it on either PC or on Xbox (One or Series X) via backwards compatibility. PS3 is the worst of all options - by far! I have 100%ed the game on PS3 a few months ago and it's still a fucking nightmare.
  7. Don't. Fucking. Do. It! Both Fallout games are excellent (I'm currently playing NV on Series X), but on PS3 both games are absolute catastrophies! I have never seen more glitches in a game than in Fallout New Vegas. It rivals Cyberpunk on base consoles. Whatever you do, don't play New Vegas on PS3. Just don't. Edit: Btw, Oblivion has no trophies. It was released long before trophies were introduced in June 2008.
  8. 174 hours in less than a month and still no end in sight. No wonder that my PS3 backlog won't get any smaller. :D



  9. Nope, nothing. Both new consoles have nothing other than cool hardware features as of now. As always, I will be waiting at least six months before I throw money out the window for new electronic toys. Sony currently has three games in the pipeline that are obligatory for me: Gran Turismo 7 God of War Ragnarok Horizon: Forbidden West As long as no clear release date is out, PS5 will remain unpurchased.
  10. 120 hours in three weeks... and still not done. Such an amazing game!



  11. Bull-fucking-shit! Electronic Arts never gave a rat's ass about the players. What's next? "EA to remove loot boxes from games due to player demand"? Android Wilson donates 40 M to charity? Elvis back among the living? Come one. Don't be naive. Edit Most importantly: They turn off the severs so you are being forced to buy the new game - if you want to play online. That's what they have been doing for almost 15 years.
  12. There is no mobile version of the site.
  13. @Sly Ripper Since Wednesday, a broken video player is overlapping the right side of the front page when not being logged in (see botto-right corner of the image). There has been issues with video ads for months now. Playing around with adblockers don't change anything. It only disappears when logged in as a premium member.
  14. Brazilian gamers: Do you remember the name of that Brazilian trophy site that - back during the PS3 days - had a blue and glossy look? The site was entirely in Portuguese and had leaderboards for the Brazilian states. I registered to the site because their trophy cards looked unique and very stylish. Does anyone remember the site? Maybe @TheYuriG?

    1. R4M Jolly Monk

      R4M Jolly Monk

      I just noticed Yuri hasn't been here for months. Maybe @thiagoam87 knows more?

    2. R4M Jolly Monk

      R4M Jolly Monk

      Found it. The website actually still exists:




  15. You cannot buy PS3, PSP or PS Vita games via the PC anymore. You have to access the store via console in order to purchase for that specific platforms.