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  1. I don't see the option for a Battle Rockets 2.0? I purchased the first one but only see 2.0 as a EU release? Does this not work for NA?
  2. I went to check my progress after grinding some captures and bot matches. My assault rifle trophy popped. But when I went to look afterwards in player stats it seems like nothing was tracked. Is anyone else having this issue? Is this only when playing private matches? I'm sure it's fine if my assault trophy popped, but my survivor one hasn't and I've been 20 or below over 5 times. EDIT: After reading some comments on Cheevos videos it seems to be a common issue with ps4 users, so I guess I'll just have to keep going till it pops. Good to have the info in one spot anyways!
  3. Does this still work?
  4. Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone knew if the auto-popping includes DLC?
  5. Obtained all but the 25 player trials. Now here comes the fun part! Happy to see these came back. Hopefully for a decent amount of time!! Good luck everyone
  6. Well I was referring to Brazilian servers, but apparently someone from AUS earned it recently as well. It's getting demotivating checking all the time and seeing update failed 😅 especially after seeing someone had just earned it. @Akhil1234 Captn and I have posted on there already, hopefully all who need it can do the same.
  7. Seems odd that one region can access it fine but the other doesn't. I tried messaging recent achievers as well but no answer. I will start messaging those boards! Its gotta come back!
  8. I've been keeping an eye on recent achievers and someone has managed to get all the trials of Lucia trophies between June 13th - 19th. I've been trying pretty well every day and it hasn't been working for me so I'm wondering how..
  9. Unfortunately I don't have Twitter! I'll see if I get response on that board hopefully.
  10. I posted on that board as well, but still am wondering if theres anyone else we can contact to pester them about it as much as we can. Otherwise we just wait and pray it comes back again.
  11. Same here, upload failed and infinite loading for community and EA trials. Been like this for about a week. Hoping this comes back soon, is it possible they would actually leave it down? Servers seem like they've been spotty for quite some time. I've heard some say it's been a year before!!!!
  12. I'm still getting only Jokers so far. Wonder if it takes more than a day to load. Hopefully that's the case otherwise it looks like Aces high is unobtainable as well atm
  13. Also Centurion needs mp connection to pop it.
  14. Doesn't Aces high need a server connection as well? Or is there a way to do it offline?
  15. Free in Canadian store as well. Thanks for the heads up.