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  1. Purchased on 1 March 2008. A pretty mediocre game. Little more than a tech demo and a far cry from what would be the next installment.
  2. Nothing much for me this year. I'm currently spending huge amounts for my record collection (collecting MiniDisc is not cheap). I've been tracking my own spendings for the past 20 years. This is what it looks like for 2021. Forza Horizon 5 will most likely be the last game that was added to that list this year (and the foreseeable future). The video game industry just disgusts me at this point. Edit: I just noticed that 2021 is the first year since 1995 without a single physical game. Times really have changed...
  3. I was simply stating that playing on PC is vastly more comfortable due to all the nice things I could never have on consoles. You can plug in every headset, racing wheel, HDD or whatnot without worrying about compatibility issues. My PS4 couldn't even read fucking CDs! I don't have these issues anymore. Everything just works just as it should. And playing at a high framerate has nothing to do with any form of "superiority". It's simply way more pleasant. But how will you know if you've never experienced this yourself? You can't. So please, stop projecting your personal issues, fears and insecurities on me or anybody else who left "your" peer group. Learn to accept people who are different and prefer different experiences. Peace.
  4. When I die, I want my teammates to lower me into my grave so they can let me down one last time.

  5. Well, as someone who has just departed consoles after 30 years to switch to PC, the sheer amount of exclusive titles were one of the key reasons. There are entire genres that simply don't exist on consoles due to the limitations of the imput devices. VR is another factor. Compared to Half-Life Alyx, everything on consoles so far looks and feels like a tech demo. A clumsy first attempt. The technical supremacy is probably the thing that first comes to mind. And it's true. Playing "The Witcher 3" in 100+ fps simply isn't possible on consoles. And once you got used to these kind of frame rates, everything below 60 becomes unbearable. Oh, and you don't need a fucking subscription to play online (certain MMOs excluded). PS Plus and XBL Gold add up very quickly. But the most important factor for me was the freedom to mod your games with no limits. You can do whatever you want. Nobody will keep you from turning Skyrim into a patched game. On consoles, you're left with what was officially put out. Just to give you a very small glimpse: Oh, and games are cheaper, too. For me, there is no turning back.
  6. Loyal to console brands? The question itself is insulting! I'm loyal to good games, regardless of platform. I'm currently in the process of joining the Master Raceā„¢. The new consoles have little to nothing to offer that I cannot get on PC in much higher quality. A handful of exclusive console titles are nothing compared to the thousands of exclusive titles on PC. Open the spoiler and tell me: Why should I care?
  7. It isn't. Obsidian is wholly owned by Microsoft now. They make the rules.
  8. I've switched to PC for obvious reasons. Consoles have become obsolete. But that's for a different thread.
  9. You don't spend 7,5 billion squid to bolster the competition. Minecraft is the only Microsoft IP that comes to mind that has to be cross-platform due to the nature of the game. Everything else will be exclusive to Xbox and PC. It's naive to believe in a different outcome. The contracts are only valid for Xbox and/or PC. You cannot just add another platform without negotation with the IP holders.
  10. That doesn't make things better. The game was made BC for XBONE years ago and the Steam version already had mods for 4K support. Like I said, a low-effort move.
  11. A typical low-effort move by Ubisoft. Giving away an eight year old game as part of a season pass is just beyond me.
  12. No, the game doesn't suck. I have a GT pro player friend and he loves the game. He even raced the Nordschleife for 27 hours for charity. Now what?
  13. Stuff like this doesn't need to have its own thread. And just for clarification: You always race against players that have a similar SR and DR. Increase your rating and you'll be matched with the good guys. Distance driven doesn't equal skill.
  14. Uhm, just on a side note: Microsoft's BC programme is completely different from what PS2 offers in terms of PS1 games. You don't actually play the game once bought digitally or on disc but rather an adjusted version downloaded from the Microsoft store. The disc only acts as a license key. But the actual question was if it's possible. Of course it's possible. If hobby programmers are able to code a somwhat functional emulator for PC, imagine what the actual platform holder would be able to do. But it's not gonna happen. Barely anyone uses BC functionality. I currently have about 50 people in my friends list on XBL. Twice I've seen anyone play something released on Xbox 360. Twice! In over a year! Have a look at this picture: 216 current players for the most played PS3 only game. That's pathetic! People demanding stuff like this wouldn't use it anyway. It's just a loud minority. Probably the same fucking minority that puts pronouns in their Twitter bio and demanded Shenmue III for two decades (which became the worst selling title in the series).