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  1. Translation according to google: Resident Evil Revelations Maybe because he played as soon as possible with the advice of someone who had played before. Kingdom Hearts I re-acquired a bug that could not be acquired. Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories I do not know whether it is a bug or an error, but the trophy was unlocked when I got the card in the early stage OP, if you are able to understand English, you may want to include the reasons for what the flags are.
  2. Yeah, that takes a massive grind. Which takes several hours to days, to go from 5M to 20M, unless OP found a method that nobody else has found yet.
  3. For £16-17 more you could just get the whole game with all DLC in the Game of the Year Edition. Assuming you didn't already know that it is on sale. https://store.playstation.com/en-gb/product/EP9000-CUSA11995_00-000000000MSMGOTY
  4. Outside of the extra work for the tracking, you could just have the default for all profiles set to "Everyone" and they will only show on that leaderboard until they pick "Solo" or "Team" which is locked and can only be changed by site staff. And yes, honesty plays a big factor into this idea, but so do most things in life. Should a Team Profile pick the "Solo" option and they are found out, they will be forcefully changed to the "Team" option and vice-versa. If the profile owner decides to raise a ruckus about it and get upset, there can be an option for site staff to have that profile set Permanently to "Everyone" only and they will gain no benefit from the other two leaderboards, which some people may care a lot about.
  5. Alternate option: Have an individual "Solo" Leaderboard, "Team" Leaderboard and an "Everyone" Leaderboard (which is what the current leaderboard is). This way people who opt in for the "Team" setting can still see their placements overall still while also seeing who else is a Team Hunter and how they are doing against them, and people with the "Solo" setting can see how they match up against other Solo Hunters and if they want, can do cross reference between the "Team" and "Everyone" Leaderboards to see how they match up against people that do Team Hunting. This way is not that much different than games that have Casual, Ranked and Lobby Leaderboards for their stat tracking.
  6. There are a few other games on their list that they can be tagged for. Though thanks to this dispute I found another profile that is 100% cheated and forwarded now.
  7. Saying "I would have gotten the plat anyway" as a way to validate cheating is one of the boldest moves I have seen in a while. WET is most likely not getting lifted, hiding it is your best bet, and good luck on the other disputes.
  8. It would help if you gave the reasons for your flags so some help can be rendered.
  9. Not having an internet connection should not affect the timestamps in anyway, also listing the reason for the dispute would help in figuring out how you could be helped. At a glance it looks like you got both A-Spec and B-Spec to level 40 at the same time, as well as other A and B trophies back to back which should not be possible, but someone with more knowledge of this game may be able to shed more light onto the situation.
  10. @dmland12 I noticed those trophies right after reporting the game, unfortunately you can't edit reports after they have been submitted. And if you can I have not figured it out yet.
  11. Having beat this game, I can definitely confirm something is up with that list. I also find it very unlikely that he earned Thanatophobia before playing 20 hours total unless he got the best RNG run possible, but that one could still be possible, just not very probable.
  12. I had a similar issue happen on my first playthrough for both Pandora and Eden-6. If you went through the story in co-op, the issue could be that it does not log things properly in co-op, if you did it all solo then it could be a different issue. Right now I am running through the story again with a fresh character completely solo to see if I can get the trophies to pop.
  13. I think you are misunderstanding what I said. I have all of Pandora 78/78 and all of Eden-6 63/63 explored and the trophies have not popped. There is a glitch with those trophies right now. At least for me.
  14. I have a bit of a different issue where trophies are not popping when they should be. Currently have Pandora and Eden 6 at full exploration and not trophies are triggering, I am curious if they could be bugged.
  15. Currently it seems that Lord Zedd's levels do not count towards the total for the trophy counter, but still count on the overall level. Hopefully it gets patched soon.