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  1. Servers are down
  2. yay new mp card game on store -> buy it -> servers dont work
  3. There will not be such thing as vita version!.. its called remote play where the game is running on your ps4 while streaming the image over wlan to your vita.
  4. I also agree there should be mark if someone has hidden or number of trophies someone has hidden
  5. Now with the update 2.60 on vita, you can hide games from your trophylist if i put my whole list as private / friends only, then all games disappear (pic) but if i hide games one by one, they are not removed unless they havent been updated yet. so the question is, will there be changes to this on how the trophies are tracked (because right now site "remembers" them) so games can be hidded here? and maybe if possible include statics of how many games are hidden?
  6. Figma from right....?

  7. I really like #2 and #3, but since other is too big for being a "sig" i rate #2
  8. title ^ i uploaded one header and after that i cant change it anymore unless i use "normal" game headers, custom uploaded or links dont work
  9. They told long ago that there wont be skate 4, 3 is good but 2 is much better, one of my favorite game series thats why i stacked it too
  10. I tried the "interests" field but thats not it i guess
  11. I dont have anything there
  12. Most retarded/pointless thread i have ever seen
  13. I agree completely, also one other thing: stop mentioning .com on every thread and telling your life story about it, seriously thats all i see in every topic and who cares about that this is not that site