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  1. Not gonna lie but these special missions were pretty easy and straightforward once you know the attack pattern as well as the attack itself. I used Rengoku as my main with Tanjiro as assist and honestly, I aced the hard version first try after getting several A ranks on normal and I just really surprised myself and I thought, how the hell did I find the hard version easier than the normal version 😂 but yeah, this game was so much fun and because of the games story, I just started watching the anime for the first time and really enjoying that
  2. I play on a 24 inch BenQ monitor that I bought about 5 years ago. Graphics are good, smooth gameplay, can’t complain. If you really want outstanding graphics to pushing the boundaries of the PS5 then you should look at the other posts up above. I just wanted to mention what I play for the sake of it 😂 it’s very cheap and get’s the job done lol
  3. A nice simple and informative guide. That’s what I like 👌
  4. This is a compulsory game that every PS5 user should play first once they've acquired a PS5 system. I played it the moment I setup my console which I dedicated my 700th Platinum milestone to as well
  5. I don't keep any indie title saves just because they're usually short and if needed be, you can play through again quite quickly if any dlc come out for those but for the bigger games, it's a must to keep the save files and I usually keep them on the system. If they are externally kept, you never know if you'll lose that drive or lose all the data via damage so system saves is the best option
  6. Like a trilogy collection? HELL YEAH! I honestly love Killzone and would definitely buy a remastered version day one 😁
  7. This is a game where some will find Death Mode hard and others like myself will find it easy. My fastest time for Platinum so far is 1 hour 11 minutes with 100% taking 1 hour 37 minutes and this is without autopop. I remember doing this all in one go and honestly it was a piece of cake. Didn't find it difficult one bit. You just have to get into the rhythm of the game LITERALLY and when you do, this becomes a hell lot easier. There's definitely more luck than skill involved but not by much at all
  8. What you could try if you already haven’t done so is if you still own a PS4, then upload your save to the cloud, download it on PS4 and try playing the end from there
  9. You really need a glitch to Platinum an ezpz game like this? SERIOUSLY??? Whats the community come to
  10. Been so excited for this since i saw the first initial trailer a couple years ago. It’s finally happening 😁
  11. I found everything to be quite easy but I did take multiple attempts for the Easter Egg in Zombies. I did that solo as the more players you have, the harder it becomes so if you're pretty decent at zombies and know what you're doing, then it shouldn't give you much trouble doing it solo. Other than that, it's straightforward and quite fun. I had a really good time playing this even the MP was quite fun dominating every game. Off topic but besides this game, Advanced Warfare I REALLY enjoyed cause I really dominated the FFA lobbies I'm really into the whole jumping around what not in these COD games so you can probably already tell I also really enjoyed BO3 going all the way to unlocking the Dark Matter camo and unlocked that quite quickly too
  12. Very satisfying indeed. It’s the simplicity of it when you’re rushing through the hordes of enemies and the fact that you can upgrade really quickly to defeat those enemies that have just killed you 😆
  13. My first Platinum timestamp was Split Second - Completionist at trophy #245 which was also when I hit level 100 however my first Platinum ever with a missing timestamp was God Of War - King Of The Hill at trophy #237 which is also when I hit level 90 😁
  14. The break games are enjoyable to a degree. The break games I’ve played so far have literally all been the same in terms of characters, trophies and ball effects such as the laser and fire effects etc. The only difference really is the theme of each break game such as Christmas, Halloween, Easter etc. You won’t really become crazy over playing all the break games all in one go from this 6 hame bundle however it will become very boring very quickly as like I said, the only difference is the theme of the games. Imo, individually, they’re not worth £6.50 or however much it is. Yes the games look very colourful, very beautifully developed but for the same ole thing? Over and over again? You’re wasting quite the money on this. You could easily buy a AAA nowadays for £10 - £15 which is well worth your time and effort. Not saying these games are bad in anyway whatsoever but personally, I’m waiting for a GOOD sale cause £6.50 for one is a tad pricey
  15. Could've added (Requires VR) in title so those like me know about this feature and then we wouldn't have to scroll down these comments to find out that it does requires VR lol