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  1. Persona 4 Arena Ultimax. I have around 90% lol (xbox 360)
  2. It'd be pointless since the game will be dubbed at some point. Prob before the end of the year
  3. Funnily enough, the event ended the day after you did it I think, so there'll be new missions on there right now
  4. The event trophies were easy when I did it lol, I was able to get thousands by losing on purpose as they just wanted you to use Electric Digimon. You could've waited two weeks or whatever for that event to end
  5. Lol, someone sure didn't pay attention to the names of games. When they said "like the other games", they meant the World games. The "other games" weren't referring to Story games, or else they'd say "It's like the more recent games" or something. They meant they were going back to their roots of V-Pets STORY Hackers Memory is the game youre looking for (released January 2018), which is the direct sequel to STORY Cyber Sleuth (and uses the same turn based gameplay). Not WORLD Next Order, which is a direct sequel to WORLD one. They were localised incorrectly. The World games are World one, Re:Digitize, Championship and Next Order. Dawn, Dusk, DS and World 2/3 are Story games World is V-Pets, Story is turn based RPG. this is on you. You don't go buy Pokemon Mystery Dungeon expecting to fight gyms, or Mario Kart expecting to jump on shit All you had to do was read one article or see one video of it to know it wasn't a turn based RPG
  6. I actually have quite a few of the random ones, EG, I did actually beat EVERY level 99 mission in U (and didnt use the one shot thing at all, cuz I didn't end up getting it until after the plat cuz Im an idiot) but I dont have photo proof of any of them lol and deleting the game from your Vita voids saves. I also did the "500 combo" thing but I recall it wans't enough to kill the boss and I actually got hit to break it before killing the boss a few hits later, so it was like, 550 or something, then whoops lol. I got every nation above 80% in RB2 multiple times (which took forever and that Conquest ending made it not worth it) but that says for the original not RB2 lol and I'm pretty sure I've gotten a game over screen multiple times in all 9 games I've played so far lol and expcet maybe more in Sega Girls, which I already own and will play... eventually. Its also funny when my profile lists EU for every version, only for Vs Zombies to list "NA". was cheaper to import from Canada than it was to get copy from Europe lmao. I did consider that I might want some DLC but there was nothing on the DLC to intesst me, so I got the half for half the price I wouldve normally
  7. Omega Quintet. It's shit, is a massive grind and has a terrible trophy list
  8. This thread was specifically for dub game footage and includes dub in the title, so you coming in to shit for being dub is you being a weeb
  9. Aw, Noire still has the new voice actress? it still doesn't fit at all.
  10. Every PS3 game in existence, as I don't have one. I suppose I did play Rune Factory Oceans, so w can say that.
  11. Finish the first game
  12. I have the plats in RB2, U, Cyber and Noire
  13. I missed the one in Kowloon lv1 that you're supposed to get near the start and it was still there in like chapter 16.