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  1. Very disappointed with this sale. Most of these prices if not all are for people with a PS+ subscription. I can only hope by Friday there will be another sale with a good selection of indies.
  2. PS4: Orcs must die unchained. PSVITA: Ratchet and Clank trilogy.
  3. I knew Oz would eventually get it. The holdup was customs and quarantine to ensure it was free from pests and other diseases 😀
  4. Here’s a blog also from the developers if you care to read. If I’m reading it correctly there may be more free stuff coming.
  5. Hi, I just came across this Uncharted bundle in the shop. It’s for a limited time so grab yours before the offer ends.
  6. Hi, I have twelve characters and enjoy using Maximillian, Midnight, Gabriella and Smoulder the most. I avoid using Cygnus and Bionka as they are too slow but if they are the only character I haven’t completed a map with then I do so then.
  7. PS3 Lego x5 PS4 Lego x8 PSVITA Lego x13
  8. Going by the T&C it ends October 11th
  9. Hi, thanks for a quick response. I’ll probably have to join a session at some point. I see that there’s one for tomorrow evening 21.00 UK time. I would like to have joined this session but time doesn’t suit.
  10. I’m struggling with a few luck based trophies, eg. Get 20 kills in a match, boom headshot, send off, bounty hunter, questions later. I was just wondering if it’s possible to do this in a custom match 1vs1.
  11. I’ve been experiencing this also. I’m needing another 40 and every time I check the stats it’s always the same.
  12. Hi guys, you’ll be happy to know the trophies for UK/EU are in sync with Sony servers.