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  1. Dear community, All of these trophies already popped for me: - Arctic Explorer: Discover all named locations in Three Horns, Tundra Express, and Frostburn Canyon. - Urban Explorer: Discover all named locations in Sanctuary, Opportunity, and Lynchwood. - Highlands Explorer: Discover all named locations in The Highlands, Thousand Cuts, and Wildlife Exploitation Preserve. - Blight Explorer: Discover all named locations in Eridium Blight, Arid Nexus, and Sawtooth Cauldron. So I assume that all these locations are completed for the World Traveler trophy... I moved for every map again and I saw 100% of every map discovered. Any tip? Any possible location that I could be missing?
  2. Hi, I punched the guy and cannot get the amulet..... does anyone have this so I can equip it for the related trophy?
  3. Yes, thanks! I deleted the game and reinstalled and trophies popped!
  4. I just started playing today this game and all of these trophies did not pop for me: 1. Gloves Off - Finish 3 online matches (I already played 5 ranked matches and 2 arena matches) 2. Head to Head - Get a draw in a multiplayer game (I drawed one of my ranked matches) 3. Kickin' Up Dust - Play one ranked game (as mentioned above, I already played 5 ranked matches) 4. Deal With The Devil - Play one arena game (as mentioned above, I alread played 2 arena matches) Only I got these 2 trophies:Basics Mastered - Complete the basic tutorial & Alchemist - Transmute a card Those 4 trophies are glitched? there is any known solution?
  5. Same here, I updated profile, now I am level 1 without any trophies. Check my profile and it is NOT set as private, so I hope it is a temporary issue in the site.
  6. I cannot find in my App Store... ☹️
  7. Finally found the end portal! The coordinates are: X: 603 ; Y: 43 ; Z:1111
  8. anyone else could take a look to this seed? I'm very frustrated going around this stronghold to find the portal.
  9. bad luck for me... thanks again for taking time to check it hope someone else could find it
  10. Thank you for help in advance! Thank you for help in advance!
  11. I did this, I made a new world whit this seed in creative mode but still couldn´t find the portal yet ☹️.
  12. Hi all, I already found the stronghold using the eyes of enders but cannot find yet the end portal. Near the entrance to the stronghold I already found the library, but the end portal does not appear anywhere. If anyone can help me taking a look my seed is: -8261241179820102760 Also, the coordinates of the stronghold using the eyes of enders is: X: 596 ; Y: 1140.Thanks!