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  1. I wouldn't call that short lol. I'd say that an average of a lot of Platinums. Short would be around 10-15 hours long
  2. Currently stuck with getting scouted by America. Can anyone shed some light as to what i'm doing wrong? I added Ryan Ortiz to the appealing list before facing Germany. Got to rank B after facing Italy and then got S rank with him around when I faced Argentina. Got his special mission when facing America to use his Analyse Shot. Scored two goals and got my rank A in Shots therefore clearing his special mission. SO, I've done everything yet nothing is popping. Any tips? Anything i'm missing? It can't be bugged as others have recently popped this trophy
  3. Can we now ban all future questions related to autopops? There are now multiple threads on this topic which give out plenty of details such as yes/no auto pop or do something before autopops
  4. Just make sure that you plan it as a milestone so it shows on psnp as a milestone 😁
  5. You do if you want the Platinum lol I would say its slightly longer than your average rpg coming in at around 100-120. According to my PS5, i managed to Platinum this in 110 hours over the span of 3.5 weeks playing 5-6 hours per day however, if were talking actual in game playing time, it’s definitely under 100 hours because I would take bathroom breaks as well as eating breaks which both combined comes to anywhere between 20-40 minutes (I obviously left the game on). Doing the math, over the 3 weeks everyday, 110 hours - 10.5 hours (30 mins average) is 99.5 hours without skipping cutscenes on main missions and activities So if you don’t encounter any glitches/bugs (I didn’t encounter any), hopefully should be fixed by now, you’re looking at around what it says in the guides, about 110-120 hours give or take a few
  6. You need complete the tutorial - all 20 in the open training with any character. If nothing shows up just try restarting the game or uninstalling and try again
  7. As mentioned, you won’t find many games that take under 60 secs to Plat. I can give you quite a few up to 5 mins which I’ll list: - Slyde - Road Bustle - Chickens on the Road - Snake Boat - Zeroptian Invasion - A Winters Daydream (Using Turbo controller) - Super Weekend Mode - Blind Men - Memory Lane - Syrup and the Ultimate Sweet - Inksplosion There are more fun games that are between 5-10+ mins
  8. Managed to get the Platinum in 18 hours according to my profile on my PS5. Looks like there is a guide on here too which states around 25 hours to Plat so you guys can use that as a guide as to how long it may takes
  9. In all honesty, I don't think these are actually 'hard'. Of course not easy but very doable with patience. Also I truly believe that whilst it does consist of RNG, skill is also required equally. Skill used to stay alive long enough for ability recharge or to dodge/attack correctly. I have only played it a few days, from what you can see on my profile, I started on 3rd February and only played probably 2-3 hours to understand how to play. Yesterday, I played maybe 3 hours in total so I literally got all ability trophies in about 7-8 hours really. You can see from my trophy list, today (06.02.21) I unlocked 9 Character Ability trophies in literally 2 hours of gameplay. You may think 'WOW, SO LUCKY!' but no. Trust me, I'm one of the unluckiest but it took me focus and relaxation to achieve these in this time. Only two trophies were boosted which were the 'Flamethrower' and 'No Escape' trophies and YES, BOOSTING CAN BE ACHIEVED! Which I will explain below. Now I will list how I got all these trophies and any extra tips I can hand out: - Ghost - Quite easy. Go invisible and ram into the front of an opponent coming towards you at full speed - Head On Collision - Impenetrable - Again quite easy. Raise your shield and ram into someone who's about to ram you - Head On Collision - Stronghold - As it says in trophy description, gain a full shield (you'll see 4 bars light up orange one by one when crashing into others) and simply escape and survive without damage for 5 seconds - Bullet - Slightly harder as requires certain situations but best to BOOST (Explained below). If not, just try and find a group of 2+ and ram through them with the front of your car - Flamethrower - BOOST THIS! - Ram opponents car as soon as you activate your breaker - MAKE SURE EVERYONE WHO HAS DIED HAS LEFT THE GAME AND NOT SPECTATING! Press 'Touchpad' to view all players - Flame on - Can be boosted but in normal game, try to get in front of a few enemies and light it up OR go to middle of map where cars/people will cross and light it up - Pitch Perfect - Separate kills. Ram into other cars then use the ability to finish them off if they're low on health. Again can be boosted - Home Run - More difficult, would say boost. Activate this and just try and destroy weak opponents if you can - Hit List - Quite easy. Once activated, you will gain more power/damage. The ability will pick a target. It can be a vehicle or someone on foot. Simply go ahead and destroy them. With the power boost, it shouldn't be a problem. Also, if you can't locate them, look at your minimap, there will be a box somewhere around a circle (Shown on screen too), that is your target. if it's too small, you can adjust the size of the minimap