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  1. You glitched Vettel challenges? Never heard it could happen. How did it happen to you?
  2. So I must suppose that you haven’t tried using a wheel yet. Best of luck to you too, friend! 👍
  3. Hi. I am one of the few who could still plat this game, but I am stuck with the GOLD STANDARD trophy (obviously). To tell the truth I can’t even complete Suzuka with a decent time to finish the Sebastian Vettel challenge. I have only used the ps3 standard controller so far. Question is: in your opinion could the use of a wheel shave off those 18 seconds I still need or I am just a very bad player and I should abandon my hopes forever? In other words: is platinum possible with a standard controller?
  4. Hi. I just passed stage 4 and... the trophy didn’t pop. Has anybody else experienced this annoyance? I’m mad... but not THAT mad since I will have to beat stage 4 again in order to beat stage 8. I just hope this doesn’t happen again.