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  1. You know what you need? The flame sword. That literally destroys every opponent you encounter no matter what their level is. Too op that thing is 😆 well back when I played it
  2. Please keep your comments like these for games that are actually trash like the breakthrough games because this game is a very fun and enjoyable experience once you learn to master the mechanics. And to be a great trophy hunter, you need to play a variety of games. Short to long. Trash to the best. Genres you dislike to those you do like
  3. But what if the true intention of these games is to increase your reflexes? This game does require lightning fast reflexes and if it wasn’t for the little cheat to start on different levels, then it would’ve taken people a lot longer to earn the Platinum. Breakthrough games like Baseball, Racing, Space, Catch, the majority of them require to have good reflexes. But did you think about that? NO! YOU ONLY THINK ABOUT YOURSELF! 😂 jk
  4. Dark Mystery - AVOID THIS GAME! I only picked this up because it was really cheap on sale thinking it’d be an easy 100% and whilst it was very easy, the mechanics are terrible. A standard double jump doesn’t get you anywhere. You have to quickly tap the ‘X’ button twice to get some height. The hit boxes on the character are terrible like sometimes you’d be nowhere near the traps and suddenly you’re dead 😂 some bits can be frustrating but overall an easy not very enjoyable 100% platformer
  5. That’s exactly the one I have. Got it as cheap as £7.50. Sure you need to hold the button down but is a very cheap alternative to turbo controllers. I didn’t want to spend £40 on a new controller since I already own three so this alternative i went for and works really well
  6. It’s not rocket science people. I don’t know why people are struggling to do this. You can do this with either PS4 and PS5 or do it completely on PS5. I know the method has been explained once before but I’m reiterating it again: - First you need to download the PS4 trial version of the game on either console which is found on PS Store. Make sure you already have your platinum save file. Now upload that to the PS Cloud. - Start up that PS4 trial version. You don’t need to actually play it. Just being on the main menu screen is enough to sync your save file. - Then, download your save file from PS Cloud on to the PS5 system. - Now begin playing the actual PS5 version (NOT THE TRIAL) - It will ask you to (I think) download or upload a save. MAKE SURE YOU DOWNLOAD IT! - Hit continue, move around and pop goes most if not all the trophies - You may need to clean up a couple of trophies but shouldn’t take too long to get the Platinum
  7. It’s a decent game. Sure it can be repetitive but it’s definitely not a boring repetitive grind. I’d say take your time with it. You don’t need to do it all in one go if you don’t have the determination. Personally, I enjoyed it all. The only characters I liked are those from the franchises I watched which were mainly Dragon Ball Z and Yugioh. Damn that Blue Eyes is beautiful but regardless, I enjoyed playing with the 10 different characters. The grind wasn’t so bad and it’s honestly not that difficult getting perfects if you’re using a couple methods you can find around here and YouTube. But even without the methods, I was getting a couple perfects naturally so once you get the hang of it, it can be really fun but you’ve uninstalled it so what does my post matter 😂
  8. Firstly, no, the game is very enjoyable to play and there are plenty of different moves and combinations to try out with the other characters. I had so much fun being op and literally destroying the enemies with ki blasts and barrages omds I’d love to play a PS5 version of it all over again. This is an rpg after all so it would have you doing things like that. The dragon balls weren’t hard to find at all unless they’ve been updated to new locations with all the dlc? But regardless, for most fans of the franchise, they would love this game as do I but even if you’re not a fan, this is still a great game. A variety of things to do. Sure the random fights can be repetitive but once you get going with the different skill sets, it becomes so much more fun I personally loved everything about it because I love the whole franchise. The anime, the movies, the games even though some of them were a bit out there and weren’t great lol but overall, my I really enjoyed this and would defos go back to it
  9. Sign me up for Super Saiyan Blue please ☺️ I have all 9 games completed: I will be completing the PS3 version of Xenoverse very soon too ☺️
  10. My first PS4 game that I played was Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare which I loved cause I was just destroying people on that game. That was indeed MY GAME! But alongside that, I also had Watch Dogs which I bought in a bundle a year after the PS4s release and honestly I thoroughly enjoyed both games
  11. Oh the memories are flowing in now. Out of topic but they don’t make great games like this anymore. Quite enjoyed it and loved Cole as a character. I remember trying to Plat it the first time after borrowing it off a friend but missed a couple shards. Gave it back to him cause I just gave up the shard hunt but then when I really started going for trophies, I borrowed it back and managed to finish off the remaining shards
  12. The darksiders series are a bunch of joy to play. Sure perhaps it has a lot of elements from God of War and similar games but the hack and slash nature of it just brings out all the fun. I had an amazing fun time with the whole series and honestly would play them all again. The story itself was very interesting and I loved how they all sort of connected. Loved the last scene In the first Darksiders where it shows the 3 other horsemen raining down on the planet. That scene literally gave me goosebumps
  13. I use the back button turbo attachment for the PS4. Yes the paddle has to be pressed down but you can easily wrap around an elastic band and just leave it. Very simple to attach and use and kind of feels like a scuf controller. It’s also very cheap at the cost of around £7-£8 so if you don’t want to buy another controller like me (because I already have 3) then that’s an alternative you can go for
  14. Just because someone is on PSNP doesn’t mean that they’re as interested or dedicated to trophies like say you or me. There are many other functions to this website. Maybe they’re here for sessions or to look at forums and gain some knowledge? Regardless, having a look at this persons profile suggests to me that they’re not as interested in going for Platinums nor trophies which is perfectly fine by all means so yes it is VERY logical. If they want to skip this game then why challenge them? Are you going to challenge every game they skip that’s a 5-10 minute Platinum that’s ‘cheap as hell and really easy?’ Because I can assure you that there’s plenty of games out there that fall into this category.
  15. Your expectations are too high my friend but for £3? It’s pretty good