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  1. Santa wishes you happy holidays! 



    1. ihadalifeb4this


      Happy holidays tp you too Santa!

  2. carlinehrlichkeitajjyo.jpg

    1. starcrunch061
    2. DaivRules


      It's really the unsolicited honesty, but George is right on that, as he is on most things.

  3. 15 years... Never fucking forget!




  4. Anyone is welcome to add me as long as they have something to say. There's no reason to add somebody if you never talk. You can add me on PSN or Xbox Live
  5. Yes. I also need your CV, your blood type, saliva samples, shoe size, bank account and three thumbs up from your mom.
  6. The OP doesn't even own that game. And if he'd buy this game used, the exact same problem would occur there as well. Great solution.
  7. It was 2006. The PS3 version - which I happen to own - came out in 2010 and cannot be played online anymore since 2012. Because that's what this shithole of a company does: Shut down servers less than two years after a game's release. That's my whole point here. You should be very glad that the mighty masters at EA obviously forgot that they ever published some boxing games and subsequently forgot to turn off that servers as well.
  8. Tetris is not an online game Tetris is not an EA game You cannot expect a game from 2009 still have working online functions.
  9. Are people really complaining about a game that was released TEN years ago? Why do you even bother?
  10. Is it too much for you to add some pictures? Nobody wants to read plain text in threads like this.
  11. Well, since Black Friday forced me to spent more money on games, my updated and definitely final table for 2019 looks like this: