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  1. It’s my name.
  2. WHAAAAAAATTTTTT???? NOOOOOO WAAAAAYYYYY!!!!! Now I can easily find all the cheapest games quickly than scrolling through pages to find these cheap games on sale
  3. Practice makes perfect.
  4. I’ve been really looking forward to this game as the same devs made the Darksiders series and those games I absolutely loved so seeing from some gameplay, I’m pretty sure I’ll enjoy this one as well 😄
  5. Wait wait wait... There are people that complain about games not getting sequels? 😳
  6. I know it’s kinda cheating but going to include whole collections as one game because they’re all my favourites, so: - Jak collection - Prince of Persia Trilogy - True Crime: Streets of LA - Sonic Heroes - Dragon Ball Z Budokai 3
  7. I was one of those that got it for PS+. Played the first couple stages and wasn’t really fascinated by it however I was determined to 100% the game. The only challenge was getting the minigames trophies. I just couldn’t get my head around which paths to take and how to complete a level fully. So instead I followed a video guide right to the very end and finally managed to 100% the game. After that I told myself never another Sonic game again! But then I bought Team Sonic Racing 😂
  8. Just going to leave this here as I probably won't be starting this anytime soon so as others will be questioning, will this game autopop the trophies on PS5 if done the Platinum on PS4? May not autopop all trophies but if a few do then that's worth nothing it in the comments I know that it's only been a day lol but just reserving this for the future when the community do start earning the Platinum
  9. With most Lithium Ion batteries, this is the problem. If you keep it plugged in and charging all day long whilst you're playing, you're actually increasing the time it takes to deplete the battery life. Having it plugged in means no recharge time which is healthy for the battery's life. Like with phones and laptops, it's best to only charge it when it's actually depleted or close enough to depletion and even better if you can leave it alone until 100% charged but of course that will most likely never be the case but the least you could do is take it off the cable and let the battery drain. Just like your own body, if you keep feeding yourself energy, very quickly you will be stuffed and eventually have no juice left to function.
  10. In my opinion, PS3 trophy list is ny far the best. As the generations have passed by, the trophy lists got worse with PS5 definitely being at the top with it’s terrible horizontal list even if there as a way around it. The reason why I think PS3s list is the best is because it’s quick to view and i just love the layout of it. Whilst the syncing operation can take time depending on internet connection speed and the quantity of games, to see a set of trophies for a game, it’s very quick. You can either set it to offline and it stops syncing. Even if it does start to sync offline, you can cancel it and view the trophies. You can view trophies via xmb with game in the background which if not all the time, most the time pauses the game which I miss on the next gen consoles. Overall for me, PS3s trophy list and in general navigation of the UI is better than both next gen consoles. As the consoles ‘improved and advanced’ the UI just got more difficult and everything is slightly harder to find and navigate, not that it’s not easy but compared to PS3, yeah it’s just not as simple
  11. I’m spending £0 on dlc and probably around £100 on base games. Unless you’re really fixated on having a 100% completion on PSNProfiles, then I advise just buying games/dlc that you really would be interested in. I can’t really earn 100% even if I wanted to lol As some have said, why waste a lot of money on dlc you won’t even enjoy and something that is actually quite short in terms of playtime? You may get extra items but getting only an extra couple of missions for a short amount of time is not worth spending £20+ on
  12. Thank you a ton for your suggestions. Will be buying quite a few from your suggestions 😄
  13. King Of The Hill - God Of War 3 😁
  14. As the title suggests, please list down any good or any at all PS3 games that are based off of their movies. For example, Megamind, Puss in Boots, Disneys Up, The Amazing Spiderman etc. Of course these games I already own and now looking to expand this collection of genre. I don’t know what it is but something really attracts me to these movie based games despite their graphics and frame rates. Perhaps it’s the genre itself knowing that they’re based off of movies despite not following the actual story? Well, I just wished developers continued to carry on with this genre on to next gen consoles such as the PS4 as there aren’t any, if at all, games from this genre. But thank you for all suggestions and I’ve just bought Green Lantern so you can cross that one out
  15. This is why physical copies are so much better. As the value drops over time, digitally, they will more than likely stay at the same price as they first went live unless on sale but even then it’s better to go physical. I don’t even know why people prefer digital.