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  1. that has nothing to do with the ps4/5 version lol
  2. Xbox are allowed to have exclusives
  3. no plat was a big reason I did the original on xbox lol, since 1000G vs basically nothing on PS was a slap to the face when it took me 100 hours or so to get the plat on XBO (and daang, gonna be even longer for this version)
  4. tbf I do mention you can do everything in chapter 10 just before the point of no return
  5. comic book arent credible at all. theyre the same poeple who used "mr ohya", some guy on twitter, as a source for persona 5 on switch, which then lead to "everyone" believing them and assuming P5 would be on switch. this report ALSO uses "some guy on twitter" as a source.
  6. super neptunia RPG takes me to 5
  7. I didn't have to do that tho. only reason to struggle with it is if you refuse to use every party member equally
  8. That's true, no chance I'd see all the social links and do the NG+ stuff now lol
  9. You can't include DLC as part of a base game's trophy list no Golden Finger soothes my soul
  10. you would need to reload farm missions till you get a groundlocomon medal one
  11. P4 Golden, the Rise trophy dicked me over
  12. looks like a good list
  13. use some power ups tp make it easier
  14. there should be, I mean I see no reason why not but if youre in the US, it doesnt matter too much because the DLC codes already expired if youre from the EU, the dlc is here: