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  1. Really sad right now yes I did do that but never ever thought it'd impact anything on here. I have never done that with any other games so that's no issue, but I hate that I have to hide my trophies for this game just because of that :,( Are those trophies removed from the website after that? I just want to get back to the leaderboards and have my progress logged here. So that's the only way?
  2. Doh sorry I meant PS 3 of course so used to mostly playing PS 4 games these days so wrote it automatically. Does using a save set like that count as getting flagged? I'm surprised I just can't get unflagged without going through the wringer. If it's as rough as it sounds to get unflagged I might have to hide the game sadly but if it means I can get back to the leaderboards that way if admin is unwilling to unflag me that might be my only option :,(
  3. Adunare Class of Heroes 2G Hello admin, I have been wrongly flagged for this and I don't know why or by who (who even does things like that?). The trophies for this game chose to pop up suddenly for me and the time stamps were totally bonkers. I don't have any evidence for this because it was a long time ago and I wiped my ps 4 hard drive to save space a while ago so I don't have any screenshots or anything. I want to be shown as a normal user on leaderboards etc. here so can you please unflag this so I get shown normally? I sent an e-mail regarding this to your site as well, hoping you can fix this for me. Thanks!