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  1. Finished Wolfenstein the New Order. Great game!


    Looking forward to playing the Old Blood soon and eventually buying the new one.

    1. ratchetdude231


      Time to get all the collectibles for the platinum. Should hopefully have it by tomorrow.

    2. RedRodriguez87


      Its a shame they couldn't implement that gameplay feature where you can debate your enemies into submission. They could've truly broken the mold on a new type of game genre.

    3. Maxximum


      Good luck :) 

  2. Had some money saved up for the flash sale, but unfortunately I found the flash sale rather disappointing so I bought this. I was planning to pick this up eventually, but to my surprise this collection is 40 bucks rather then 60 which was what I expecting. Had to pick it up for that price lol. Now that I own all 4 Storm games I'm really looking forward to playing these soon.
  3. On the PS Store web browser it says there is also a PS Blog 10th anniversary sale, but when I click on it I get a list of 15 games with their regular prices.
  4. Really late on this, but these are all the games I've bought in the past 6 weeks Lots of JRPGs and lots of PS2 classics as well.
  5. Play games instead of wasting your time with that anime stuff, you weeb :spank:.

  6. episodes: 6-12 Rating: 8/10 Really enjoyed this one. Every episode made me laugh out loud at least once, and the Rugby episode, along with the last 2 episodes nearly killed me with how funny they were. Fantastic show that I highly recommend Episodes: 1-12 (Yeah I pretty much binge watched this one) Rating: 7/10 Had quite the itch to watch some action anime recently and this looked like the perfect show to scratch that itch. Overall I enjoyed the show even though I do have some problems with it.
  7. I look forward to seeing FF14 on this list!
  8. There is a very interesting video digital foundry made a while ago about the possibility of a PS5 coming out in 2018 and while it wasn't about the PS5 coming out in 2019 or 2020 I still found the contents of the video interesting (sadly I can't post it since I'm on my IPad and posting YouTube links is kind of a pain). The jest of it is while Sony could release a PS5 in 2018 or even 2019 the end result would be another 500 dollar box which Microsoft has shown us isn't an ideal price point based on the backlash of the Xbox One X price point. The main point here is that technology isn't advancing fast enough and as a result the price of components are holding their price longer. According to AMD's roadmap we aren't going to see the technology that will be the foundation of the next generation consoles until 2019. I'm probably explaining this poorly but as a result of everything I just described this generation will likely last as long as last gen did. Don't expect the PS5 until at least 2020 at the latest and frankly even then it wouldn't surprise me if we have to wait longer. This is a major reason why Microsoft are probably done with console generations as a whole, and frankly I would really like it if Sony does something similar to what Microsoft is doing. I'm sick of buying a new box every 6 to 7 years and feel like all the games I bought from the previous system don't carry over. Sure it will be easier to implement backwards compatibility in the future since everything will be on X86, but for me at least the biggest feature I want from the next generation of systems is backwards compatibility.
  9. Claims telltale plats are for trophy whores. Has the plat for every artifex Mundi game and stacked Mayo. Pick one
  10. Well PSN flash sale was pretty meh, but I think I'm going to go ahead and pick up Steins Gate Zero, Psycho Pass Mandatory Happiness, and Nonary games from the Double Discount sale on Sunday. 


    Been meaning to pick those 3 up for a while. Especially Steins Gate. 

    1. Wavergray


      Go to sleep Scrub. 

    2. DamagingRob



      Don't you know who created Ratchet? Insomniac. Ratchet here is just living up to his company's name. ;)





      3 great choices, IMO. :yay:

  11. You show em CJ. Your competition won't stand a chance. Looking forward to your inevitable victory.
  12. I believe most of the games you mentioned all have an uncapped frame-rate, but they don't run at a consistent 60 fps. No Man's Sky actually got an uncapped frame-rate option for both standard PS4 and the Pro. Obviously the Pro has better results, but it still isn't the rock solid 60 fps some of us where hoping for. Same thing could be said for ROTR, and FFXV. I believe both Infamous Titles run at 60 fps for the vast majority of the time on Pro. Can't comment on Nioh.
  13. No. Xbox One X will very much be in the same spot the Pro is currently in. Games that don't run at native 1080p on Xbox One S and the PS4 slim will run at native 1080p and will likely offer more stable frame-rates (which is very different from higher frame-rates). When it comes to native 4K neither of these systems have the horsepower to pull it off. Xbox One X gets closer to native 4K then the Pro does, but neither of these systems will be delivering native 4K for the vast majority of third party triple A titles. Basically Phil Spencer pretty much lied about the whole "True 4K" bs. It appears that Mark Cerny's assessment that you need at least 8 teraflops of power to run a game at Native 4K is true. Phil Spencer's bullshit aside it's really not all that surprising that these are the result we will be getting from Xbox One X. We need to keep in mind that high end PCs are still struggling to run the latest and greatest third party titles at native 4K.
  14. I'm really stocked for this game. Probably the PS4 exclusive I'm most excited for at the moment.