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  1. DRIVECLUB, it's just tedious and the game itself is quite boring after a bit.
  2. It's not my system, i installed it like everyone else did..
  3. Thanks sherlock.
  4. This shouldn't need to be an issue, it's 2017, can Sony still not properly make a system? I download the update, update it itself, the PS4 shuts off. Comes back on with "Error SU-30746-0" Wouldn't go away, boot into safe mod, factory reset my system and now it works GG Sony, you dumbasses. Surely I can't be the only person with this issue.. ~~NOV 23 '17~~ After a few weeks after getting 5.01 FINALLY installed my system refuses to turn on.
  5. Can you provide any evidence? EX; Videos, screenshots,ETC? Otherwise it seems as if you cheated to earn them
  6. I never go for the platinum, sure it's nice to finally complete a game 100%, But I'd rather f- around and do stuff rather than work for the trophies. I usually play a game for 10 minutes-1 hour then play another game, then come back to it, etc. Never really sat down and played a game 100% in one sitting.
  7. Make something fun out of it, go count how many pixels are on a building or something.
  8. -3/10 for generic-ness
  9. I think it's because no one wants to spend that much time collection a net worth of 1Mil on a golfing game.
  10. I'd think if the game is over $10 it NEEDS to have a platinum.
  11. Banned for spamming "NEP NEP NEP NEP"
  12. To post a lot of updates.
  13. You have to be a special kind of retarded to accept an offer from that dude in the first place.
  14. Indeed I am.
  15. It's probably because of your internet connection, that, or the game's community is dead.