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  1. I used this for my last few hundred km last night. Worked like a charm. Though I ended up stuck somewhere, it had been enough for the trophy. I did 2 sessions. The McLaren worked better than a Ferrari I tried after it. About 2 seconds difference in laptimes and seemed more stable.
  2. I would go for the Frontline Duties. Those are populated and you should have no issue joining one. It could be you have not unlocked that yet. When you do there is a roulette for it. All PvP is at a fixed level, so PvE level difference is no issue. Also gear does not matter.
  3. Same datacentre since I'm on Lich and that is Light aswell. Strange how it can be so different. But yeah, I think you mainly got real unlucky. Mostly its just a 'hi' and thats all you get the whole dungeon. Don't let them scare you away from such a good game. Also in newer dungeons you will see that they made some mechanics more clear. And also start using specific markers for specific mechanics. That helps when running something you havent before. The suggestion to go as DPS first is also good, though only if you even want to play as one of those
  4. I have been playing since release pretty much and have never seen much hate. The main thing later on seems to be lack of patience, with people leaving after a single wipe on a trial. Or just plain leaving if they get a hard one in their daily roulettes. Maybe you just got unlucky or the datacentre you are on is more toxic. Though I guess you are on an European one, so 50% chance its the same as mine. (Duty finder is cross world) That Manor thing with using 'Return' to get back to the entrance is a thing that is you have to have seen. Before that I did not even know it could be used to get back to the start of an instance. From what I remember, it is also pretty much the only instance you will do this in. Also putting off tanks and healers is the worst thing a DPS can do. Our queues are bad enough as it is with the current amount of tanks and healers^^ So just remember they need you more than you need them. Plenty of DPS to find
  5. Usually you cannot get to everything during the story missions, since you will need characters with specific abilities that you unlock later. High jumping is one of the abilities. So just come back later to it in free-play
  6. I would like to join aswell. Only a Lightning's sidekick with bonus item #2 sofar: Final Fantasy VII Final Fantasy XIV Secret of Mana
  7. Most of the games on Ps Now are the PS3 versions and you will get the trophy list corresponding to the version they put up. Not sure if you can see beforehand which it is. During the game you can see it when pressing the PS button. If a PS3 style interface comes up, its a PS3 game
  8. Have not played much lately. Too busy with trophies. But here is my Mithra Miqo'te Monk
  9. Best update yet?