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  1. I just achieved the Plat and I would like to give some tips and help to those with doubts. - Fish are friends and Gone Green are easy achievable if you have a base with some potatoes and fruits to harvest and eat. - Seafarer must be achieved not sleeping on an island. You must sleep in the raft with the sleeping bag but you must be far from the island. Where there is no coral or fish and it's deep and dark. - Who needs the sea anyway? can't be achieved in the initial island, so you must plant all 8 on another island. All on the same island worked for me. - Magnets, how do they work?: I built the girocopter but never used it. I never had any compass on my hand or my inventory. I had one on my yellow raft at the beginning, and it stayed there the whole game. If I found any compass I never took it. If a crate box had one, I leave the crate. If you find a box and don't open it, you can save, then open it, and if you don't like the cargo you can reload and try again. - Two of each: two big pigs, two small pigs, two snakes and two little crabs. Sailed on a storm and sleept on sea. The next morning the trophy appeared. - Gotta craft them all!: I did NOT craft all on the same island. I couldn't find a single durian so I customized an island with it. I deconstructed some items to recycle the mats. You don't have to end the game for it to pop. Super tip: to know which items you still need to craft, look at the grey/dark orange circle behind each item. Grey=uncrafted orange=cradted - The bosses are waaaay easier than I expected. Watch YouTube guides Good luck and enjoy the game.
  2. I upgraded all Abby's weapons in the first workbench (On foot) and Survival Expert at the very beginning of Hostile Territory. I did a very exhaustive search in my first playtrough. I recomend you watching a Speedrun gameplay, it helps a lot. And of course play on very easy+
  3. Keep you patients happy (good heat, drinks and food machines, and magazine stands), set your GP price to -80%, that will boost your patients happiness before going to treatment rooms. Set all treatment rooms' prices to 100% An angry patient is not going to pay, but a happy one is going to pay for sure.
  4. I changed days, month and even year, and all trophies poped, no problems at all. It freezes a few seconds before resuming the game, but that its all
  5. My first "level 50" dweller reached It exploring the wasteland, and the trophy pop uped for me.
  6. No it isn't anymore
  7. Adventure Pop You need to get 3 stars in every World 3's leve to get Perfect world 3 trophy. Level 70 hasn't got enough balls so you can only get 2 stars, even with perfect run. The only way to get 3 stars in that level is to buy (with real money) a 2x points boost. But the boost isn't in PlayStation Store anymore, so you can't get the trophy. https://psnprofiles.com/trophy/5808-adventure-pop/17-perfect-world-3
  8. Option B, Israel is going to win
  9. If you have PlayStation Plus you have that ítem for free. You can get 14 Days of PSPlus for free.
  10. I don't want to say thank you to a developer that doesn't patch a game that deletes your saves (I had to beging the game 4 times) and doesn't care.
  11. I got level 74's 3stars without real money too. But I'm not going to pay a cent only to have the 3stars in level 70. It's impossible without double score (I did the maths XD). The developers knows about it. I hope they'll release a patch soon.
  12. It IS posible to get at least 90% of the trophies. I don't have 100% because I can't get the 3rd star in levels 70 and 74. It's time consuming but doable.