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  1. Had a few things come up this month so wasn't able to play for about a week straight but i finally finished mission 1 with wipeout omega collection being finished now. will hopefully be done mission 2 in a day or so by playing black ops cold war and midnight deluxe for my 3k points Having finished the game now id have to agree with you and say beating Zico HD was not the toughest thing in this game for me to beat. I actually found the 2048 series with some of the zones and zico 2048 to be my hardest trophies to obtain. I feel like the cars and maps in hd were much easier for me and i had no problem getting all of the medals including that final tournament that you were talking about. The only 2 maps i had any real problem with were Vineta K and sebenco climb but i made it up with the other 6 tracks.
  2. forgot to post these sooner. double point: Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana double point: Ys memories of celceta triple point: Ys origin
  3. im going to go with wipeout omega collection which is currently at 15%. Havent played it since july 2017 even though i grinded the hardest trophy already
  4. Thanks. that was by far the game that took the longest time to complete Ended up finishing both Yakuza 4 and Party crashers last night so i have now completed all my games. time to start working on some other stuff.
  5. been awhile since i posted an update. 0-20: party crashers 0% 21-40: Shadow of Mordor 31%-> 100% 41-60: Yakuza 4 42% -->91% 61-80: dead by daylight ps5 67% --> 100% 81-99: Borderlands 2 95%--> 100% Was originally going to finish yakuza 4 second but took a bit of a break on that but should be done it tonight/tomorrow. Instead i was able to finish my biggest grind game in Dead by daylight as well as clean up borderlands 2. hopefully will be done my 5 games by the 26th as party crashers shouldn't take too long to complete without any bugs
  6. im interested in joining. not sure on my x2 or x3 games yet but will pick by feb 1st
  7. Had a pretty good first week to the event. Have made lots of progress with dead by daylight and ended up finishing shadow of mordor tonight. Hoping to have my Yakuza 4 finished by sunday
  8. lets join once again. im gonna try to hit 80% completion by year end. hopefully hit my goal once again
  9. 0-20: party crashers 0% 21-40: Shadow of Mordor 31% 41-60: Yakuza 4 42% 61-80: dead by daylight ps5 67% 81-99: Borderlands 2 95% this should be my final list but i might try an boost a game to 61-80% range as DBD will be a big grind to get done in a month time while also playing other games
  10. this sounds like fun. ill figure out my games and post them in a few hours
  11. favourtie Christmas movie is Elf
  12. 3 zombie ones i know of so far 1. Invincible - Reach round 30 without going down 2. Harbinger of Doom - Kill 50 enemies with a single support 3. Good Enough - Reach round 20 with only your starting load out and no upgrades
  13. Claiming another bounty for the Claymores Giants Insects: Borderlands ps4 remaster which has multiple giant insects throughout the game