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  1. I heard it's drastic...i mean, it Doesn't look to be cool.
  2. That's something cool... I personally believe that TT games have strong story line up if you guys are into stories, better buy it off
  3. @vanilla if you expect legitimate answers, then first learn how to judge people legitimately. Flag them with proper post and with evidence. Shooting in air is as simple as abcd.
  4. Thanks pal Maybe you are right... But anyways, I'm not coming back here. You can keep on thinking the way you want to. Anyways this will be my last post. Thanks alot. And i really enjoyed to be part of of psnprofile.
  5. Self justification!? Great.
  6. Are people in here so jealous that they see me with rare trophies and then immediately flag me for no reason!? What a shame... Anyways, it was nice to be part of good bye will not effect you, or it will effect me. All the best... And i hope people do not get jealous of anyone getting rare trophies legally on ththis site.
  7. It's an another name or let's say Latin name of one of the greatest king in indian history, who is also said to be responsible for Alexander the great to force leave India.which was previously known as Bharat. His name was " chandragupta mauyra "
  8. I Just don't understand the concept of rarity! Higher is better? Or lower is better? Lol...
  9. Worth buying it on psvita
  10. Done with pre ordering lol. 11hrs to go yaaay! Can't wait to play this game Btw, i never played dark souls in my life. So this seems to be better option
  11. This game got seriously good story and it's quite heart touching. I would love to platinum this game.
  12. The trophies are easy to get. The only challenge where you might struggle is the rescue Challenge. It took me 1hr 30mins to complete both alfa and beta challenge ( rescue)
  13. I can understand the pain. But if terrorist can attack US government sites, then this should be a piece of cake for them. Also, if it's really a terrorist cyber attack, then they are doing this to damage US economy and market.
  14. Keep clam guys. Reports are saying that it could be terrorist cyber attack. We can not completely ignore the cyber attack by terrorist. And also, Sony CEO got death threats via twitter by hackers. Just go through the attached files guys. This hacker seems to be rral. Number 2
  15. I seriously want to see god of war 3 port on ps vita :/