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  1. So you're not getting getting it then? Habu has said PS is the future of Digimon and after Digimon Universe faild and sold only 14% of stock in Japan on the 3DS... Nintendo aren't getting Digimon any time soon
  2. Yeah I'm dissapointed they just reused the images from the first game. They could've at least used Tentomon or something, since he's one of the starters.
  3. So what was the event?
  4. All I can think it "God damn it, medals." now there's 700 and it's a Gold... so there goes 9% unless it's easier
  5. "Muur1993: Completed 1 game! "Is you ultimate goal to plat 1993 nep games? : o"" Yes.
  6. Why is Persona/BlazBlue etc not on here?
  7. I'd assume they mainly had pre order copies. They would have little reason to order new Vita games when the Vita is dead in the west
  8. Probably around the time I got my 360, which was around 2008 though I've always tried to get as many as possible. I would've been 14/15 or so. I didn't proper ham it till I was able to buy my own games properly though, so a few years back. 2013/14 or so
  9. It was a cool add on but I think it would've been better as post game DLC. It just seems shoe horned in. I did it in my NG+ though so there's that. It seemed like too much effort to do on playthrough 1 Aye, she was also merged with Makoto so it made Makoto take up more space than she should've with what would've been for Hifum's. Switch Okumura out with Hifumi's and that's a lot better. Plus, she'd be a better waifu option than she is at the moment, as she's pretty random. If Futaba wasn't there Hifumi would be my #1 pick though.
  10. Most of mine are loading screens lmao If I can get myself a USB I can add a bunch for Digimon Next Order and all for Fairy Fencer F ADV
  11. It's a 97/100 for me but is just behind P4. P5 has better gameplay and graphics of course but it would be weird if it didn't. P4 has it beat with better characters and a better story imo. I prefer the switch to fighting Personas over generic monsters that pallett swap every dungeon though. If Golden got remastered and changed out the shadows with Personas, using the combat system of 5, it'd be an easy 10/10. P5 also ended way too early. Sure it's 100 hours RPG but it cuts off and skips a few months at the end, so I felt robbed. The bad guys of 5 are good though, other than Okumara. I was given very little reason to care about him. It defo gets a slot of one of the best games of all time though, behind Golden though. A Persona 5 Golden with extra content would probably put it above Golden. The Persona series has been hit after hit after hit, so it's up there as one of the best series there is. (I've also played Q on 3DS and I did the two fighting games on Xbox, also loved the anime) I guess P4 has the benefit of already having all the spin offs. (with another coming in BlazBlue Cross lmao) so I guess we'll see how it fully stacks up against the full deck of P5 in the not to distant (hopefully) future. P5 does have the best character of all time in Futaba though. Put her in Golden and who needs P5 ;P. As for difficluty, I was happy with it. There was never a need to grind and the bosses had good challenges. Madarame was probably the toughest one, as you don't have many options at that point and it's 4v4 with each part having different weaknesses and is immune to stuff, whilst also having a move to make you weak to everything. It's a very well made boss at a good time who would be easy to kill later on. I also struggled with the fight against Shadow Okmura, they have a lot of dudes and the final dudes OP attack is crazy damage. Switch out Okumura with someone better and add another dungeon (P5 Golden like with Marie?) and it's good. I actually thought Marie's dungeon was uneeded in 4 as it already had the perfect amount, whilst 5 is lacking one so clearly that shold've been in 5! Something that annoyed me though, they changed despair. Now you kill yourself after 3 turns instead of only losing SP. Would've been nice to know that before dying to it multiple times!
  12. Good luck lmao, the Arena games are like, 10/10 for ridic lists. The second is easier at least
  13. I Got the plat on Oct 30th I'd choose the Futaba pic
  14. What's the game you've chosen as your banner?

  15. 9.6/10 to match your 96% completion rate . Impressive stuff