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  1. Beyond two Souls
  2. menu%3Astore
  3. The Bridge: Visionary
  4. Hi, My first console was also the Atari 2600.
  5. Lieutenant Ellen Ripley
  6. Spider-Man Atari 2600
  7. Hi, The offer for this theme ends on 7/Sept/2018. You need to be signed in before clicking on claim reward. I tried this using my primary UK account and doesn’t seem to work. It’s only available in NA region. Enjoy!!
  8. This is the Asian version. NA & EU got it start of August.
  9. Hi, My brother purchased this game with his game pass for Xbox just within past few days as he knew I had it for PS4. I told him that he’ll struggle with it. He asked me to play it for him as he wants to make the most of the game pass. Whilst playing I was saying to myself that I didn’t remember the game being this easy on PS4. I was browsing through the game options menu and there appears to be a difficulty setting which you can set to easy but this doesn’t appear on PS4 version. Apparently the pc microsoft players were complaining that it was just too difficult. So the devs patched the game with this difficulty mode. So why did Xbox get the patch and we didn’t?
  10. The only level i’m struggling with on obtaining platinum on vita is world 2 level 30. Getting to the briefcase isn’t too bad. It’s getting back past those two sets of spikes. I didn’t find it overly difficult however obtaining 3 stars in every level. But overall it’s a great fun wee game!!
  11. This fan made film popped up in my recommendations. I just thought I would share this with you. Enjoy!!
  12. 154: Far Cry 3 classic edition.
  13. For a limited time only the 3rd Morocco Marrakesh pack is free. The pack includes: - 3 Campaign missions, including all cut-scenes- 8 Escalation Contracts- 120+ Challenges- 24 Trophies
  14. Defiance 2050 is free to play with trophies!! edit: apologies didn’t read previous post.