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  1. You're supposed to pick one from my list, are you not? I don't have those games on mine. For the guy above me, P4.
  2. Let's pretend Sun and Moon have the national dex Took your first step in the Alola Region Choose your Starter Pokemon Capture your first Pokemon Evolved a Pokemon for the first time Have a full team of Pokemon for the first time Aquire the Normalium Z (all 18) Catch Nebby Complete a trial without using a Z-move Use a Z-Move for the first time Mega Evolve for the first time Have a Pokemon reach level 100 Have 6 Pokemon reach level 100 Retain your title as Champion Capture all the Ultra Beasts Collect all non event Z Cyrstals Have 151 Pokemon registered in your Pokedex Have 251 Pokemon registered in your Poxedex Have 386 Pokemon registered in your Poxedex Have 493 Pokemon registered in your Poxedex Have 649 Pokemon registered in your Poxedex Have 721 Pokemon registered in your Poxedex Have 786 Pokemon registered in your Poxedex Encounter a shiny Pokemon Become Champion of the Pokemon League Achieve a streak of 100 at the Battle Tree Trophy involving the Battle Royal DLC: Acquire a Mew Acquire a Celebi Acquire a Deoxys Acquire a Jirachi Acquire a Manaphy Acquire a Phione Acquire a Darkrai Acquire a Shaymin Acquire a Arceus Acquire a Keldeo Acquire a Genesect Acquire a Meloetta Acquire a Diancie Acquire a Volcaninion Acquire a Hoopa Acquire a Magernea Acquire a Marshadow Have 802 Pokemon registered in your Pokedex
  3. Persona 4 Golden. Rise is a bitch and didn't give me enough lines and ruined it for me.
  4. When I buy a game, I try to get as many trophies as possible but I aint gonna buy a game just to get them.
  5. I'm a Bolton fan.
  6. Just Pokemon really. There was also the Digimon DS games and Persona Q on 3DS but they're spin offs of games that have them, so I just add them in for fun cuz I love those franchises. I also enjoy Rune Factory
  7. A 4th Digimon is coming soon, so I suppose a potential 5th would make things interesting after that. With how well they're selling, I can't see us not getting a 5th game in 2019.
  8. Do you guys remember what chapter the original boss fights before you beat them for the trophies are in?
  9. MS funded and published Tomb Raider and own Micecraft and they're still on other systems. Seems it's Cuphead's choice to be XBO only.
  10. I bought a DS for Pokemon, a 3DS for Pokemon, a future Switch for Pokemon, a Vita for Digimon and a PS4 for Digimon
  11. So is Xbox literally not allowed any exclusives then? if you want the game, buy the console - that's how business works. PS4 gets 99% of the exclusives - let Xbox have one.
  12. Still 6% better than my Xbox completion rate lol that damn me from 8+ years ago playing a bunch of shit games, dragging my score down I'm more "in control" of this one on PS
  13. DOA Xtreme Vita I'm a dude since that seems to matter.