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  1. i finally finished the last challenge to get the platinum after 5 months Weeblympics #8 - Mighty no. 9
  2. wasn't able to get attack on titan done this month so i only finished one game Judgement Complete a game that counts towards a different PSNP event. Stats at the start of 2019:Platinum trophies: 22100% completed: 16Completion: 52.08% Stats for end of August:Platinum trophies: 37 (+15)100% completed: 34 (+18)Completion: 58.35% (+6.27%)
  3. So far i have finished yakuza 0, kiwami 1, kiwami 2. i have also completed the spinoff games FotNS:LP and Judgement.
  4. Update: up to 4 games now 7640- Vampyr 1- 2- 9273- Judgement 7614- Psychedelica of the Ashen Hawk (NA) 2365- King Oddball (Vita) 6- 7- 8- 9-
  5. got 2 new plats to add since last update Weeblympics #6- The Last Guardian Weeblympics #7- Judgement
  6. i had no problem winning at all the tables in all three locations. open riichi and riichi ippatusu(finally got it last night) were the only things that took me a decent amount of time to get done
  7. ah ok. im just getting sick of mahjong now. i just need a riichi ippatsu now and have had no luck. i stopped counting after 100 Richi with no Ippatsu
  8. what do you mean cheated?
  9. I dont remember the exact number but its somewhere around 22-25 on where the last character can start appearing. Its all RNG at that point on who shows up each level
  10. yep i agree and even puyo puyo isnt terrible. ive gotten pretty unlucky getting to 30 wins 3 different times but i still haven't faced the last character once
  11. at this point im just waiting for them to hopefully fix it. not worth playing for hundreds of hours to hope a glitched trophy unlocks
  12. one tip for drone racing is do time trails with no opponents so you dont bump into them and if you mess up you can just restart without having to back out and wait on loading screens
  13. @MarkusT1992 Question about this months theme. Would a game like Attack on Titan qualify. Some missions start you with companions in your group and some dont, you can recurit a decent amount of people per mission up to 4 in your squadron but there are many companions in the map. In the mission select area, you see all your teammates but no one actually walks with you, you can just talk to everyone
  14. I ended up doing an event on a different website which is all about diving your completion % and bringing it back up in a year. Started 10 games and brought my % back down to 54.88% so there goes my being over my goal. New goal is to bring it back up to 60% within the next 3-4 months and hopefully a bit past that by the end of the year
  15. Completed my first game from this month Vampyr which completes 3 challenges Complete a game that counts towards a different PSNP event. (Numbers) Complete a game that fulfills the Hardcore requirement of that month (you are a vampire and gotta be indoors alot and that includes sewer systems and caves) Complete a Game in which you got your first trophy a year ago. (June 11th 2018 was first trophy