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  1. I see a lot of Black Ops 3 and Goat Simulator. Imo, they’re pretty easy. Realistic difficulty isn’t so difficult especially with all abilities unlocked and flappy goat takes a little practice but can be done in 10 minutes. I would say avoid Marvel vs Capcom 3. Unless you have dexterity and the ability to clear 320 missions (combo missions), it will be a difficult grind for you
  2. I really enjoyed Donut County. The fact that the aim is to swallow everything up as the hole gets bigger, i don’t know why but it’s satisfying 😂
  3. Does post count really matter that much? 😂
  4. Same here 😄
  5. Why the change in trophies though? I mean the original requirements weren’t exactly difficult to meet
  6. Not raging at you over this lol but you can’t judge a game when you haven’t really played it and even if it did play badly, the game is intended for kids as the title of the game suggests
  7. I’ve already obtained the Platinum and if there are any dlc trophies coming in the near future, I’ll try to achieve them as well. However, for anyone that hasn’t obtained the Platinum as of yet, don’t let that infallible trophy frustrate you. This game is a hell lot of fun and even I’m still playing it in between games and at the end of my gaming session. It actually has brought back the joy of playing multiplayer because it is a fun competitive and actually quite easy game to play
  8. Two games come into mind and both have a very similar trophy I thought I couldn’t do at the time anyways. Marvel vs Capcom 3 - A New Avenger - Complete 320 missions Blazblue CentralFiction - Blue Flamed Challenger - Completed all of a single characters challenges Both were quite difficult for me as at the time, I didn’t have the dexterity but year(s) later I returned and manager to complete them
  9. Got through this shitty repetitive chore of a dlc in two days. Honestly, why did they bother adding this in? This dlc is only good for if you have lots of weapons or items to store away. Other than that, there is not use. Regardless, I used the splitscreen method on my original 500GB PS4. Did Hell Burbia and The Gully yesterday in a row and Angelic Ruins today with no crashes or anything when playing. I did use a fire weapon with Lilth and I did notice that whilst using her passive ability (when killing an enemy, she is surrounded by fire) in Angelic Ruins during the later rounds, my PS4 did start making some noise but only during the horde round when I let the horde attack me since I was all fired up, Thought i'd let that burn the enemies instead of my bullets so when they did start to pile up on me, I noticed the PS4 fan getting worked up so I decided to move away from that particular area to another area and it went back to normal. Other than that, no issues at all
  10. Honestly, go back and revisit them because you don't know what you're missing out on especially if you're giving up on AAA titles like God Of War
  11. Everyone here is slaying too much. I think it looks pretty good. Ubisoft may have not done the best job but because of its popularity, I’m really looking forward to it. No matter how bad the game is/looks, I’ll be playing it with absolute joy because it was a childhood favourite 😄
  12. I now play it at the end of my gaming session. So I’ll trophy hunt or just play a game for fun and then have a quick 2 games of Fall Guys. Because I know that the stress has been relieved, I can now play for fun and i can actually win quite consistently so even if I don’t have the best gaming session, I know full well with Fall Guys, I can end on a good victory
  13. This is so me. Complete the Platinum, sync it, delete it and never play again 😂 like you I’m working a lot and have plenty of other games to platinum so I don’t have time to return to titles i want not that i ever want to
  14. Thanks guys on your responses. A new play through is now commencing. I’ll let you know how it goes Update: I’ve managed to pop the trophy. I used the sell and rebuy exploit to level up. It took me roughly less than 5 hours to get to level 61 averaging 50 seconds from title screen, sell and rebuy and back to title screen. In my first play through, i used the exploit to get to level 51 and then levelled up as normal (killing enemies, story missions etc) and I believe this may have caused my game to glitch out this trophy