in the settings menu but know that if you change the size, it will be harder to tell how close you are to to others - Ultimate Precision - Same as 'Hit List', you get more damage. But this time, pick a target, press L1 to lock in and try to destroy by ramming hard. Shouldn't be hard with the increase in power - No Escape - BOOST THIS - MAKE SURE EVERYONE WHO HAS DIED HAS LEFT THE GAME AND NOT SPECTATING! Press 'Touchpad' to view all players - Chewed Up - Easier to boost but this was the lucky one for me where 3 opponents were chasing each other and I happened to turn around and chew them up as they were coming towards me. But try to find a group of people and shouldn't be too difficult after a few tries - Prickly - Another lucky one. I smashed into two cars and then other cars just piled on top of me so I probably damaged like 4-5 cars. But again, boosting this is easy but in normal game, just run into a group and hope you get another one - Instant Service - EVERYONE STRUGGLING WITH THIS RIGHT? Well I actually got it in two games. I noticed that if you hit hard enough and make contact correctly, then it works. For example, a front ram connects easily yes? But side rams are more difficult to actually register. If you notice, whenever you side ram, most times you barely do any damage. Why? Because you're not connecting fully so it barely registers. SO MAKE SURE you actually connect with a good hit. Most people complain about the short time of the breaker but instead of starting with front ram, start with side, front then side. I feel like it's a placebo effect but to me, side rams seem to charge faster - Party Animal - Pretty easy. Make sure you just get a good hit with the breaker activated - Terminal Velocity - Simply activate your breaker and drive. Simple HOW TO BOOST!? I had 6 people to boost with including myself. 90% of the time I would say all 6 were in the same lobby multiple times in row so this definitely works: Step 1: MAKE SURE YOU PLAY GRIDFALL Step 2: Start a party chat and make sure everyone has mics Step 3: Change to your designated server, we had Europe Step 4: Countdown 3,2,1 SEARCH, then everyone press Gridfall at the same time to search for the game This should put at least most of you in the same lobby as you will recognise your parties names on the right side of the screen. It worked for us every single time we tried and we played up to 4 hours. Rarely, it would be 2-3 of us in the same lobby. If that happens, just continue depending on what trophy you need. MAKE SURE YOU ALL TRY AND STAY ALIVE TILL THE END OF COURSE AND WORK TOGETHER TO TAKE OUT THE LAST OPPONENT then focus on your trophies Additional Tips - With the trophies you don't really need boosting with, play MAYHEM - This has the most people in game so more chances for trophies - DON'T play the game. DON'T grab cars. Instead straight away, get crystals. They will rapidly increase your breaker meters. Once you get character breaker, use that to earn more crystals faster and then call out your vehicle - When you've ran out of your breaker, just escape the area and let your breaker recharge and try again even if your car has little health, just go for it - Keep calm and try not stress. If you can't get a certain trophy, try another one I think that's all I can share but hopefully everyone will be able to earn these trophies sooner or later. GOOD LUCK!
  10. The only problem on gridfall for me is that when it’s just 3 of us and i knock one out, the other one suddenly just dies 😩
  11. Let’s think of it this way. If you buy a game not on ps plus that’s £50 retail price then really with ps plus, if that same game makes it into the igc, every other game is pretty much free as you’re technically only paying the same amount for one physical copy and it’s only a one time purchase, unless you’re telling me that you’re paying £4.16 every month? To make up the £50 per year? In conclusion, once the £50 mark has been hit by whatever the games cost in stores, all games after that for the year are free. So for the next 10-11 months, you get free games End of topic.
  12. So many comparing the game to the price. Whilst I do agree that if it was released months ago, it wouldn’t sell well but the actual game is quite fun. I’ve seen some comments about hard to get grips with the controls and the game not giving you some info about the controls. WHAT DO YOU MEEAAANNN???? It gives you a tutorial for everything that you need to know! Stop complaining and get good at the game! I do agree the character specific trophies are slightly tedious but it just requires some luck and specific situations you need to be in. With time, you will get it after perseverance! Yeah okay this game doesn’t deserve your perseverance but it’s actually a fun game to play if you can manage to come top of the board, which does require a bit of skill 😉 But the devs do need to change the character specific trophies. I think instead of using abilities in one use, it should be use ability to wreck/annihilate x amount in one game
  13. I found the game to be pretty easy, acing the levels and doing all trophies without any bugs or glitches but I know that when I was playing in coop, my coop partner had a trophy bug on him which at the time only 0.1% of people earned. I think it was for acing all levels and luckily enough, nothing bugged out on me.