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  1. you would need to reload farm missions till you get a groundlocomon medal one
  2. P4 Golden, the Rise trophy dicked me over
  3. looks like a good list
  4. use some power ups tp make it easier
  5. there should be, I mean I see no reason why not but if youre in the US, it doesnt matter too much because the DLC codes already expired if youre from the EU, the dlc is here:
  6. It's fine. not everyone plays these easy games that give plats in an hour. if they cheese you off, don't play them. If anything, PSN needs to do what Xbox did and let every game have a plat.
  7. I'm happy to get any DLC trophies. It doesnt mess with the plat, and tbh not many games seem to add DLC trophies now a days. heck, im annoyed when games add new content, and DONT add trophies. if they add NG+ trophies, then fine, I guess, seems like a good excuse to replay a game. I wouldn't return otherwise.
  8. you have me under Hyperdimension Neptunia fans, but I should be under "superfan", since that's for four nano also needs to be dropped down based on that
  9. delisted. gonna hve to be ng+
  10. Guess it was a good time to get the game then lol
  11. P3/5 D bumps me to 4 persona plats. 5 counting P4D twice lol though of course thats just a stack and neat, I get a bonus award from all the dancing games, lol
  12. that could be the case, but they also recycled the entire sound track for the sequel. theyre very powerful digimon
  13. EU version is gone now too.
  14. Impossible, Bandai own the entire Digimon IP, meaning they themselves own the license.
  15. I would assume this is due for updating, due to today's release of the two dancing games.