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  1. You can have empathy, but the damage is already done. Not buying the game isn't going to change how the company CEO acts. Given what I have read about the whole thing, the CEO will see poor sales as a result of bitter ex-employees, not his own fault for being a terrible person. So if someone wants to enjoy the game, let them. I would personally see it as a bit of a slap to the face of the devs if what they worked on hard, was never enjoyed by anyone like they originally intended, even though the devs hate the situation.
  2. Can confirm that using codes does not lock out trophies
  3. Update: https://twitter.com/2KSupport/status/1347331613189926916?s=20
  4. Not going to lie, this feels like a gamer equivalent if an AA/addiction meeting.
  5. Bit of a sad thing is that I don't see the game as hard, just tedious to grind out the currency. I found Revengance much more difficult and enjoying. Would take that Black Ops 3 plat
  6. Ladies, you are both the prettiest, no need to argue. As for the Platinum from Nowitsreyntime17, LittleBigPlanet 3, cause I really don't want to play that.
  7. The Order: 1886, fairly quick and simple platinum with a game that has some charm to it.
  8. I went up almost 1300, so I dunno what is going on.
  9. I agree as there is obviously an established pattern before the cap is met, so continuing that pattern once exceeding that cap would be the more logical thing to do. But it could still be a nice reference for those higher level profiles, even if it is slightly inaccurate. Also we were both off on Hakoom, just double checked and you had it at 15899 silvers instead of 25899 silvers. So it'd be like 1455 level.
  10. Seems PSNTL updated their formula to exceed 999 and is getting a different level for people that would be above 999 than what the current formula would do.
  11. If it makes you feel better, if you 100% every game you have on your profile right now you'd be like 808. And going on how everything is inflated with the new system, you still would have been far from 100 in the old system.
  12. I see where I did the bad math on my end. Still a very fun numbers game to me though.
  13. So with this formula and if it continued with the same trend past 999, someone like Hakoom would be what? Level 1360?
  14. They sold 113 million PS4 units as of August, they already have the majority share of casual players lol. This is most likely a marketing thing to make the PS5 more appealing to people that have been wanting some kind of trophy update to happen. Might not be the trophy thing the majority wanted, but it was a thing I suppose.
  15. This is one of those "all rectangles are squares, but not all squares are rectangles" things. A Trophy Hunter by definition is someone who hunts or collects trophies. So by definition all PSN Profiles are that, as they collect trophies even against the wishes of the owner. Now people who actively try to get as many trophies as possible would be more accurately and correctly labeled as Trophy Enthusiasts or Hobbyists as that is their sole goal. So again, all profiles are Trophy Hunters, but not all of them are Enthusiasts/Hobbyists.