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  1. I best get the rest of the multiplayer trophies done just in case haha. It's great to see that they've taken notice though 😊
  2. We definitely need to push for it. Considering that several maps have the same problem (not related to the trophy), you'd think they'd try and sort it ASAP. Let's hope they take notice if more people raise the issue often.
  3. Just a heads up, I've played a match on Twisted Steel after downloading the update - it's still not being recognised on the BF V tracker. The trophy is still unobtainable as of now
  4. Extra life mode is a separate mode, meaning you don't have any cheats and start the campaign a fresh. You couldn't use cheats for it either way, as extra life mode has no mission select function.
  5. Poetic Justice is an online specific trophy, I tried the same thing before reading more into it. It's a pain that it doesn't state online only, but there shouldn't be an issue earning it when you do it with a friend.
  6. If anyone can help out, I’ll happily return the favour Thank You I have earned the trophy, thank you to all who helped out