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  1. As a warning for some people, I've played the game on and off from release and I still don't have the 1000 KO assist trophy and last time I checked I was sat at 1950 assists on my contracts page. Some of the trophies are bugged for some players. That's on the ps4 version so ps5 may hopefully be a bit better.
  2. I'm sat on around KO 1800 assists now and I still don't have the 1000 KO assist trophy I have just deleted it to reinstall it and when I went into my library I had two versions of the game to choose, is it possible that the assists on go onto a certain version rather than the contract? Don't know why there's two versions either
  3. How long do we think Peace Walkers servers will be up with this news on MGSV?
  4. If I own the dlc on ps4 do I have it on ps5? I've not bought Ancient Gods yet
  5. Completed all the objectives on it? Or are you generally just struggling to complete it?
  6. Not sure about a best time to boost, when it was my time to mastermind we used a survivors host with the same region and it seemed to work a bit better when matching up, but it was possible to find other players in other regions
  7. You need to search again afterwards, the hardest part of the boost is the matching up. As I sadi it just needs constant communication. If the mastermind start matching and it got to 2,3 or 4 out of 5 players you'll know that it isn't the matching group as it should go straight to 5/5. Both need to be ready to cancel search if you don't get the same numbers pop up bit you have to be quick.
  8. Done this recently, can be a little bit of a pain. You need the mastermind and host of survivors to communicate constantly while matchmaking. They need to let eachother know the amount of players connected to in the bottom corner because if you get into a game without all players you can't quit out without getting a ten minute matchmaking ban. Sometimes teams that you may get as randoms drag games out to troll aswell.
  9. Complete all holomaps aswell as precision evades hadn't popped for me. Any idea what to do for the holomaps trophy? All areas are uncovered so I can't go unlock any more of any maps. Only option to play it all again for it?
  10. When I had gone on people were putting copper blocks everywhere instead of the area next to the chest. I had to destroy a few to have boat spawn with the goat where it was set.
  11. I might add them as a KO friend and have a look. That'll probably be what it is but we'll see.
  12. How do the contracts and trophies with friends work? I have to win a game while grouped with a friend for my daily but we've won loads and it's not completed. We've even left our crew to see if it was that not letting it work but it still didn't complete. Do I need to play as a full group with friends for it? we were only two last night but the night before we had three and we were all in the crew and the counter for that went up. It doesn't state that it has to be a full group on the contract page.
  13. Just getting back into the game and I've not played alot in reforged, is the trophy still obtained the same? I mean by completing the tick boxes in the mastery page. If so it just seems like it'll take a while to do stuff like killing the monsters using their armour set as the hunting Isles tend to be random monsters, or is there an easier way? Should I just focus on ticking stuff like weapons exp, monster damage etc
  14. To be fair a large portion of achievers would have got the infallible trophy done when you could quit a game and it wouldn't stop your streak.
  15. I did exactly that and the shovel trophy had popped