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  1. I did the s ranks solo, but having another player might be a benefit if you're having a hard time with it. The key thing is doing it on Professional difficulty, as the requirement is more forgiving than doing it on Veteran.
  2. Just a heads up, I had a similar issue with World Champion not unlocking. I left the game for about 10 minutes and tried the fish again, and it popped after failing. It seems like the leaderboards need a bit of time to update, hopefully that's all it is for you 😀
  3. I fully agree with people needing to try this game. It couldn't have surprised me anymore than it did 😀 Considering how cheap it is too, it's a gem worth checking out!
  4. Nearly 15000 deaths in total, and almost 2 weeks of flat out practice, I finished Impossible boy and got the platinum! 😀 I just wanted to say that this thread was a great help along the way, so thank you to all who have posted their tips and experiences here. Never thought I'd see the end after a 5 year break from the game. What a thrill ride it's been! 😀
  5. Yes, it does include the blue light censor. The planet ain't blowing up today, thank god for that little blue light lol
  6. Hey guys, I came across your channel recently and have loved watching/ listening to your stuff. I know there is a waiting list for a review, but I'd like to be added to the list if I could. Looking forward to the future content guys 😀
  7. I just got Globetrotter as well. Just play a round of Twisted Steel and it'll pop as it should have done 5 months ago lol
  8. Rock Blocked proved the worst for me to beat, with The Crate Escape being a runner up. Although it is a case of practice, I needed a lot more for these two than the rest.
  9. I best get the rest of the multiplayer trophies done just in case haha. It's great to see that they've taken notice though 😊
  10. We definitely need to push for it. Considering that several maps have the same problem (not related to the trophy), you'd think they'd try and sort it ASAP. Let's hope they take notice if more people raise the issue often.
  11. Just a heads up, I've played a match on Twisted Steel after downloading the update - it's still not being recognised on the BF V tracker. The trophy is still unobtainable as of now
  12. Extra life mode is a separate mode, meaning you don't have any cheats and start the campaign a fresh. You couldn't use cheats for it either way, as extra life mode has no mission select function.
  13. Poetic Justice is an online specific trophy, I tried the same thing before reading more into it. It's a pain that it doesn't state online only, but there shouldn't be an issue earning it when you do it with a friend.