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  1. Did you happen to upload a save to the in game cloud service? you can use that save.
  2. I did it easy enough with a team of max level 99 200 ABI people Also sistermon is the best to use. why dont you have the dlc? get it off the bandai corner club
  3. FUCK. So I was trolled. I have all 7 but the guide I was using said you get 7 from bosses, then an 8th spawns at random on a random floor and I had multiple people confirm this I really should've viewed the 7 I already had lol
  4. So apparently the final memory is a "random item on a random floor after beating Grandracmon". can anyone confirm this is the case or if there's something else I need to do?
  5. Seems like it's buggy and will unlock at random then
  6. Hmm, maybe it's from side quests cuz I just got it from a random side quest and I think there's 5 completed on my BBS side quest log. (what's weird is one of them was completed twice? I completed it and then the exact same one came 20 mins later and the first time ins't even registered (and I haven't lost and save after literally everything) from my farm searches and I just got the silver). Maybe one day someone will figure it out lol but at least it just popped
  7. Then if that's the case, it must be main story only? I think I've done four in the main story. The first one, one from Fei and then two in the school thing Also loads of side ones
  8. Damn. Guess I gotta stack them from the farm
  9. Hackers memory. It's been proven as a Japanese only feature though.
  10. Not sure where you read that? Not sure where you read that?
  11. I've done around 10 so far and yet I don't have it. I'd wonder if side quests don't count but then again this guy has it and is at the same point as me- I've done the three in the story so far, as well as 6-7 from farm quests.
  12. It's broke in USA and they're waiting on PSN to fix it. It's fine in Europe Sistermons Blanc is really cute so you're missing out lol
  13. Yeah. If you use that, you don't need the save file on your console 87 new (will be 92 when the 5 free DLC is added later)
  14. If your save is in the cloud, you can use that. You can even use a PSV file on PS4 or a PS4 on PSV ( I bought the PS4 version last month thinking I'd need a PS4 save to transfer - as I did CS1 on PSV but this one on PS4 - but turns out you don't so whoops)