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  1. After thinking that chapter 9 was glitched because i played it 5 times and it was stuck on 99%, I gave it one more try and boom, there was an orb very well hidden! I used an orb guide all these times but every time i missed that one orb. So my advise is to play the chapter slowly until you find every orb. You never know if you missed anything.
  2. I avoided any spoilers before playing the game but as i started playing i looked the trophy guide and had spoiled what happens after seattle day 3 in the middle of the game. I don't say much so i won't spoil anything for people that didn't play the game yet. Those whi played it knows.
  3. Just one question! I finished the first playthrough, i started my new game+ as i wanted to replay the game and collect the missed collectibles. I missed again some collectibles as i don't follow a guide. After i finish new game+ can i still reload the chapters i miss collectibles? Or do i have to make a third playthrough?
  4. Thanks for the replies. I want to play it so bad. I think i just stick with the standard game so that i will somehiw enjoy it. As of dlc's i ll just buy one after i finish the main game and see from there how it goes. Thanks again guys.
  5. Hey guys. I'm thinking to start Fallout new vegas on ps3 for a while now and i don't want to start it if it's unplayable from crushes/freezes. I have the standard edition and if i complete it i concider buying the dlc's. And if still has the same issues can you tell me some fixes/workarounds? Thanks.