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  1. Yup. But the immature kid that runs this site, @Sly Ripper, still refuses to even reply to my email. The guy quite obviously doesn't take this serious. I guess that's what you have to expect when kids feel overwhelmed by things adults have to deal with. 😆 I'll delete my account and switch over to Exophase. Bye.
  2. I've tried to remove the icon by deleting and restoring one of my secondary accounts. It doesn't work. Gaming Profiles Ltd. is violating the General Data Protection Regulation on multiple levels here. I've already passed this over to my legal advisor and she'll look into it soon. @Sly Ripper should really come out of the woodwork now. This is an example of how stuff can get done if taken seriously. I've removed a part of the conversation that had nothing to do with the topic.
  3. Dude, I'm from Germany. Don't lecture me about Nazi related stuff. This will backfire badly!
  4. Some of you should stop white knighting a company that uses Nazi methods to silence people. They've shown their true face in last couple of days. Morally rotten to the core. Fuck Sony! Fuck Naughty Dog! Keep your shoddy products and shove 'em up yer arse until yer sphincter cracks!
  5. It's just PR. Sony are nervous. It's obvious. The development of TLoU 2 probably cost more than 100 million dollars and the overwhemlingly negative reception to the leaks could even damage PlayStation as a brand. I smell a PR disater for Sony as big as the E3 2013 nightmare on the Xbox side. A crazed and red-pilled yuppie like Neil printman* should not be in charge of such massive games. *
  6. What the hell? Are you aware that certain companies built their entire business model around exploiting achievement hunters? The Spanish publisher Ratalaika Games S.L. is the first name that should come to mind. Every gaming distribution platform has an achievement system. Nintendo being the only exception by now. No matter if you're playing on Steam,, UPlay, Origin or other more specialized platforms: You can collect achievements. It is mainstream. It has always been. Achievements are a highly calculated thing. When Microsoft introduced them on a large scale in 2005, they didn't do it because they're nice. They did it as a loyalty business model. That's what it has always been. I'm once again shocked and baffled about how naive many people are.
  7. The main problem here is the man himself, @Sly Ripper. Unfortunately, he's as ignorant as he has always been and rarely cares about the needs of his community. In this particular case it's especially annoying because hiding that icon can probably be done in a few seconds. It's not like he has do rebuild the entire website.
  8. Sony is nervous. Fucking nervous! They're currently abusing YT to silence everybody who talks about the leaks. Even those who don't use a single image from the actual game.
  9. I've so far refused to take a look at the leaks but many people in my friends list on PSN actually insisted on it. Well, so I dove into it. My reaction: I would even go so far and say Naughty Dog's days are numbered. My English is insufficient to express my disgust. And this is a fine example of how twisted and deep down the rabbit hole Neil Druckmann really is: He basically believes that cervical cancer is misogynistic because it only affects women. This dude needs help.
  10. You actually can. All you need is experience in life and a little bit of knowledge about the human psyche. I do not judge anyone. Why should I? My shit stinks as much as yours. Every human being needs some sort of gratification in life. And since the overwhelming majority of all people on this planet live completely irrelevant and unimportant lives, many seek their gratification outside of their job/carreer. That's perfectly fine. That's how people are.
  11. It's certainly debatable. Seeing numbers grow can give a feeling of satisfaction.
  12. They try to compensate their lack of success in real life with virtual success. That's all.
  13. I'll simply copy and paste the content of the email I just sent out to @Sly Ripper:
  14. Then you should stay away from Ni No Kuni. The dialogues are going on forever and are mostly very, well, juvenile. The game treats you like a fucking idiot and explains the very basics even until the final boss battle. You have to walk a lot until you get a boat. Actual fast traveling won't be possible until the end of the game. And as for the grinding part, well, it's horrible. I deeply regret starting this game by now. The only reason why I'll complete it is the lack of missable trophies. Other than that I highly recommend to stay away from the game. Way too many flaws.
  15. He actually is. PSNP simply isn't updating properly: https://(URL not allowed)//user/view/AntixZombies#games