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  1. I would assume this is due for updating, due to today's release of the two dancing games.
  2. I mostly meant for someone who could only get it on PS4
  3. No plat :\ That's on Sony, not the devs. You can at least buy it and support the devs, who were forced to censor. Then they still get money, etc.
  4. its a main storyline quest, you literally cant skip it
  5. Depends what you mean, for example some players would consider using two controllers to be cheating. I've done that a lot lol. I've also boosted online wins and such. I figure everyone here would'nt count that as cheating lol but well it happens. I did once on the 360 see that a glitch can give you around 500G on X-Blades so course I did it. I also once had the entire 1000G unlock on a game once, was weird. I transferred my save over to a new profile (my old profile was shared with family, so I decided I wanted to get my own profile) and when to transered my save, the entire 1000 popped. Was weird, as I'd actually only earned 500G originally. So that was through a glitch but not on purpose. So I guess the most cheat was intentionally using a glitch once in X Blades. Although I did get my brother to get me one trophy once, the final one for BlazBlue CTG. That shit was too hard Also, I suppose using cheat codes in Lego games count lol but like, thats what theyre there for anyway lol Also I suppose reloading and using alt save files for missables and such counts too in a way. EG, get an ending, reload, get a different ending etc.
  6. Wait this ISN'T the PS1 Croc?
  7. are you jealous of micky mouse? hes like, the worlds most popular mouse. or maybe even pikachu, or chuumon
  8. I just suck ass at it lol. I get half into it and then my brain forgets the rest Itd be easier if they were listed under the buttons and not random letters of CD and whatever
  9. I can.
  10. Is this possible? I suck ass and can't do this shit and it's probably going to ruin a plat
  11. I'm on 83% lol (will prob be around 85-88% once I'm done with Yakuza 0), where does that put me lol cuz you covered 50-80 and 90-100 lol
  12. I don't get games just for trophies and get games I'm interested in. I then trophy whore myself out to get the trophies on said games
  13. they do get slightly more if you digivolve up/down at a high level but the best way is to just get 9 tacticial USBs and three platinumnumemons and get like 500k exp per fight. get your farms full of builder digimon, send them searching on the middle item sreaching and then when there's like 1 min left, spam reset till you get a bunch of them you can buy patches to change personality from the eden shop. you might need to get a few chapters more into the game
  14. They said a while back they were ditching the Vita after HM as it was holding the franchise back Trailer on the 29th