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  1. If you used specific links for your region, it was possible to still use the old store up until several days ago. There was a thread here that I used for my different region accounts to buy stuff until they closed that loophole.
  2. Currently using Makoto from Persona 5 Royal that I have in my profile. I've been using it since emailing Sony to finally get the free theme and avatar codes I wasn't sent for getting the Persona 5 Royal plat. For a chunk of last year I used Abby and Dina avatars from Last of Us Part II. Before that I think the only avatar I pretty much used was an Ellie one that I think was exclusive for preordering the Left Behind DLC on PS3. I think I'll start using an Aloy avatar when Sony puts out Horizon Zero Dawn for free in several weeks (hopefully with some PS5 enhancements) and actually try for the platinum this time around. If they were available for use on a US account, I'd probably be using a Kat from Gravity Rush. I know Sony put out a bunch of different franchise character avatars a while ago that also had Kat, but I hate that the icons are round. I use Kat on my JP account which I only use for buying JP exclusive games and themes.
  3. They are uninformed. The Japanese regular version is censored, but the premium edition is the uncensored edition that they couldn't display publicly for sales because of its rating. It is a much cheaper alternative to buying the NA version.
  4. I'm not at home to check on the PS4 store, but since those avatars say for PS4 Steins Gate Zero, wouldn't you have to buy them from the PS4?
  5. I have a PS4 Pro and PS2 slim, neither of which use the kind of power cord I need for my model 3 PS3. I was sure I had an extra from regular PS4 at one time, but since it's the same kind used for printers and other things, I think a family member probably took it to use with something else. Well, I gave in and am using a Vita power cord despite the fact that it is incredibly too short. I'm happy I'll have a longer cord coming in.
  6. Damn. While there'd been occasional "glitches" and outages of the old PSN store pages, they'd always come back up. Now that they're redirecting to the new store it seems they're gone for good. Glad that I made my list of everything on my wishlist earlier today after days of frequent "access denied" pages, but it really sucks trying to navigate the PS3 webstore. I especially don't look forward to trying to get the last few JP PS3 games I was interested in getting. While the new store has finally added a wishlist for PS4/PS5 stuff, at this point I think I'll still stick more with, since I can also get quick updates on when stuff I want is on sale and see how good of a deal it is compared to past sales. Now I really don't think Sony would close the PS3's store without any heads up, but this still worries me a lot. I can't currently use my PS3 until the replacement power cord I ordered comes in.
  7. This is quite helpful, thanks!
  8. I always go with Ryu for Dragon Quest games, since Dragon is in the series name.
  9. Tried my luck with Chat (US) yesterday and was told that I the promotion only applied to those who've platinumed the game. I said I knew that there were 3 avatar sets, one for beating chapter 1, one for beating chapter 18, and one for platinuming it. I plan on getting platinum eventually, but not really any time soon since I'd rather catch up with more of my game backlog first. Might try again sometime and hopefully and get a more helpful agent, but with the PS5 launch I imagine it's going to be an even longer wait time than usual for a while getting through to someone.