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  1. I'm using the regera and my best advice is to turn off the stability control.....helps prevent you from losing control while going around a simple curve or losing it at high speeds
  2. Can you do this with cheats enabled like unlimited ammo, one shot, etc?
  3. Anyone know if the Extreme Manhunt trophy is going to still be obtainable at the end of this season?
  4. the question was does it disable the the answer is yes...yes it does I agree it definitely helped after I tried it
  5. in case anyone was wondering the answer is yes...yes it does.
  6. my biggest concern is the Series S is going to limit multi plat games where the devs want to utilize real next gen power. It has less TF than a PS4 Pro. Are devs going to have to hold back because of this? Even MS 1st party studios can't utilize the Series X power if they have to conform to the Series S limitations.
  7. pretty sure I know the answer but does using slo mo to beat 19.7 seconds disable the trophy?
  8. This is what I was following. Just reloaded the game and now it says 42/42 docs...this fuckin game man. Can't wait to be done
  9. Can someone post a complete map of their collectibles on Hidden City? I dont want to believe that the game glitched and I cant get 1 collectible for the plat. Definitely not doing it all again. I'm missing 1 document.
  10. I probably have done 50 or so missions/contracts/stongholds with the Ranger javelin and have not gotten seeker grenades once. Its the only thing I need for the trophy. I've done them from easy to MW1 and still nothing. Is there a better farming method???
  11. you have to have 1 point spent on each of those skills in the sub tree....then all the other skills in the main tree and it should should see the Ubisoft "trophy" pop followed by the actual trophy
  12. Same happened to me....just hit 165/165 on the grenade launcher and was expecting it to pop but nothing. Do I really need to do the other 2 as well?
  13. Are they expecting me to replay season 1 and get all the trophies again? Paris, Sapenzia, Colorado, etc etc etc?
  14. Would it be quicker doing that or just playing through the normal way?
  15. Just created a Titan and used the boost to level 30. Have all 3 subclasses but no I need to do anything or will it randomly unlock at some point.