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  1. Just got Galapagos myself a few minutes ago. I followed the advice mentioned above and warped to Red systems to look for exotic planets. I got lucky in one system - landed on a planet that only had 5 fauna, and found all 5 within about 10 minutes. Otherwise, just jumped and jumped until I found the exotic planets with only 1 fauna to find. I needed 6 full planet scans to get the trophy, and had them all within about 1h30m or so. Don’t forget to do the online upload once you’ve scanned all of them - the milestone isn’t recognized until you do that. The upload option is at the top of the fauna list, it will say something like “upload all fauna for *** nanites”.
  2. Grand Kingdom (Vita) So it finally happened. I picked this game up several years ago because I liked the premise. Put it down after a few hours to concentrate on something else. Came back to it, and decided to accept the grind. MONTHS later, finally got the plat! I don’t think I’ve ever been so glad to put a game to rest. I enjoyed it, for sure...but what was an initial 8.5/10 enjoyment, became closer to 4-5/10 by the end. Downhill only because when I thought I’d get close, I’d find out yet another grind was in store just to get a specific trophy or two. Hints for for someone who might consider the plat for this: *power-leveling works wonders for getting you up to speed for later game (several methods out there to achieve this, mostly to do with online wars) *pay attention to the policy points early on (this was my last grind after ALL other trophies...even the 20,000 steps) *its mentioned in guides, but the story is entirely optional beyond the initial tutorial. Vast majority of my time was spent in online wars, and all trophies (with the exception of maybe one or two) can be had by exclusively playing online, if you wish *there’s a google docs spreadsheet which I found very useful: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1klLucvn27CZbI2_wdJbGcuS3sPzIPu2lxfF4Uv8OMeE/htmlview *don’t attempt plat unless you are committed to several levels of serious grind! Also, pray for RNG to be kind to you...it was to me early in the game and helped immensely I’m now going to move on to a couple of palette-cleansing easy plats...(whew)
  3. I really like Skyrim, Final Fantasy VI, Super Mario 3 (more nostalgic than anything, but still love it to this day), MGS 2, Donkey Kong Country, Legend of the Mystical Ninja, just to name a few!