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  1. There is nothing wrong people wanting to create guides for older games such as this even on this site. Perhaps it's just a small hobby or passion that lead the creator to produce this for all the trophy hunters? But we shouldn't degrade those who want to do this as it may have taken time and courage to produce something like this. Fair enough if the game already has a guide or a video guide on the site disregarding YouTube, then sure as trophy hunters we can advise the creator to in the future try not to post anything similar if a game already has it's fair share of guides but who knows, maybe a brand new guide would make more sense than older ones? All I'm saying is give the creator some credit for taking the time and effort to create something for themselves and others
  2. Is anyone forgetting Infamous and the bloody blast shards? Now that was a chore. Even after cross referencing with multiple maps, somehow I always missed one until probably like the 5th or 6th time I tried, I finally got it but what a chore that was
  3. Or maybe you’re just ass? Cause the game is super easy. Commands are pretty responsive and I had a good time with this. Those time trials are really easy since you only need to get bronze and not the gold medal
  4. Have you checked the sound settings when you press the PS button on your controller? If you would prefer a headset though, I recommend any from Turtle Beach or Astro. I've got Astro A40s myself and sound quality is always amazing but a tad bit on the pricey side
  5. Sarcasm my friend.
  6. I don’t understand why people have issues with collectibles and multiplayer. I can understand multiplayer to some degree where you might need to win games and you may not be that skilled then fair enough but collectibles? It’s just something so easy to do and the devs want you to play their game. In a lot of games, collectibles have hints and stories tied to them. Honestly, complaining about collectibles is petty. Like welcome to trophy hunting and just get on with it 🤦‍♂️
  7. I just achieved this in complete solo mode. I believe just a swap over from solo to online and vice versa works just fine because i tried this in online mode and it didn’t work but then switched over to solo and it popped straight after the race. Also just to make sure, i kept it real close on the circuit race up until 90% which is when i just took over from last to first so perhaps that could’ve been a factor? But I think it’s more so just a change between the modes
  8. The luck of the draw was with me. Literally finished every other trophy despite not farming kills for trophies in the docks and after literally 3 or 4 runs around the docks, i found him on the far right side after spawning in at Flamerock entrance. He was the last to spawn so as the tip goes, MAKE SURE KILL EVERYTHING IN SIGHT. Good luck 👍
  9. Tbh, it's something I would never do because my PSN ID is actually my full name and I created my PSN as soon as I got my PS3, when I had network capabilities so basically it's original and no amount of money could buy that off me
  10. Just for future reference, if you’re looking for an autopop answer, go on to the 100% tab of any game and check fastest achievers, there you will find your answer as plats will be earned within seconds
  11. It’s really not difficult at all. I got it in a few attempts. You just need to stay in one direction during a bullet run, then when the next run starts, you go to the other side and keep doing that
  12. If short indie games count then I’ve achieved quite a few fastest Platinums. If I know how to actually Platinum a game without setups, then I’ll actually go for the fastest time. Recently I got the fastest time for Space Revenge (NA PS5) at 6mins 54secs. PJ Masks - 4hours 7mins. Could’ve done this 20 mins faster if I didn’t take a food break. Castle of Pixel Skulls (NA PS5) - 12mins 2secs Tokyo Run (NA PS5) - 3mins 30 secs Normans Great Illusion (NA PS4) - 22mins 28secs Track: Breakthrough Gaming (NA PS4) - 3mins 8secs - Used to have the best time but now joint 1st place Color Slayer (PS4) - 2hours 44mins - Even though I’m now 4th, I consider myself to have the fastest time as those other times aren’t legitimate and are impossible as you cannot get a faster time less than 2hours as this game has the most linear of gameplays. Those are some of my fastest Platinums that I can think of but I know I’ve bagged quite a few more in the last year or so
  13. My greatest achievement in gaming history is definitely my 173 win streak in Free For All on Black Ops 2. It was my specialty. Even joining a game midway, I’d still come out on top. Now the sad news about this is that my streak got reset after I believe one of the worldwide PS3 hacks that occurred. It could’ve been a much higher streak, in the 200s id say as I continued to win game after game but I was devastated to see it reset 😔
  14. Sad I saw this a day late 😭 hopefully there’ll be another sale of it soon
  15. Not gonna lie but these special missions were pretty easy and straightforward once you know the attack pattern as well as the attack itself. I used Rengoku as my main with Tanjiro as assist and honestly, I aced the hard version first try after getting several A ranks on normal and I just really surprised myself and I thought, how the hell did I find the hard version easier than the normal version 😂 but yeah, this game was so much fun and because of the games story, I just started watching the anime for the first time and really enjoying that