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  1. It has been a bit for me on Hotline Miami, but could you explain the following? How did you get The Boss (solved the puzzle) as your second trophy, especially before you got Eye for Details (collecting all puzzle pieces)? Or how you got That's It? (beat epilogue) before The End? (beat the game)? Or Sounds of Animals Fighting (wear all masks once) before Zoo Keeper (collect all masks)? Or my personal favorite; how did you get Combo Master (x10 combo), Combo Pro (x8 combo), Combo Beginner (x4 combo), Combo King (x12 combo), and Combo Intermediate (x6 combo) in that order, some of which are months apart.
  2. If I remember right, you can actually skip story missions, but I personally don't know if it will still count those missions as done for the 100% trophy, or if you'd have to redo them for it to register.
  3. There is a difference between failures and bad luck though. Like for people who had sporadic connections in the early years of PS3 and couldn't finish some games due to server closures that weren't always announced.
  4. So if everything is already calculated to take hidden trophies out, why even make it observable to anyone else at all? It should only be viewable to the the profile owner as well as CRT/Admin members, outside of those individuals nobody else needs to see it. I can somewhat understand that, though it does seem a little bit quirky. Looked at your other comment, the dirty desk simile makes a lot of sense to me as I literally have a very cluttered desk. And as for hate, as long as something can be made competitive, there will always be a negative side to it. Personally for me I have a curiosity with it and don't care too strongly for it.
  5. And that would be acceptable in a majority of situations, but loses a bit of footing when it comes to websites that specifically track trophies and have leaderboards for it, and especially during disputes for alleged cheating/hacking.
  6. I would like to know in what scenario that a person would need to hide 1000+ trophies if none of them are hacked? I can understand wanting to hide a few games either because you don't like the game or the trophies are now unobtainable. But I can't find any plausible reason to have that many hidden trophies unless something weird is happening.
  7. Added Rogue Legacy to the list, though it is just overkill at this point.
  8. Console loyalty? Kinda yes. I like PS and it's 1st party games and exclusives, and much like what Sony say a while back, I see the Nintendo as a companion system for the PS systems and not really competition. If I want a PlayStation game, I get it on whatever PS console it is on. If I want a Nintendo game, I get it on whichever Nintendo system it is on. If I want a Xbox game, I get it on PC because there is no reason to own an Xbox when a significant amount of their game library is on PC.
  9. Star Ocean: The Last Hope International and White Knight Chronicles 1 & 2 scoff at your list of "difficult time consuming" games, those three games alone would take you 3000+ hours. Also the difficulty for all of these games should be 3/10 or less. None of them are actually difficult, just time consuming. The hardest single achievements in all of those games would be the original Halo trilogy games on Legendary with skulls on, and even then it is known that the Master Chief collection has many bugged achievements or ones that pop when you should have earned a different one. As a side note: Sea of Thieves is trash and doesn't deserve the praise everyone gives it for being a poor man's Black Flag ripoff.
  10. A game should be able to sell you on it's merits only, not on the trophies that it comes with. Aesthetically it looks very old school SNES with fun looking gameplay, so I am interested in seeing how it plays firsthand.
  11. You aren't my real dad! Just saw it on their Facebook page, it be official.
  12. Something similar to when you search for games in the store it brings up games that match what you are typing out? That would be am interesting way to search your own trophies
  13. This is on the game creators, they choose whether they want to add trophies for an expansion, not Sony
  14. You may want to clarify what the flag says exactly. After looking at your trophies I see the reason why you were reported, but would like to see what the flag says.
  15. From my understanding CFW is heavily frowned upon and usually results in a ban if found out that it was used to get trophies. And to be quite honest, there is absolutely no reason to put CFW onto a console unless you are trying to get games for free without buying them, and in that case that is a morally bad area.