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  1. I'm still getting only Jokers so far. Wonder if it takes more than a day to load. Hopefully that's the case otherwise it looks like Aces high is unobtainable as well atm
  2. Also Centurion needs mp connection to pop it.
  3. Doesn't Aces high need a server connection as well? Or is there a way to do it offline?
  4. Free in Canadian store as well. Thanks for the heads up.
  5. I played ps4 version first. When I loaded up ps3 version the 30 mins on each class trophy autopopped
  6. Friends and I had this issue. Was able to get it to pop today. The magic number for all of us was 62.
  7. If you have 6 commited people then it's a breeze. The online is active every day (at least 20-50 active people) and the randoms/lifers will ruin your boosting sessions. Making it harder than it needs to be, and frustrating at times. But if you can get on after hours in the late or very early AM with your friends you can have this done in a few hours, besides the time grinds. Good luck with it! I've heard it's a great campaign. Looking forward to checking it out. In short....if you have persistence and at least 6 to start a match (whether through a boosting group or a few idle consoles) you will get this in no time.
  8. This was exactly the topic I was looking for. Thank you for the helpful information!! Already downloaded my remaining telltale games on my ps4 to be safe but I didnt have room on my ps3. Happy to hear that I wont have to worry about it. Cheers!
  9. Edit: Nvm the so called hardest challenge wasn't hard at all!
  10. All the Magics To grind for 200, instead of rewinding and having to kill both and collect 2 as the guide mentions. Hit one where it arcs up in the air and lands right on top of you. Then just simply hold the rewind button and let it fall on you and back again. I got this within 5 minutes using this method. After patch as well which was a bonus.
  11. Hey guys just wanted to share my experience with this damn trophy because my partner and I had this glitch on us. We tried all different kind of scenarios and strategies and we seem to have found a way to make it count every time for one person (9 times out of 10πŸ˜‚), but never for both. So it doubles the requirements but was consistent. We ended up doing the race with no AI and using public instead. Class didn't seem to matter. The host would always win and be the one getting the count. Dont press x at the end! Just let it count down and ride out. This seemed to negate the count mostly every time. BOTH players exit the lobby to the main menu and restart lobby etc, again host getting the count. Also saves time going public, instead of inviting each time with this method. 2nd player just goes to quick match and it automatically finds the match because no one plays this Haha. Hope this helps save time for some, because we wasted a lot of time at first. Cheers guys
  12. It was pretty simple for sure! I was surprised to see how low it was as well. I was lucky because between mine and my gfs current phones, and us each having our old smart phones laying around. All I had to do was borrow one from my brother. Don't throw those old cell phones out guys! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‰
  13. Replay stage 3 there's a bunch in there.
  14. Thanks for the heads up on this! Was a nice change up from the solo boost method. I did about about 8 of these challenges then it started bugging on me saying "event failed" even though I got 1st. I looked it up and it appears to be a fairly common problem. I just ended up doing the time trials for special events and will solo boost the rest because it event failed on me 3 times now!