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  1. Claiming another bounty for the Claymores Giants Insects: Borderlands ps4 remaster which has multiple giant insects throughout the game
  2. for people in Canada shoppers drug marts pre orders are live and working now. both versions still available
  3. Claiming two more bounties for the Claymores Hybrid Humans: Black ops 4 has werewolves that you have to kill in one of its zombies maps. Specter: In nexomon extinction one of the 9 types of monsters are ghost types and you face them many times throughout the game
  4. most dont work in private match but this one does
  5. normally ya but since the game just went free there arent as many bots atm
  6. someone from the EU stack got the platinum today but they have had the game since the 22nd
  7. i personally found it not right where the healer is but if you go right to the next area, past the trainer and up the bridge there are 2 bigger grass patches. The one on the left is where i encountered it 3 times. im not 100% sure but i think you also need the experimental lure to encounter it
  8. i think a big part of that could have been due to being early game. things would die super fast up until mid 20s or so but now being super effective or not actually matters. As for Bosses depending on the strategy you use they are very easy. My team has roughly been the same level as the enemies the whole way through but i havent struggled at all. before i used the drain strategy of getting rid of 20% stamina each turn which made tyrants pretty easy to deal with. That move got patched down to 8% per turn so i use absolute barrier now and my nexomon just doesnt die and can solo teams if i give it elixirs
  9. Ya i dont get that either. Why would xp share be needed in this game that scales with your level. This game is honestly pretty easy as is even without xp share of any kind
  10. for uncharted 1 would the descendants be considered a zombie or wendigo? tried looking it up but i see answers of it being both
  11. yep. Another issue is cosmic(shiny) nexomon dont have a big indicator right now so if you care about that stuff pay close attention
  12. i dont think its a big deal. lots of times games are associated with the bigger franchise of a similar game type. Kind of like how many games are now souls-like as thats the biggest hit with that style of game. Its not a pokemon ripoff but saying its a pokemon style game isnt a bad thing to say
  13. if its like the phone game they made it wasnt too bad to capture them all
  14. im interested in joining. ill join the claymores
  15. if your counting add ons as well War thunder has to be up there. it should be around 60 Edit: Rocksmith 2014 has 1692 music add ons. not sure if anything beats that