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    If you buy a game at launch, you are paying the most amount of money for the worst version of the game.

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  1. Jaffe is and has always been a fucking moron.
  2. I already told you why there is nothing to discuss. Such achievements are not allowed. But I agree. Meaningful discussions are almost impossible on PSNP. Ten years on this site have taught me this.
  3. There isn't really much to discuss here. Such a trophy doesn't and will never exist. The platform holders have strict regulations regarding achievements. This thread should be closed immediately.
  4. For me it's very simple as I now have completed my collection and I don't plan on buying any other games this year. January Amped 3 (Xbox 360) 3,99€ Prey (Xbox One) 7,29€ February Secret of Mana (PAL, big box, new + rated, SNES) 352,50€ After 31 of years of collecting (and partially reselling) games, this chapter of my life is finally over. I might give Elden Ring a try after FS patched it to an acceptable state, but I don't actually plan on purchasing any more games this year. I don't rule it out either.
  5. Pack deine Trophycard bitte in deine Signatur und nicht in jeden einzelnen Beitrag. Deine Eitelkeit ist dein Problem. Danke.

  6. What person spends that much money on an old, re-released game? This is borderline insanity.
  7. 20 bucks for a poorly aged game is anything but reasonable. Hell, the game wasn't even that exciting back in early 2005.
  8. Sony cannot buy Nintendo because they don't have the money. https://www.macrotrends.net/stocks/charts/SONY/sony/cash-on-hand Nintendo's current market cap sits at around 57 billion. https://companiesmarketcap.com/nintendo/marketcap/
  9. If you're the only admin and refuse to answer any sort of question, yes, you have effectively abandoned the website that you've created a company for. I've been highly critical of Sly's style of leadership since the very beginning, but now his lack of passion actually started to affect this site in a very negative way.
  10. Power itself is not the reason why PS3 is so hard to emulate. It's its unique architecture.
  11. Unless the guys from the CRT are programmers, they are not able to verify anything. Reverse-engineering such a thing is nothing you can learn from a two minute YT tutorial video. 😂 By the way, why do you people even care about leaderboards that are full of cheaters anyway? Most rules here are a fucking joke and aren't even enforced equally.
  12. Purchased on 1 March 2008. A pretty mediocre game. Little more than a tech demo and a far cry from what would be the next installment.
  13. Nothing much for me this year. I'm currently spending huge amounts for my record collection (collecting MiniDisc is not cheap). I've been tracking my own spendings for the past 20 years. This is what it looks like for 2021. Forza Horizon 5 will most likely be the last game that was added to that list this year (and the foreseeable future). The video game industry just disgusts me at this point. Edit: I just noticed that 2021 is the first year since 1995 without a single physical game. Times really have changed...
  14. I was simply stating that playing on PC is vastly more comfortable due to all the nice things I could never have on consoles. You can plug in every headset, racing wheel, HDD or whatnot without worrying about compatibility issues. My PS4 couldn't even read fucking CDs! I don't have these issues anymore. Everything just works just as it should. And playing at a high framerate has nothing to do with any form of "superiority". It's simply way more pleasant. But how will you know if you've never experienced this yourself? You can't. So please, stop projecting your personal issues, fears and insecurities on me or anybody else who left "your" peer group. Learn to accept people who are different and prefer different experiences. Peace.