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  1. I genuinely have no idea what that even means, or how it would affect me in any way so +1 to the Lesbian Transgender Octopus I guess.
  2. Score +1 to Cloudisfast for offending the 'L.G.C' person on any matter relating to sexuality. EDIT: Heading out for those doughnuts. See y'all on my next account. Love ya.
  3. Man I know. I'm about to head out for Kispy Kremes as I don't like popcorn. Despite the absolute banter here, you guys should look into PS Now trophies and how they sync as Sound Shapes was completed on there. Just throwing a potentially helpful bone. Btw this guy gets it. He understands.
  4. Lmao what's the difference between 8 and 800, ya virgin? " Sound Shapes • Reason: Got "Death Mode: Hills n' Spills" trophy as his first ever trophy although you need to complete the campaign to unlock Death Mode. Then went on to auto-pop the entire platinum, this was his first completed version of Sound Shapes so they auto-popped it without a legit list before this one. " This one was 100% legit. The virginity is showing en masse.
  5. Hey, I was just dropping by this website and found your post, and I have to say you are the most beautiful thing I have ever seen posting anything on the internet before. The way you used your words so elegantly to display such amazing truths left me weak at the knees, and I just had to comment. If only Obama had been as great with his words, and had even half the thought-process you do, he would still be ruling the greatest country in the world. I hope you notice just how much you mean to me and give me the chance I know I deserve. Your love, your only, Cloudisfast.
  6. I reported Minecraft. Thanks guys for your support
  7. Nope not 3 or more. Bad choice of words, though. Also completely unrelated - the sign-in at the top-right of the forums doesn't appear to function correctly. It goes straight to the regular psnprofiles login, which does not sign you in to the forums. You have to manually add forum.psnprofiles etc to the login link to actually log in.
  8. Cloudisfast LittleBigPlanet 2 This has now been hidden from my trophy list, along with every single other game and form of external save was used on, as I would like to have a clean profile. This will be reflected on next profile update, which I have just checked to confirm.<br /> I hope once you confirm this, you will reinstate me on the leaderboards. Thank you.